Wednesday, February 23, 2011


A long awaited visit from blog friends finally came to pass - Candy and Stagg on the beach! We had so much fun on Pensacola Beach and at home and everywhere we have gone.

We have shared art, talking and talking, and lives and thoughts. Hopefully they are resting and rejuvenating in the balmy breeze and mellow weather, though they have been working too hard, trimming orange trees and trying to make sense of (and accomplishing) an unruly garage.

I have finished a painting I'll post and also working on a charcoal - three monkeys. Also have taken on additional duties around the Gallery, and the Gallery is moving at the same time keeping up with featured artist shows, so its a really busy time. I have been selling which for an artist is wonderful, it gives validation that the work of one's soul and heart is appreciated by others. Yet, even without the sales, something about art that must come out or the maker becomes stifled and not whole. At least that is how it is for me.

Well, I'm taking grandson to school today and then going to the gallery to work a shift and then home again to see what is "cooking" with the my friends.

Spring is coming, so don't give up - !!!!! Soon we roll into March! Stay warm.

Friday, February 11, 2011

A Proper Pelican

Mostly done - this is the month everyone is painting Pelicans - so if one is art shopping, I suppose the motto is "pickapelican." Anyway got a whim to do one, just need to add his feet and do somemore on the water. I also finished a vendor of coconut milk in India, but have to upload him soon. I've been going through a tired period, don't know what that's all about. Everyone tells me its my schedule. Perhaps.

It gets really cold here, then a bit warmer, very dark days, then sunny ones. Another month and spring should hit!

Sorry I haven't been around more - sooooooooo tired - and trying to get some work sold, prices go up, but social security shrinks......

Folks, plan your retirement early. I know its very hard to save but even a little will be better than nothing. Life goes by very very fast. Sigh.