Sunday, June 12, 2011

B b b b b Blue Monday..........

My granddaughter and I - and yes, I look tired out of my mind. It is totally attributed to the fact, that I am indeed very tired. Too much going on and hubby has taken a vacation from helping with anything. Nothing new to report but grueling family matters - and I have to take a trip to Wyoming for a couple of weeks to assess my mother's situation.

Now, the owner of two Shih tsu dogs - which I am hopelessly fond of, travel is a bit more complicated.

The temps are often at 101 - 103 F, that is real temp, not heat index. And they say there is no global warming. Can't swim in the Gulf - too much controversy over the remaining oil and Corexit dispersant.

The below painting pretty well sums up my mind. Hmmm - yes, you must figure it out for yourself. :)

No TV now, but I do have net flix, so we are watching an occasional movie. Tomorrow we pack, and go buy some math workbooks, just to make grandson's summer a little more fun.