Sunday, September 28, 2008

When Love Turns Dirty

Every September and every spring our area is deluged with a flying insect, or rather I should say, thousands of flying insects - in pairs - and, uh, obviously - uh - in the throes of serious mating. Now these guys (and gals) must have a terribly high libido because they are completely oblivious to anything but mating - thus the nickname, "Love Bugs."

They are everywhere, in your hair, on the cars, your windows, in your house, on your clothing, in the kitty's fur - they stick to everything. No, the sticky is not what you imagine, rather it is Love Bug fatty tissue - read on.

I don't know anyone who loves these guys, because they are really, really messy in their romantic couplings. Just think of being the middle of mating and finding yourself in the whirling air conditioner of a vehicle. Being a Love Bug is not easy. Their short lives are fraught with danger, no one likes them (but I think they don't care) and they have a lot of fatty tissue despite their thin appearance! It is a good thing they die out quickly or they could suffer from all sorts of artery clogged diseases. Instead, they just clog our mechanical equipment.

An excerpt from a Love Bug report: Lovebugs are a considerable nuisance to motorists. They congregate in unbelievable numbers along highways and the insects spatter on the windshields and grills of moving trucks and automobiles. Windshields become covered with the fatty remains, and vision is obscured. During flights, the flies clog radiator fins causing cars to overheat. They also get into refrigeration equipment on trucks causing them to malfunction. The fatty tissue will cause pitting of the car's finish if it is not removed within a few days. Flies enter cars and sometimes drivers and passengers soil their clothing by sitting on lovebugs. They are also a considerable nuisance to fresh paint. The flies enter houses under construction in such numbers that carpenters refuse to work. Beekeepers complain because worker bees do not visit flowers that have been infested with the flies.

So, tomorrow is a no brainer for me - I am heading to the car wash for a really good scrub and a wax - and then to have my lovely car serviced and perhaps shop for a bra. No, not for me - for the car. I would love to find one covered in tropical flowers for "H's" little orange HHR. No, that's not a good idea - these little bugs are drawn to flowers and about the only good function they serve is to pollinate. That, and they act as recyclers as they eat certain matter and convert it to matter that is good for the soil.

So we endure a few more weeks until mating season passes. And wash our cars a lot.

Friday, September 26, 2008

For Marko

I am so sad - I logged onto the computer to check email and found one from my former boss and long time friend informing me that a young man who had come very close to marrying her daughter, committed suicide last night. He was a charming, sweet, appealing kind of guy who had bailed us out with his wonderful talent and training in computer technology when the crazy (like a fox) girl quit after primary elections so she could be eventually "placed" into position of County Clerk.

He was a strong pillar for us when the political climate turned parties and plots were underway to make us disappear without having any consequences arise.

He couldn't have been too much older than my son when he passed away. I think of so many other young men who have died too soon and left big gaps in the world and our hearts. I don't understand. But....

Things I have learned:

Love will not save a person.

No matter what you do, some will be lost.

If they "screw up," let them know that they will do better next time and you are still there. (Some things transcend this one, be wise!).

Cherish the time you spend with someone who clicks with you.

Be kind, always be kind even when you have to tell them the truth.

Realize that things happen in other people's lives that we can maybe never know about or maybe never understand, things that leave dark stains upon their hearts from which they, for one reason or another, can not recover and no matter how good they are, they go.

Do not beat yourself up when that person dies, because it won't do a bit of good, and the person that has died would be very upset with you if you do. Instead, honor the person's life, the good that came from that person and the beautiful part of the impact they had on life.

Never take anyone for granted.

Tell them if you think they are great. And tell them, "Hey, you've made my life better for knowing you."

Realize that at any time you can lose the person who is standing next to you this moment.

Take care friends of yourself and each other.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Riding the Rail in America

Riding the Rails: Teenagers on the Move During the Great Depression (Hardcover)
by Errol Lincoln Uys (Author) "At the height of the Great Depression, 250,000 teenage hoboes were roaming America ...

Riding the Rail - when we used that term where I grew up, it meant that we were sort of compromising - riding the rail meant that we could bail out, one way or the other. Reminds me of our government right now. I want to order the above book...but before I start on that:

Sorry to be such a bummer blogger - I thought I would have more time when daughter left home, but it isn't working out that way. I have had a bummer of a sinus infection since I visited the eye clinic for the first time - it cleared out a bit for a few days, then I had to go back there and now I have "it" back, even worse, including bronchitis. Started a Z pack and trying to take care of self - but not too successful it seems. Did bury myself in magnets yesterday afternoon and it seemed to at least move things along to where I could breath better by nightfall.

Then an emergency happened, or rather I flunked the test in taking care of myself and I lifted a sofa with a 200 pounds person on it because he had stuck his arm behind the couch and was screaming he couldn't get it out and would not let me call the fire department. (I am mad because I forgot I had a choice in this process!) Yeh, laugh. It may be funny someday when I get over my mad.

So, I can barely walk. Or sit. Or sleep. Went to the pain doctor begging for more injections, but he won't touch me until the blood clot is gone from my arm and the flu or whatever it is, is gone. I still haven't heard from the surgeon. I think he ran, maybe thinking I am a walking malpractice machine. Finally, after four weeks, the blood doctor's office must have found my message and returned my call. Nothing to do but wait for it to move and dissolve or whatever those things do.

What TV I have watched keeps screeching something about an economic meltdown. They aren't kidding. This is VERY serious. How can the government bail out the economy when it is in debt in the amount of trillions and trillions of dollars? Rather we should ask, what country will we owe our soul to after this one? I have never seen this country in such bad shape - two wars - I just try to pray and not think.

We had forgotten history when we went into Afghanistan and dragged it out - those fighters in them thar hills bankrupted Russia. But Russia had sense enough to get out. They have been struggling YEARS to recover. What made us think we were immune?

The silly twittering of the economics people in the 70's with the relish they presented in their books about America moving from an industrial age to an information age failed to foresee a nation of people in the 2007-8's wondering where all this ample supply of informational jobs might be hiding. (Pakistan or India at twenty five cents an hour - called a computer tech line yet, anyone?) Or maybe they were shouting a warning to us that we did not heed. Somehow we've forgotten to learn from our grandparents the lesson of the Great Depression. But then, an economic system has been built that has carefully programmed us to be as we are today.

Some folks are waking up and wading against the mainstream. When Russia failed, an underground economy developed. Yet, it was still pretty grim.

The mortgage thing makes me angry - I remember when I was going to buy that mobile home in Wyoming - the bank was going to loan to me, no problem. As part of the buy, I did what any smart girl would do on older construction and ordered up a home inspection. The findings: A substandard sewer line that was propped up by paint buckets, a water heater falling through the floor, multiple electrical violations, water problems (no duh), a roof 20 years past its replacement date patched with multiple coats of tar, air conditioning broke, the furnace years past its replacement date - and the bank had the nerve to get snotty and ask me why I "bailed" out - I told them exactly what I found. Oh yeh, and when the people thought they had it sold, they bought in a bunch of cats with no litter boxes and the carpets were ruined. And guess what? Yeh, the bank went ahead and financed it "as is" for someone else. Sad thing was, the financing was at the top - could not borrow anymore to rebuild the dang thing - - - - and we need the government to bail us out of these bad decisions?

I think it is different if its a solid loan on a solid piece of property and the buyers have sat down and made out a budget - and asked a very crucial question? "Can we afford these payments?" Ok, yes, things happen - they've happened to us - job loss, illness, death of family member, tornado, hurricane, these things happen - and we take it on the jaw when the insurance companies refuse to pay, when the new job doesn't come so quickly or at all. Also some mortgage companies are not scrupulous and made false representations. Then, yes, maybe some intervention - like jailing the crooks, and a payment plan for the hard hit folks that they can meet.

And I think I have a revelation - no president will be able to fix this. We've sat back like good little boys and girls and let them do their thing while lobbyists did their thing.

I should never post so late at night - grammar gets worse and besides that, I'm grumpy - no new pretty flowers to report - they are feeling fall's early darkness and are going away - desktop computer won't get on line much of the time - and I have to unplug the mouse to plug in the printer because the periphial plug ins or whatever they are called are failing one by one. I have the laptop, but so reluctant to load it up with all the programs I have in this one and it takes twice as long because I can't get used to the keyboard....crazy, crazy, crazy.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Jeans, in search of


Ever heard of "Not your Mama's Jeans?" Well, "mommy jeans" have been a yucky word among the 20's and younger crowd. With the waistline coming back up, it gets confusing as to which jeans or mommy - or not. I ordered a pair of dress jeans that fit a little bit low compared to what I usually wear, thinking, "Well, one or two pair of jeans could be total wardrobe for winter with assorted tops."

Then, I cleaned out my dresser drawers and found a pair of my daughter's jeans - I put them on and, oh my gosh, they fit. However, the low, low cut is something to get used to. What I'm loving is the color. And I'll wear long full tops with them - I can't stop giggling when I see someone's butt poking out over the top of their pants.

These low-cuts are deadly for girls, women with tummies - but I'm thinking, should I care? Don't know too many people without a tummy any more.

Once, while in Bebe's in New Orleans I was overcome with desire for a pair of BeBe jeans that looked like something out of "Mad Max." The matching vest had wild looking hair/fur trim. I can not get out of the notion that clothes are not something that are pieces of artwork rather than utilitarian pieces to cover the body.

Growing up, I wore the ugliest jeans ever, but switched to Levi when I was a young woman - unfortunately the only way I could get the legs long enough was to buy men's Levi jeans which were also low cut. Levi is always popular in Cowboy Country.

My stepdad always insisted I change out of school clothes into jeans - but jeans back thenh were UGLY. I remember them as being totally uncomfortable and I was too selfconscience with my, back then relatively) un-tummy, being squeezed over the top of the waist band. As thin as I was back then it was probably only skin! After that I refused to wear jeans for a very, very long time.,

Now, there are thousands of jeans in all sizes, styles, fabrics with a huge range of prices. I once ordered a pair off of ebaby, but found you just have to try them on. I am so glad that we can wear them almost anyplace we want to go.

Most jeans are like Birkenstocks - even if expensive, I can get ten years of wear out of a pair, which brings the price waaaay down. Justification? Maybe.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Sick Day - first cold of the fall season

Isn't it officially fall in a few days?

The photos were taken when the humidity was almost 100% and I couldn't keep the lense of the camera dry. I ran across this problem in Costa Rica - there has to be a remedy. Hmmm. BUT, I like the dreamy look of the photos. In fact I think acrylics and water color would be great studies for these photos.

What a day - everytime I go to the "third world" optometry clinic, I get pretty sick two days later. They probably never clean anything - you put your face on this equipment full of germs. First time I've ever worn or tried to wear I should say, contacts. I looked them up on the internet - seems a prescription has three lines of numbers - each eye has it's numbers and then the shape of the eyeball has its numbers. So I asked to see my prescription at the clinic, since I've been back 3 times for fitting.

They became quite offended and refused to let me see, let alone have, my presecription. I told them I was tired of trying on contacts like shoes trying to find a pair that fit. At one point, the second pair, they pushed two identical contacts at me - I asked them which was right or left - they said it didn't matter. OK! I know both eyes are not the same. The internet says you can get a pair of contacts that will allow you to see perfectly. The clinic says, NOT! Since it doesn't cost very much, I think I am going to another clinic and call this a practice run. Grrrrr.

I cleaned up the house a bit - especially the kitchen - pity the poor person who eats out of the dishes I just washed. Am now piled up in bed with computer, a bowl of supplements, a ton of highly filtered oxygenated magnetized water, plan to drink shakes and eat fruit for the day in an attempt to defeat this "bug." It has hung with me since I first went for the contacts about a month ago. I'm finding daytime TV is not the brainless wonder it used to be - there is Rachel Ray - which I love and think I will order one of her cookbooks, (all my oldest grandson's friends are HOT for her!)- Whoopi's talk show, "The View," Martha Stewart,and more. Whoopi is now discussing Focus on the Family's (another organization was involved) summit where somehow a booth was set up to sell "Obama 'Waffles" - I'm ashamed and offended. There's more that appears very racist. The folks who put the summit on reported that they didn't really know what was on the box. Pretty stunning snafu that was!

The house is shaping up, all the boy's stuff is here except for his school clothes - he stayed the night and I almost couldn't dress him for school. It's stil shorts and t-shirts here - although it seems to have cooled from the 90's to the 80's. Last summer I remember it tipped up to 100 a few times, but this summer has stayed around 90 degrees. Anyway, I hope he does not catch this bug. What a blessing this child is - I've never seen such a perennial sunshiny personality - he's known throughout his school for his great attitude. Brag, brag.

I'm trying to talk them into taking Psycho and the fish, to no avail. Poor neurotic little cat, no one wants him. I'll take care of him. I found a new super brand of catfood - it has blueberries, oatmeal and tons of other super healthy ingredients. He stands at the pantry door trying to turn the knob so he can feed himself. Awwww.

Time for a nap.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Dream Board OR What I Would Like My Life to Look Like

Unkillable, wild, and adventurous, centered, balanced, and a swimming pool in my backyard!

Sleek n' sexy for an ol' lady and a laughing with life.

Sharing from the "pantry of my life and resouces and speaking good things!"

Inspired by Nikken and Candy Minx and Stagg, I have started a large board which will evolve into a piece of art which will evolve into my life. I keep a Franklin planner most of the time, have done so for over 25 years. When I look back at the dreams and goals I have written down, I find that most of them have come into reality. Why did I stop, I don't know. But its a new day.

So I hunt for images that depict the desires of my heart. It will be an ongoing piece for a while, but what fun it is! At the same time, I am cutting pieces from old magazines for this and future projects and uncluttering at the same time by sending what is left to the recycling center. Thanks to Hattigrace for the tip on de-cluttering - get rid of all that paper sitting around in stacks - file it or clip it, then file it or use it!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Readjusting to New Life Events

Thought for the day - isn't it amazing that women carry handbags EVERYWHERE and rarely, if ever, lose them? The woman passed out on the bed with her handbag tucked firmly under her arm is proof of this uncanny ability that women have....BUT I have noticed lately that men are carrying bags as well - not many, but is this a trend that is picking up? Awesome. They should not miss out on the joy of being able to put the contents of- a whole filing cabinet in a space 1/8 the size of a file drawer, complete with lipstick, hair product, brush, planner, financial items, grocery lists, maybe a water bottle, wet wipes, AND your kid's "stuff." Congrats, guys!

The purple bag is on my dream list.

On to recent happenings - we had high (for our area - a mere whisper compared to Wyoming) winds for a couple of days and its still blowing as Ike does dirty deeds on down the coastline. I watched the progression of the storm. Being hit so terribly once develops a kindred with others suffering in the same way. I had good intentions of getting to the beach to photograph the water for posting - water was coming over the piers and also flooding downtown.

"H's" new hours will be difficult for me, but not as difficult as those days when I was working and caring for kids and house in a blue ribbon way. Last night was awakened at 11:30 when he got home - to tell me the meat freezer had gone out at work.

I stifled my urge to say naughty words since I'm killing the negativity in my life and staggered out of bed to get a drink of water and listen. I mean that's the least I can do - I didn't have to pull all the meat out of mile-long (almost that big!) counters to make sure it stayed cold until the refrigeration man arrived in the night. Ah, rather it would have been an ardent "H" with flowers, a bottle of wine, and freshly showered instead of smelling like a raw roast. Real life.....two middle age folks standing in the kitchen at midnight - one smelling of raw roast, the other, half-awake with silly bed-hair.

The "kids" are out and staying in their new home, except for grandson for now - and I welcome him greedily to enjoy him while I can. He's having a peaceful day. Daughter had to go to work - so she'll lose the weekend - "H" and I cleaned on her nearly empty bedroom and I've decided on a nice gray with a tinge of sea foam blue in it for the walls.

My grandson is trying to get me to buy a "Shark" floor cleaner that is on TV - I better pay attention to him.

There is now a program selling a "Core" workout - the movements appear to be for very young, also very fit, not over 24 year old women - I can't imagine what those movements would do to a spine...ok discipline, get hair done, dishes done, make beds, go to grocery store -

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

From Good to the Best and Blessed

One of the first stores - Publix has been around since the 30's, to now....

LAKELAND, Fla., June 9, 2008 — Today Publix Super Markets, Inc. announced that it has entered into an agreement to purchase 49 Florida stores from Albertson’s LLC. The transaction is expected to close in September and includes store locations throughout the state with 15 locations in North Florida, 30 locations in Central Florida and four locations in South Florida.

This started a situation that prompted me to say to "H," "We are NOT going to worry, God has something better for you." "H" had been given notice that in September he would no longer have a job with Albertsons. Publix had bought the Northwest Florida stores.

To make a long story short, he is now with Publix. Last night we went to the store opening and it was awesome - after shopping mostly at the Walmart only 4 minutes from our house and griping about having the choices of a 3rd world country along with empty shelves and stressed out employees, I found a dazzling array of perfect, beautifully aligned foods and products at Publix. They have an extensive organic line.

LOL, my dream is to get locked in a Publix overnight or maybe a couple of weeks and be able to eat anything I want, and paint the beautiful produce displays. Well, I guess I can make a goal and do this through the years, that is, not get locked in, but to try everything that strikes my fancy.

We've heard wonderful stories about this employee owned company. And they involve people; employees and customers. Part of their philosphy is excellent product, service, and treating customers and employees right. In this day and age, this is a rare philosophy. Every employee we've talked to is so happy and they love their company.

They also are involved in serving the communities they are in by participating in projects to better the community and to help people.

"H" had struggled through with Albertson's for years, they constantly cut his hours even though he had been hired for a full time position. They have been cutting benefits for years as well. (This area has always been known for its terrible employment opportunities - in fact the county is the poorest county in Florida) - and Albertsons really never had a good reputation as being a good place to work. But we remained grateful that he had a job at all. But, Publix said they don't do this. Wow - a full time job income? An array of great benefits? Being treated nice and with respect? Marvelous! Also they were so willing to accomodate him coming and going with my surgery and they were truly interested in how I was doing. Awesome.

There are a lot of articles in the local paper with people moaning the loss of Albertson's over here in our town. Little do they know what is coming for them - better jobs, excellent products, tons more choice, visual aesthetics that won't quit, and I found the prices competitive. Yes, there are high end items, (what fun for a treat now and then!) but their brands were really reasonable. With this comes respect for employees and customers.

We went to the opening party for employees, family and friends last night. They had a great spread of food, all the managers were introduced - then employees and then families of employees were recognized. I wished I had invited my friends too.

"H" is working the beach store - so what a gorgeous ride to go get groceries and to go to work!

Looks like Ike is going around us - yay! But I pray for Texas. The TV said this was the all time high day for hurricanes hitting the U.S. Well, maybe that means better, less stressful days are coming.

Monday, September 08, 2008

What to DO?

My gorgeous family. Some others are scattered around the country, but these mustered together for the wedding. I just felt like posting it. The oldest grandson on the right, the tall one - there are three of us 6'2" or over - is at ITT Tech - I'm so proud of him. Proud of everyone! Isn't my granddaughter beautiful? She's sweet too and talented as well. I'm a grandma - bragging immunity!

I don't have much to post - we seem to be in a current phase of continual hurricane watching. I feel totally frustrated because I have so much I want to do and do nothing because - because, oh, I don't know why.

Therefore, I am going to run errands today and then come home and concentrate on making a list of what I want to do. Then make two lists and list everything by priority. Then I am going to do my dream board - I've been saving photos and clippings forever of what I want my life to look like in a few years. Now, to create the "piece de la resistance!" Actually I'm wondering if I should first put all my important papers in a plastic box, in case we have to evacuate this Friday or so.

Maybe I can get around to visit everyone tonight. I hope. Does anyone have any methods to blow inertia out of the way and open the road, so to speak?

Friday, September 05, 2008

Mammarical Structural Engineering

Well, after reading a prophetic word about saying bad/critical things about people, leaders, etc., etc., after what I've been working so hard to stop doing, I have to say I'm not too proud of the last post. So how about a crazy one - ?


An email from Victoria's Secret today announced a newly engineered bra - a space age bra - a bra to end all bras. It was pretty. Not $50 worth of pretty. My mind, my poor aberrant mind, asks "Why do women's mammaries have to have special engineering anyway?" Imagine a social gathering. "What do you do for a living" "I am a mammary structural engineer."

Then the next thing came to me (is it ADD, these strange brain roamings?) was that Howard Hughes had engineered a bra for Jane Russell. I couldn't help it - I had to go there. It was entirely interesting, especially since I was raised on these movies and movie stars and one of my favorite movies was a not-so-far-in-the-past one about Howard Hughes.

Famous bras: Madonna's early costumes. Nurse Cratchett from "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. Does anyone know of any other famous feats of bra engineering? Ah, the maternity bra with the flap that opens to provide nourishment to lucky babies. Any others?

Ok - one more curiosity. Mammary implants. As a joke, I said to "H," "Let's get some new ones." Reply: "Huh?" "I like them just the way they are." "Ok, why do you look at the women who are so, uh, so, uh - perky."
Reply - "Harrrrumph!"

Soooooo, since this also falls under the category of structural engineering, I began another poll. It seems about 50/50 - boyfriends and husbands "liking them just they way they are" and "yay, let's go shopping!" Some replies were dependant on the variable of who would be paying for the implementation once the prelimary structural studies were completed. Most women said they "did it" for themselves, one way or the other. Now I am going to do something much more constructive - I'm getting off the computer and I'm not researching to see who invented these more invasive structural feats.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

From Diapers to DC

Ok, most you know that I can take off on a real political rant once in a while. I feel my time of being sliced and diced (i.e., "collateral damaged goods") as right hand woman to a County Clerk in the process of being ousted in a power grab, earns me a few rights to do so since I have experienced first hand the choking smell of political manure in real time.

So, here's my take on Palin. Ok, gal, I'm from Wyoming, I understand that a good hairdresser is hard to find in an extremely sparsley populated area, but didn't someone in your party clue you in - maybe McCain's classy looking wife? Why hasn't she pulled you to the side and whispered in your ear about looking as good as possible? And please ditch the wire rimmed glasses. I know you are sharp to pull off the written rhetoric (last night at convention) given to you by the party without batting one of your wire-rimmed eyes or a stutter one, so use that pretty head and fix yourself up.

Next, please don't relate to women struggling to meet the costs of food, clothing, schooling, keeping a roof over the heads of their children as "Hockey Moms" until they too can afford a private chef for their families. Until they don't have to work one or two jobs and then can stay home from the office or mini mart or wherever they are working and, thus, their children would enjoy the privilege of playing hockey because Mom would be able to then drive them.

Next, don't haul your kids around to conferences when they should be in school the next day or in bed at home and not expect that will be an issue to some? What were the little ones doing up so late last night anyway? I wasn't impressed.

Second, do not attack Obama, it doesn't become you anymore than your glasses or your hairdo. But, if you do, do some research and make sure your information is correct. Please stand on your own merits - something hopefully more than getting more oil out of the ground, shooting wolves, and managing pipelines.

And, while I'm thinking of it, why are the oil barons wanting that relatively small area of Alaskan Wilderness so badly? What's the big deal? Can't we just make up for it and leave a peace of pristine land and habitat complete with its wolves and other wildlife alone and, instead, stop exporting our oil and keep it for ourselves? Maybe someone smarter in economics than I can explain to me.

Now, isn't this a crazy mixed up world? Toss out Hillary and bring in someone who looks like they come from a Mormon polygamy cult and speaks of male dominated arenas just as convincingly. (Ya, ya, ya, ya, looks aren't everything.)

McCain, now I have really lost what little faith I had in you. Maverick? Haw haw haw haw haw. While I do respect your suffering as a prisoner of war, I would have thought you would have pulled someone out of the hat rather than a dark horse to run with you - but then I forget - politicians are only puppets for those who REALLY run the show. (She was chosen because she'll be a good girl and do what she's told.) And "those" (power behind the politicians) are the ones looking for those willing to sell their souls for ego, for what they mistake as power, and for lots and lots of fame and money. On any level.

Oh my - two more months, then hopefully our suffering will be over - or will it just begin?

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

The Color Green

I love green. It is a soothing color. My walls are green - but soon to go gray and tones of gray. I feel like a gray, green, purple, gold palette. All around me in nature is lush and green. It just killed my soul out in Wyoming to be planted in the middle of dust. Yet, you can't take Wyoming out of me - I love the colors of the prairie in spring bloom - the purples, lavenders, golds, yellows, all shades of green, greenish gray.

Today, I patrolled my yard and, much to my delight, discovered the first year of banana bearing! There is an absolutely gorgeous bloom - look at THAT color! - with a bunch of baby 'nanas clustered around it. They are probably the length of my fingers and a lot fatter. The "bloom" is bodacious.

I also found a lone blooming gardenia - I wish I could blog the scent, it smells so heady and wonderful.

Grandson found a pine cone with its life aborted - the storm blew it off prematurely, but even in that raw, prickly plant is luscious green - tender and full of life.

Last, but not least, "H" found a great deal on a green chair - it was for the living room, but I dragged it to the study. I want to paint the walls a smoky purple and hang green, rabbit brush gold, and sagebrush purple flowered curtains and sew cushions. That's what I want. We'll see.

I can't seem to stop sleeping today. Living in on the perpetual edge of perpetual storms bringing rain, gloom, balmy wind, assorted lightning and tornado warnings is getting boring. I pray for friends up the east coast as the ornery twirling storms decide where they will light.

Monday, September 01, 2008

Feet Story

Someone asked me for a "product review" from time to time with my Nikken. Well, I have a lot of raves about EVERYTHING, but I'll focus - one at a time.

Most people take their feet for granted. A part of the body. But mine have been a life long tale of woe.

Shoes - I love high heels and sexy open shoes - always have. Once in a while I'll wear heels - like when I was Miss KATI (or when I'm mad). I was chosen to promote a radio station by walking around in the winter in a bathing suit and 3" heels. Duh. Don't know if anyone noticed how knock kneed I am. But, at least I can say I was Miss - - - something once in my life.

Most of the time I can't wear really pretty shoes without a lot of pain because I've always had foot troubles. As a child I wore built up shoes - big heavy oxfords with special soles and insteps built in - when all the other little girls wore Mary Janes. (It didn't help my feet, nor knees.) One year I decided to hide my shoes in the bushes when going to grade school and go to school barefoot. Crazy, because I blamed the shoes for not allowing me to "be like everyone else" but didn't associate the fact that going to school barefoot would set me apart as well. Somehow, my parents never found out. People probably felt very sorry for the little girl thinking my parents couldn't afford shoes now that I think about it!

All my pre-teen and teen years, I stood in a doorway doing foot exercises. Maybe that's why I hate exercise. (That also did not help my feet or knees.)

I had surgery on one of my feet to correct part of the problem. The surgery made the foot worse. Then I broke my knee cap, which made walking worse.

Because of those childhood issues caused by my feet and self esteem, I swore, absolutely swore that when I grew up I would NEVER wear lace up shoes. In fact I do not wear shoes, only when I absolutely have to. Well, I succeeded in keeping the lace up shoe vow, except for the last year because my back hurt so bad. So, I did it (I would do most anything). I went out and purchased athletic shoes. They help some. I still hated having my feet in socks and shoes - they felt - trapped.

Then, some other folks in the Nikken business offered me the use of a "demo pair" of shoes to build strength in back, legs, and abs, in other words, the body "core." They made my feet feel wonderful. They also make my posture completely straight. And my toes. And, they energized me! After a couple of hours, I could "feel the burn" in my legs and glutes. They make me want to walk! Also they act as foot weights - I can sit in a chair to work the abs, the back, and the muscles that hold the knees together.

I wear them to do what household chores that I do. I wear them to Walmart - a great place to walk when it is storming. Some people stared. Is it because I look so good thinner, ("H" says thinner equals taller for me, but I think he likes it) or because my shoes are so crazy (the photos don't do them justice), OR could it be because the shoes' soles are probably 2inches thick and I would be - oh, a 6'4 (and very erect) woman in these shoes? Hmmmmm. I don't care, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my shoes, they are energizing! Also I found the posture benefit stays with me for a while after the shoes come off. "H" also bought a black pair to wear to work where he stands on a cement floor eight hours a day. His feet, for the first time in his working life, do NOT hurt. He is thrilled with good feeling feet.........and with being taller and straighter.

I call my Nikken products that I use, my miracle products. More later.