Saturday, December 03, 2011

Busy Stuff but Fun Stuff

Relaxation time! Somehow trekking across the country side is more relaxing than lying in bed sick with bronchitis. A friend of mine from the Gallery was entering some art in a show in Fairhope, AL, and wanted company for the ride. We drove over the back way through the countryside and had a super time, took pictures, ate lunch. Fairhope is aptly named, it is one of the prettiest towns I have ever seen. The two small town between here and Fairhope were covered in fall flowers and pretty decorations. It almost made me, for a day, forget the state our Country is in.

The above photo is actually Downtown Pensacola across from our Gallery. The Downtown is fully dressed for Christmas - our Gallery looks beautiful. Today we put up our tree - rather Chuck did it. My youngest gave me all new ornaments - what fun! I bathed the dogs and trimmed them myself and they are all spiffed up too.

The top photo is a charcoal I did when teaching a class in October. On top of that top photo is one of an art show we did at a martini festival. Not very successfully I might add. Was excruciatingly windy - people were there mostly to drink (imagine that!) - the "sampler" martini's tasted like Jim Jones Specials (very nasty Koolaid). But fun talking with other artists.

Haven't done much art lately - I've attempted it - worked at it - but nothing comes out that satisfies me.

I've done two outside shows this fall, and figured out, even with some help from wonderful friends - I can not, alas, handle a tent and set up my self, even with Chuck's help. I still seek alternate ways of marketing art. I have half a dozen web sites going, but its not the same as seeing it in person.

Well, 'tis late at night - need to chase Grandson to his bed - prying him off his X-Box. And get there myself!

Night all.

Thursday, December 01, 2011

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Pre Thanksgving Update

The photo has nothing to do with my post - other than it was a startling surprise of beauty in a very intense place I'm in.

Couldn't get on Blogspot - somehow my account got associated with another email address that I never use. Been weird lately. Went to get my drivers license renewed that I have had in Florida for 22 years and they wanted all my marriage and divorce certificates before they will reissue. Why I don't know. They have passed some very restrictive voting laws here and I suspect it may be a part of that. This is a bit of a problem - because it goes back 49 years, and I don't remember WHERE I was married or divorced for some of them or the full legal names of who I was married to. And at least one of the dudes is dead I found out after an internet search. Yeah, sort of dysfunctional, but that was a long time ago.

Seems like some blatant discrimination against women to me! My advice - if you get married, keep YOUR name! I mean, who in heavens' sake started the idea that we should lose this portion of our identity when we married anyway! I've already written my Senator asking him what he would suggest.

Have had bronchitis for five weeks! Is now improving. Then got some MRI's - most of you (if any of my readers are left out there) know I've had back surgery - and need more - extensive on lower back; well, I was told that I am at the "threshold" of permanent nerve damage. It's been fabulous, because I could barely walk when I returned to Florida and the pain has decreased so much and my mobility increased until the last few months that I thought perhaps it had healed itself. So I am surgeon shopping. Don't want to - but.

I think oldest grandson, youngest, and my youngest daughter are coming for Thanksgiving. Just getting my strength back, so will not be extensive cooking - but being with family is enough.

Hope all of you have a wonderful Holiday!!!!!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Wish You Were Here

Jellyfish Wine and Martini Festival on November 5th - pretty much all day. Armbands for all the Martini tasting you want from 1pm-5pm. Good thing I can't drink on meds - would need a designated driver. Or an ambulance, ha ha.

Just did a fun painting for the festival - hope to sell something - hope its cool - hope - hope - hope Chuck is off to help me - last one I had help and it about did me in for a couple days afterwards. Have to work at Gallery tomorrow and have nothing to wear. Nothing. Oh well, the Featured Artist show there is "Nudes and Nature." (Kidding of course).

Life is boring right now - tiring and boring. I need to get inspired. Gallery Night is the 21st this month. Hope I sell something there too! Don't want to go Downtown - some estimates are at 20,000 people - I don't like crowds THAT much. Invited to Halloween parties, and I would love to be able to visit some as two are at some dear friends' invitation - have always wanted to sew up a fur type Amazon costume and carry a large spear and wear fur boots up to my knees - but would really need some Spanx under garments - - - and I hate to sew anymore! I need a change of scenery - I KNOW WHAT I NEED - ANOTHER LANDMARK FORUM - YES!

Sunday, October 09, 2011

Sketchin' Around

Paradise Gardens - Come sit and enjoy the atmosphere.

Our tent - me on the left, and on the right - the most creative artist I know - - - hard to see her beautiful mirror....

Looking across the Gardens................

More artists - many were stationed in the courtyard -

Pumpkin time 2011

Kite Man.....West Indies

Fall again - and pumpkin time, and of course, my little friend Nevermore. Also had a desire to do the "Kite Man." Had a fun show at a place called "Paradise Gardens" (and it was! beautiful!). Thankfully some friends had the tent - and put it up and helped me with all my art, I could not have done it without them.

Planning another show at Jellyfish Bar Martini and Wine Festival. That too will be interesting - in a pretty small mall area on the beach . . . November 7. Again another friend will share space and help me with the setup - otherwise I couldn't do it.

Now, am going to rest from painting a while - a short while. My grandson went home to stay except for short visits and I miss him so so much. I am watching too many Netflex. He and I went to the movies and watched an IMAX about boxing robots. Was actually pretty good.

Need to clean house and do yardwork -but! Lazy? I dunno. Aches and pains - and maybe lazy too!

Gallery Night on October 21. Makes me tired to think of it - crowds and more crowds of people!!!! I hope I sell big time! I need to go buy ornaments, large ones and begin painting them for Christmas to sell. So much to do.

Hey, Stagg - Hey, Candy - if you were here, we'd go busk!

Friday, September 16, 2011


Doodling - want to start a new one of these tonight - but sooo tired. I am stumbling tired. Set up some doc appointments next week. Ha, husband took over 1/20th of what I do in a day because he's on vacation - he came home moaning after taking us to a cafe for dinner - and fell in bed, haven't seen him since. Anyway, I have had an afternoon with an overly long nap (but it felt soooo good) and a long night's sleep last night with wonderful dreams. Actually had time to workout twice.

I dreamed of a medalion with three horses - I will sketch it tonight. It is a long story - a friend bought the pin for me, put it in an envelope and mailed it to me. The envelope arrived, with a small hole in it - smaller than the pin, and the pin was missing. My mail has been tampered with - yesterday an envelope from the School District arrived that was three fourths torn open. Now, who could be spying on me? This is scary. I fear espionage - maybe from outer space. (Sorry, I really am tired.) I think the County would be bored of me by now.

The little girl in the top charcoal is the granddaughter of my friend that sent the pen. Isn't she adorable?

Success - this animal hoarder has trained a rather - er, to be kind, slow dog to roll over. She is quite proud of herself. But Guido is jealous. The cats are acting as guardians - they lay in the doorways and won't let the dogs pass. Guido is getting fed up and asserting his tiny self against the unjustice.

Good night all - I am falling over - - - oh, oh - watched Dr. Zhivago for the second time after many many many years - and fell in love with it all over again! Grandson and I sat in matching recliners crying over the ending, much to his chagrin.

and again, Good night

Friday, September 02, 2011

In the Garden of Good and Evil

The rains of TD13 have beat all the petals of my flowers off, and a great deal of the leaves. Oh well, easy come, easy go. Haven't had the fortitude to weed in 114 F degree heat index either. At least it has cooled to the low 90's and even 82 since the storm has come in and lingered.

Juried into the Artel Gallery - with "He Wasn't Who He Pretended to Be" A fun, freaky piece of work. The Artel receptions are so fun, elegant with an edge of funk. I'm excited

Dogs won't go out to potty because of storm. I pray that their insides are temporarily paralyzed. Yes, I'm truly evil.

Some kind of horrible procrastination disease left me today and I paid bills, gathered all my medical records together so I can make a doctor's appointment for myself, and got all the papers out for my young temporary Ward that I love so much.

Took oldest Grandson's silver ring I made him to the jeweler to have the stone set, and the ring polished - can't wait to see it. This is been sitting for 3 years.

Now, I need to hang up all my clothes, 2/3 of which are too small - because I can't afford Doc Lovely anymore. It was nice being ten years younger than my age while it lasted. Naw, now for the truth - I've been stressed and eating too much and sometimes drinking a bit more than I should.

So true confessions in this blog post - hopefully the State of Wyoming has quit downloading my blog files to their computers - I will always laugh about the recipe for split pea soup - wonder if the governor ate some? Glad those days are gone. Actually I have become an avid poster of news, not the corporate bought variety, but the real news - there are hundreds of protesters in Washington as I write this - - one of our Senators wrote me a nice letter - trying to pass a bill to make BP give back the people's tax $ they used to clean up THEIR mess which only 3% is cleaned up. So I feel a little power to the people though I'm sure some think I've truly lost it. Oh well. Its fun getting older - one has an excuse for all sorts of eccentricities............

Later -

I think I even have energy left to start a charcola.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Thoughts on Hurricanes

Lion painting finished and hanging in gallery with the lily and another painting. Taking two to the "Edgy" Gallery in town this afternoon to be juried in hopefully to their show - I like their shows!

I've been on line with a friend in North Carolina. Hurricane Irene is bearing down on them - rather is on them. So far prayers to keep their electricity are working! NCY is evacuating - after being in a few evacuations here, I can't imagine the chaos - and fear. This is a mega storm - it is HUGE! Seems the movies are more prophetic than the prophets sometimes. Well, I hope they will be protected. Seems like the thing moved over the Bahamas without killing more than one or two I believe.

The heat here is awful - 104 degrees F - that is NOT the head index which can be ten degrees higher. I was out most of day yesterday and it took everything out of me. I slept until 11 a.m today which is unusual, and my lungs hurt like crazy.

Must move on - haven't even dressed yet and its one o'clock.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Count Down

Summer drawin' to an end. School starts day after tomorrow. I feel bad, didn't get to do half what I wanted with grandson this summer. It went way too fast. Trying to get him on decent hours scheduling is extremely difficult.

Took down older art at Gallery and hung new art. It looks sort of "oddball" down there as I am painting from some place within - - rather than from photographs as in the past. Plan to enter an Exhibit called "Pretenders" this coming weekend - what a fun theme!

Hot, hot hot hot hot is the only way I can describe the summer. But there is no global warming, uh uh. Yeah, right. Humid too.

Wyoming friend coming Tuesday to say hi - that will be nice. Having trouble finding time to exercise - perhaps now that school is starting I can do better.

Dogs are inexcusable delinquents = trying to run away, pooping occasionally in odd placed, trying to sleep with me all the time, vet visits for weird funguses, (welcome to Florida) and odd kinds of worms.....I have decided to take clipping matters into my own hands to save money. Cats have warmed up to a truce with them.

ok - good night everyone -

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

You Can't Hide Those Lion Eyes

Not a fan of Country Western music, but I can't look at this without thinking of that song.....anyway - not finished, I have to do somethin' not sure what. I feel frozen. Angst. Overwhelmed with life. Can't sleep. Wish I couldn't eat. No desire to drink, that helped for a while. Sigh. Paint some more, but I'm frozen. Got the 2:00 a.m. bluuuuues. Bob Dylan was here, I couldn't afford the tickets. Had a wonderful show at the Artel "far out " Gallery last Friday night. Such a nice time.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Cry Me A River . . .

Working on this painting for a show called "The Pretenders" - the colors are really much more vibrant......

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Going into Dog Days

Not much to offer anyone, but some hellos, fond thoughts, and a bit of news, not much. Not that much is lacking in life, I am at an overload, my mother fails bit by bit, my time is dedicated to a summer of being a full time - grand-mom and telephone cheerleader to my mother, although I did go out for two weeks, but it wasn't long enough. Funds are at zero and I try not to add worry to my pile of straw, lest it all begin to kindle and burn. Almost reminds me of my single parent days except back then I had quite a few less people telling me how I should be taking care of all these things, while they stand on the sidelines, doing their own thing, and judging how I am doing all of these things. So my mood swings from grouchy to optimistic, a lot depending on the amount of pain I am in, or my exhaustion level, or the nagging that comes my way. I am reminded though, that I am blessed - I can do much more than a lot of people I know my age.

Still also busy with the Gallery and all it entails, and just entered an art show at the "edgiest" gallery in town that is very hard to jury in, and two of my works were chosen and I was quite flattered to even get in an art show with Kreg Yingst - an awesome and well known artist on a national level. I entered the above and one from my morose period, called "Lament."

My calendar is very full almost every day and I need to paint more. But God knows that.
Its hot here - don't know if its any hotter than usual, but it feels like it - many days over 100 F and very humid. I have ceased walking outside - opting for the elliptical, not as often as I should, and continuing on at "Curves" - but it makes me feel better.

The dogs continue to be crazy fun, and the cats have finally accepted them and we have a communal bed, I scratch fleas along with them - it is hard keeping up with dog upkeep - they are NOT like cats, definitely.

So lots more, yet not - - - it 'tis what it 'tis - going to watch the Kim Clement broadcast now.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

B b b b b Blue Monday..........

My granddaughter and I - and yes, I look tired out of my mind. It is totally attributed to the fact, that I am indeed very tired. Too much going on and hubby has taken a vacation from helping with anything. Nothing new to report but grueling family matters - and I have to take a trip to Wyoming for a couple of weeks to assess my mother's situation.

Now, the owner of two Shih tsu dogs - which I am hopelessly fond of, travel is a bit more complicated.

The temps are often at 101 - 103 F, that is real temp, not heat index. And they say there is no global warming. Can't swim in the Gulf - too much controversy over the remaining oil and Corexit dispersant.

The below painting pretty well sums up my mind. Hmmm - yes, you must figure it out for yourself. :)

No TV now, but I do have net flix, so we are watching an occasional movie. Tomorrow we pack, and go buy some math workbooks, just to make grandson's summer a little more fun.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

Mush, You Huskies!

Raven Thinking

Three Monkeys

No recent what's happening now pictures. My camera software is malfunctioning and I have to upload on half dead desktop computer, so most pics are now posted to Facebook. There is by now, not much new. Gallery stuff - publicity for the Gallery and not enough painting, drawing, concerns have tied me up greatly, and I've had company. Company has been wonderful, Stagg and Candy and my sister. Family concerns have been heavy. I'm trying to plan for Wyoming, however I can't quite get my act together. This weekend, right now, celebrating youngest grandson's birthday with him. 14!

A most momentous, triggered by financial concerns, but latent blessing has been turning off the TV service! My sister and I were talking about how nice silence sounds. Instead of TV I tend to watch the birds bathe in the animals' water bowl on the patio - listen to their comings and goings. Sound boring? Not to me. 'Tis a very odd "season" - devastating weather in parts of the country, sometimes insurmountable problems to work through - a jump into 2011? I don'tknow.

Love you all out there - even those who have fizzled out on posting - you are all still in my thoughts so often.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Thursday Coming Down - FAST!

New Charcoal!

I've been busy - too many art shows going on - Just finished one for a juried show that could bring some very nice prize money. (see above link). Hustling to do a drawing to sell to promote our only non-profit gallery, and trying to get enough prints made for my art show and to sell at the non-profit gallery on downtown Gallery Night. Yep, busy. Grandson went home for a few days and I miss him way too much.

It's probably hit the news - about 174 dead according to one report from so many tornadoes through the South. We were all ok, its just humid and cloudy most of the time - and it makes our 85 F. seem very hot - I guess the one tornado we had that time was enough of our share of them.

Trying to pick up the house some, my sister will come visit.

My mother continues to have lots of problems, thinking she has cancer, is going to have surgery and radiation, when none of the doctors say anything of the sort. I should go the end of June - the weather has me sort of crippled up and moving slowly, but at least the pneumonia/bronch - is a thing of the past - it seemed to get 1/3 of my energy from me and keep it though.

I must run - I'm out of coffee and I can't start the day without it!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

Some don't believe in Easter's foundations, but thinking of celebrations for this season, I believe one must respect other's beliefs. This is the one I celebrate, kind of mixed with a bit of passover as well. It's been an odd one in a way, no Easter outfits, or bunnies, nor baskets, none of the American traditions, no ham, no mashed potatoes, no after church brunch, no church. I did make a pink box cake today, we ate left overs from last night, and I missed the rest of my family. Yet I am glad they felt the freedom to celebrate (or not) on their own.

The above picture is an apt depiction of a wound of crucifixion.

I did go Friday to a most extraordinary service at the Metropolitan Community Church - it was called a Taise service and was quite moving. I never spoke to anyone, nor anyone to me - Christ was preeminent and the message of Christ. I wept through the whole thing and felt incredible when it was over.

So that notwithstanding, I am fighting a major painter's block. Ugh - have to break through now that I'm committed!!!! There is so much going on, I'm thinking if I do not develop a workable routine I will have to resign from the Gallery's Board as Publicity Director in order to have time to paint.

Summer! Full bloom here - in the 80's - that's F. Humid. Green, so green. Hibiscus blooming - I am so behind in planting, yard work, its crazy, but my sister is coming and we will dig and plant and continue the garage cleaning that Stagg and Candy so aptly began for us. One of the palms has split which is rare and I'm watching it with interest. Earth Mother I am.

Youngest grandson is going to Orlando with a select choir to sing at Disneyworld. His mom is going with him, they are so excited!! Oldest grandson graduated from IT Tech last month. Granddaughter is finding her way - deep thinking and definitely a free spirit, will be fun to watch her enter adulthood. She will be 17 next week - scary - I got married when I was 17. She has better sense.

My car has taken to falling apart the last two months, expensive falling a parts! Hope this recent transmission trouble is the last of it. It only has 66,000 and Buicks are supposed to be workhorses. Dunno.

My mother has been sick, probably is on the decline towards death, she thinks any moment, but it could possibly be another year as well. She had a reaction to a flu shot which uncovered some clots in her lungs. They are gone, but she has been fighting some fluid in her lung. She wants me to come out and take care of her. Moving in or getting an apartment for a few years or 20 plus years is not an option for me. I keep in touch with her doctors and if she really needs me, then I will go - but not until then, other than a standard visit. I don't know anyone else my age that visits there mother 2000 miles away every year. I think I can count the actual vacations, holidays I've taken in my life on one hand. So I don't feel selfish.

I am so thankful for such a fabulous year last year - it helps bear this one!

Well, that's it for now - nice to be blogging again - Facebook is really irritating me. Long story.

I think I've lost all my Bspot readers - but life changes, ebbs, swirls, and its ok, really - I trust we are all where we are supposed to be when we are there. If nothing else Bspot is a great journal!

Saturday, April 09, 2011

The Mockingbird That Would Not Be Killed

For a few weeks, a mockingbird had been visiting me - she (perhaps) would sit on the top of the umbrella on my patio table and often stand on the patio and look into the house. I rather got a kick out watching her. Then a pair of birds would be chasing Psycho, the cat, across the top of the backyard fence. "Ah," I thought, "they have babies somewhere."

Offers of food and seed were ignored.

Several days ago, big Mama cat came in with a good sized bird in her mouth (I thought it was a mouse) and when we were able to take the bird, we noticed it was a baby Mockingbird. In the attempted capture, the cat caught the bird - twice. When baby was finally secured, he was placed in a shoe box. The next morning, my grandson opened the box to see if baby was still alive, and the bird took off and hid behind a China closet. We couldn't get it out as the furniture was too heavy.

Then, suddenly, the desperate screams of a bird, and I ran to the kitchen, and there it was, in the mouth of the cat AGAIN. I rescued the bird, and drove him to the Wildlife Sanctuary which was well-tucked away in an industrial section of town. The workers said a bird so attacked (three times) would rarely live. Sad, and on the way out of the sanctuary I was able to see a Great Horned Owl, which was an awe inspiring sight!

The following day I called the Sanctuary - the baby bird not only lived, but had already transited to a foster home that would nurture it until it could return to the wild. What a bird! What beautiful innocence and strength!

Then I turned inward and asked, what was the lesson of the Mockingbirds - ahhh, a humbling one: I turned to research and some Indian Lore - - - and found it, "Take note of what you are attracting and mimicking." Yes, I got it. It took me a long time. The Indians believe when one gets the "house visitors" it is often a message. I agree.

Tuesday, April 05, 2011


I have been wanting to paint these for about a year. When I realized Easter was around the corner, I painted them from a photo I took in the Caribbean and named the painting, "Hosanna" which means: Save/deliver me and I pray - and I don't know what the red line and white space is all about. Hey, Blogspot??? More later, I can not shake the red line. Just wanted to put the palms up in time for Palm Sunday.

Thursday, March 31, 2011


Just realized I've been so focused on art, etc., I haven't posted much of anything personal. This month we celebrated my oldest grandson's graduation from a well know tech school. He will be getting a really good job soon - which is major in this economy! In the mean time, he has been working the in best Mediterranean restaurant ever! I can't wait for more lamb shiskebob. Sorry, you vegetarians, I have been terribly backslidden.

We had company recently, Candy Minx and Stagg and I love them even more! Had such a good time getting to know them more and talking and talking. The top photo is Stagg with youngest grandson, who had surely found a hero!

Also had a short visit from a dear friend from Wyoming. Unfortunately it was when I somehow picked up something - a routine doctor visit, and he freaked, listening to my lungs, and, after some xrays and tests, I found out I had pneumonia and bronchitis - and, gee, I didn't even feel that bad. Have been running on energy highs, and in that mode, I forget I have a body. Anyway, the next day after the doc visit (I truly suspect a virus and allergies as I had started trimming bushes, pulling weeds, raking - spring yard work) I was REALLY sick - this is the third week and just starting to get better.

My sis is coming in May - hooray - I am so excited, we always have fun, and she needs to thaw her bones out!

Personally, I have been blue - weirdly blue. No explanation. Except the woes of the world hurt, and sometimes relationships hurt - but that is life, and doesn't really explain it all. Who knows. Only God, I think.

Anway - its warm now, yard work abounding, why did I whine for summer? I need to go lie in the sun - it is always healing.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Libyan Refugees

Charcoal 19" x 24"

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


A long awaited visit from blog friends finally came to pass - Candy and Stagg on the beach! We had so much fun on Pensacola Beach and at home and everywhere we have gone.

We have shared art, talking and talking, and lives and thoughts. Hopefully they are resting and rejuvenating in the balmy breeze and mellow weather, though they have been working too hard, trimming orange trees and trying to make sense of (and accomplishing) an unruly garage.

I have finished a painting I'll post and also working on a charcoal - three monkeys. Also have taken on additional duties around the Gallery, and the Gallery is moving at the same time keeping up with featured artist shows, so its a really busy time. I have been selling which for an artist is wonderful, it gives validation that the work of one's soul and heart is appreciated by others. Yet, even without the sales, something about art that must come out or the maker becomes stifled and not whole. At least that is how it is for me.

Well, I'm taking grandson to school today and then going to the gallery to work a shift and then home again to see what is "cooking" with the my friends.

Spring is coming, so don't give up - !!!!! Soon we roll into March! Stay warm.

Friday, February 11, 2011

A Proper Pelican

Mostly done - this is the month everyone is painting Pelicans - so if one is art shopping, I suppose the motto is "pickapelican." Anyway got a whim to do one, just need to add his feet and do somemore on the water. I also finished a vendor of coconut milk in India, but have to upload him soon. I've been going through a tired period, don't know what that's all about. Everyone tells me its my schedule. Perhaps.

It gets really cold here, then a bit warmer, very dark days, then sunny ones. Another month and spring should hit!

Sorry I haven't been around more - sooooooooo tired - and trying to get some work sold, prices go up, but social security shrinks......

Folks, plan your retirement early. I know its very hard to save but even a little will be better than nothing. Life goes by very very fast. Sigh.

Monday, January 24, 2011

I Love Him

We were eating lunch one day and this little fellow sat on the back of the chair, his little head bobbling around looking over our table. We put some rice in a dish and he quickly came to dine with us. A friend of mine dubbed this drawing, "Innocent and Guilty."

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Cello Player

Too cold to go out and play, so staying inside to play! I have to go out for a while and retrieve a package from Fed Ex that they sent to wrong address. I never found the package that the U.S. post office lost. They said they returned to to sender but won't tell me where it has been returned.

Grandson here sick. Whole family has been sick - I can't believe I have made it through so far with no sickness of my own. I guess someone has to stay on their feet!

The New Members Art Show went so well at the gallery - had so much fun! Will post photos tomorrow, hopefully or very soon. Grandson just gave me a list of "sick" supplies, Peppered Beef Jerky, Sunflower Seed, Cherries and Scratch off Lotto Tickets. Yeah, right, he wishes.

So, out in the cold I go - yesterday the cold being 44 degrees F - sorry folks, us southerners are "cold sissies."