Sunday, May 29, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

Mush, You Huskies!

Raven Thinking

Three Monkeys

No recent what's happening now pictures. My camera software is malfunctioning and I have to upload on half dead desktop computer, so most pics are now posted to Facebook. There is by now, not much new. Gallery stuff - publicity for the Gallery and not enough painting, drawing, concerns have tied me up greatly, and I've had company. Company has been wonderful, Stagg and Candy and my sister. Family concerns have been heavy. I'm trying to plan for Wyoming, however I can't quite get my act together. This weekend, right now, celebrating youngest grandson's birthday with him. 14!

A most momentous, triggered by financial concerns, but latent blessing has been turning off the TV service! My sister and I were talking about how nice silence sounds. Instead of TV I tend to watch the birds bathe in the animals' water bowl on the patio - listen to their comings and goings. Sound boring? Not to me. 'Tis a very odd "season" - devastating weather in parts of the country, sometimes insurmountable problems to work through - a jump into 2011? I don'tknow.

Love you all out there - even those who have fizzled out on posting - you are all still in my thoughts so often.