Sunday, March 28, 2010

Nevermore Resurrection

Enough! OUt WiTh GloOm and DoOm! Nevermore rides again. Frustrated with second rate flamingos and stuck on this one which had horrible composition problems in the beginning - I think I got it! Fun. Now to let it dry and glaze and put it up on the block for some poor angsty goth type person to take a whimsy too. What fun!!!! On to the next one!

Thursday, March 25, 2010


Getting people sick indirectly (or directly) is big business in the U.S. Maybe other countries too, I don't know. Drug companies and the medical industry and food industry have a huge interest in keeping us sick and addicted to chemically altered and produced foods.

The door opened to nationalized health care last week. Politicos move at the state level to block it. But the door is open a crack. There is a long battle ahead. What can we do to protect our health before we need health care we can't afford? Be very alert and very careful and very studious.

Recent statistics have the occurrence of cancer as high as one in three persons during their lifetime. Diabetes and heart disease is raging. Going to the hospital risky because of super bacterias. Our environment is poisoned and our food and water is poisoned by corporate giants who want more money in their pockets.

I took a nice long walk yesterday while the Blue Angels performed over our heads and wondered what the risks of inhaling loads of jet fuel residue were. And I would be unpatriotic to even ask, let alone think it.

Beware of what you eat and drink - it might make the difference between dying happy or miserable after years of suffering. Yes, organic is expensive. Gardens hard to grow in some areas. Buy locally grown produce when possible - even if you ingest some pesticide, at least you are not eating chemicals engineered by scientists in some freak lab that are proven to cause gene mutations that cause cancer and other disease, just hit the antioxidants a bit harder! I think of planting a garden and wonder about the effects of the jet fuel that layers into our soil and plants twice a week, year after year?

I looked up the word, Treason, and wonder why the companies that sell poisoned food are not arrested and halted for the good of the people. I guess its the same process that make people think that the earth is self renewing and we do not have to take care of it and that to do so is some kind of political insanity. Money for corporations. We are poisoning the earth and ourselves and most of the population is in denial because the corporations are smart, they turn our questioning into political wars - Republican against Democrat, and it all come down to money.

I do not want to die of cancer, diabetes, obesity, or any other disease that is rampant in our society today. I want to just keel over at 99 after having had a reasonably healthy life, not after making drug companies and the medical profession and the corporate giants richer while my money dwindles away on their products that kill me.

We have to swim upstream. Sometimes in small groups or even alone to stay well. And sometimes ostracized as a nut. Who cares! I want to be known as a healthy nut! At least the part where I have some control is where I will start. And I don't care if I'm called names.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Training and Recovery from Too Many Brandys

Well, a few pounds off gained from the nights of Two Many Brandys, I don't feel so sluggish and depressed, today Grandson took me on an hour and one half walk through the swamp. I swear off brandy except for very special occasions. Oh, I'm in bad shape, barely made it home. I can now put the bottom of my feet on the floor without pain. Actually held up pretty well!
It is not the lush summer swamp, we too are in throes of spring - someone reminded me this is the first day of spring - we saw hawks soaring and huge ravens - we laughed so hard at the ravens. They are really beautiful!
B.S. - that is before swamp, we went to a gathering of artists, creative people at some people's house who are from Sweden. The house was wonderfully minimalist, industrial, light, arty - and the grounds covered in controlled natural habitat - she is a natural healer - had a marvelous time, and grandson ate, I think, almost a loaf of fresh garlic bread. Such cool people, we had such a good time.
Yesterday I went to the beach for three hours and I'm July tan! Ready to travel - count down - three weeks, now! Hopefully I can keep up walking for about an hour a day (the other night, I wandered the subdivision for an hour and got lost at 10:00 p.m., but finally found my way home, duh!) and will be fit to go monkey hunting with my camera.

Still painting like crazy, I love this! I haven't watched TV for days and days - and weeks, which makes me happy as TV makes me lazy - I don't know why, because I do not know what balance is probably - just swing from one end to the other - too much or too little. Current events? You mean there are some? I wouldn't know.
Mysteriously, I have been able to get up in the morning, and straighten up in 1/2 hour - hmmmm, miracles!
And no one grumping! Sooo pleasant.
Turkey in the oven - starting to smell REALLY good. Guess I'll go peel some potatoes and make mashed potatoes with garlic after a few visits.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Nights of Two Many Brandys

All of a sudden, I realize I am really going on a trip. I also realized that I haven't done any web stuff for quite some time and the business side of me has become too sloppy. I ordered business cards this morning and am working on getting a decent personal/business website up. It's up, just wimpy right now. So that's what I'm doing. Oh, yes, and painting nudes.

Cleaned house like a crazy woman yesterday, and then had a go to with "H" as he walked in house in oily meat shoes, strung sandwich makings out all over clean kitchen, over the carpet, around the house, sort of like a Hansel and Gretel type, perhaps he was afraid he would lose his way back to the kitchen, blew up something red in the clean microwave, threw food crusted dishes in the clean sink for me to clean - I said, "Wait, can you pick up after yourself? I already did all the cleaning." Fireworks. Whooooo. Thas' ok. Life goes on, just because I don't work outside the home, I am not a second class citizen nor a personal servant. Yep.

Neighbor notices I am leaving the house more often and is back to request babysitting. Why do I have trouble with boundaries? I am far too good natured most of the time I guess. I will have to put my guard up - sometimes there is just a season of boundary pressing!

Forgot, one doesn't inhale clorox when cleaning small ventless places, however, the neti pot is a great soother for rapidly swelling sinuses, no coughing today and all is well.

Had a super gathering with friends, Hattigrace's little dog, Isabella decided she would grace me with her presence for a little while, and for a moment, I almost wanted to get a dog, but oh, my, I have too much on my plate now anyway, THAT would be silly. Big Mamma and poor hallucinating, Psycho cat are quite enough, and my messy "H". I am reminded every time I clean their potty area.

Ah, every creature poops. Even the caterpillars that come to my garden. Yep.

I have spent, since Friday night, drinking "two many brandies." Thank goodness the bottle is now empty and I will once again become healthy and drink water before bed instead of getting looped and worrying about what I may have posted on the internet.

With that, I must make my bed, get dressed and start the day. I will be back to visit all.

Monday, March 08, 2010

Looking Forward

West Indies
Partially finished red nude

She flew in one day

Ahhhh - finally spring around the corner
nice day to sunbathe
Life is event-full lately. Finally tonight taking a breather - having to watch being easily exhausted and remember to calm down. Hildegard Von Bingen is singing on my computer and is soothing - I'm in bed with new canvas to start - my paint supplies arrived - twelve 16" x 20" canvases, cerulean blue (boy I hadn't realized how expensive paints were now.
I spent two hours at Barnes and Noble Friday night reading "The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks" by Rebecca Sckloot, one of the most fascinating books I've read.
Then we went to Alice in Wonderland 3D - it was great - Depp at his Mad Hatter best. The tea party was mad and delightful. Alice's costumery was stunning as was Depp's makeup! I want to see it again!
Passport arrived on time, I have tickets and the trip to West Indies is on! I've 3/4 packed even though its five weeks away. I need it. I feel emotionally drained. Being close to the equater will be refreshing, refilling, on top of a volcano in the clouds will be soul restoring. I plan to get enough pictures to paint for a long time.
A new week has started - though tomorrow is Tuesday - haven't had time much to Farm - and TV has been cut down 85%! I wonder through the house playing either worship music or Bingen or Forbidden Songs about My Bonne Island by Tom Kenyon - - - watching grandson a lot, planning a trip to my other daughter's on payday - and ready to dig in the warming dirt outside.
And I'm counting down the days.

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Making the Mess

Painted all day yesterday and today - today got sick - ran out of medium and used turpentine in a closed in room. Duh. I sure have a mess going in the study. Taxes 90% ready for tax guy, a million (it seems) unsolicited catalogs, lots of paperwork I still need to condense and sort - why do I save it - it must be in the DMV book by now as a disease - paper hoarding, haha.
Doing a website on which has free sites and a respectable amount of add-ins. Want to download some pics to make a movie to import to home page. I haven't hardly watched any TV for a month and am shocked at how much time it has freed up.
Tomorrow have to go pick up a friend's friend from outpatient and take him home after surgery. Then, I don't know what. Maybe see Alice in Wonderland with my daughter, maybe not. If not, probably maybe go to a potluck at friends' home.
This month is going fast already - little things in the garden are starting to pop up.
My sister should be coming the end of April, so April will be an eventful month. I am for sure going to the Caribbean. I have my tickets and passport just came today. It will be a heaven sent trip for a week, no one but myself to think of, nothing to do but take pictures, and plan a website, and visit with friends. I might be repeating myself - blaming it on the turpentine inhalation and hand bath.
I would send my last painting, but it is a nude, so I daresn't send on internet. I want to do a series, this one has a green background. I want to do one in purple as well - and I started one with red orange background, but it won't go with the skin tones I'm using.

Monday, March 01, 2010


Kids are easier to control than cats. And that's saying alot. I call bedtime, two show up, only one stays. Of course, the kid stays - cats always do what they want, right?

Really, most of the time he stays. He's worried about the rain tonight, but he'll go back and go to bed. He sleeps in. The boy gets up, gets ready for school and the crazy cat keeps on snoozing until he hears breakfast called. "Cat Foods!" "Cat Foods!" He comes running like crazy.

But then, we're all sort of 'teched, this family.

Oh, yeh - he's telling me to give his regards to Maximus here's regards.