Sunday, December 31, 2006

Rosemary is for remembrance

Why am I writing about rosemary on New Year's eve? I dunno, but I love, love, love rosemary. Maybe friendship, fidelity, and remembrance aren't bad things for a New Year's eve. The best flourishing plant in my yard besides rosemary is the orange tree. Rosemary is cool - it will flourish with little care. My rosemary is about 4 feet around now and about that tall and loaded with blue blooms. The fragrance is intoxicating. For Christmas decorations it is stunning, especially if it is sugared and used a garnishes for food.

The following came from an email from Gulf News:

Rosemary is typically considered a culinary herb. But there are so many uses for rosemary that no garden should be without this attractive and versatile plant.

The genus name Rosmarinus means "dew of the sea", a reference to the plant's preference for seaside conditions. This plant does indeed have good salt tolerance. The species name - officinalis - indicates that the plant has been used for medicinal purposes. Rosemary was a vital part of many ancient herb gardens and is still one of the most widely planted herbs.

Rosemary is a member of the mint family and may be grown outside from zones 8 to 11. In its native range around the Mediterranean Sea, rosemary flourishes in coastal regions so arid that a significant part of the plant's moisture comes from the dew absorbed through the foliage. Rosemary has flourished in Southern gardens ever since the arrival of European colonists on these shores.

Rosemary is steeped in holiday traditions, symbolism, and legends. Associated with remembrance, friendship, and fidelity, many stories have been told about this fragrant herb.

Two rosemary legends relate directly to the Christmas story. Rosemary flowers were originally white. One day during her travels, Mary draped her blue cloak over a rosemary bush. The rosemary flowers turned blue and the whole plant took on the lovely color and fragrance of Mary’s cloak.

In a similar legend, Mary dries the baby Jesus’s clothes on a fragrant bush after laundering. The plant’s name, rosemary, and its blue flowers are in remembrance of its humble service to the Holy family.

Because rosemary lends itself to pruning into topiary shapes, it is frequently seen as a potted plant pruned into a traditional cone-shaped Christmas tree. To maintain the shape, trim off branches that grow outside of the desired shape. Use the cuttings for cooking, strewing on walkways to release the aroma, or even adding to the grill or fireplace to release their smell.

After the holidays, consider planting your rosemary in the landscape. Rosemary needs at least six hours of full sun, well-drained soil and good air circulation. It is relatively easy to grow as long as it is watered sparingly to prevent root rot. Fertilize by mulching with a light layer of compost or using fish emulsion or other organic fertilizer.

If you keep your rosemary in a pot, the challenge with caring for this plant is to keep it on the dry side, but not so dry that it dies of drought. Repotting may be needed as they can get rootbound. If placed outside in a pot it can survive most of our normal temperatures.

Rosemary is propagated best from cuttings. Pencil-size cuttings should be taken in fall or early winter. Remove the leaves from the bottom half of the stems, and then stick the cuttings in moist garden soil, where they will root by summer. In moist climates, where rosemaries often prove short-lived, it is a good idea to root new plants periodically to maintain a supply of replacements.

I'm glad to have this article to remember in the spring to do some cuttings and a few more plantings. The local health food store has a gorgeous herb garden in front of it and I always like to linger there.

Friday, December 29, 2006


Ah, Christmas aftermath. Trying to clean up the piles. Just returned from a couple of days at my older daughter's house. The weather has been just a tad nippy. Got to see my daughter's ex, both the kids, and spend time with kids and daughter and eat some of the best southern greens and field lima beans I ever wrapped my lips around.

My 16 year old grandson, as of Saturday, showed me his restored vintage mustang with great pride - it will be his as soon as he gets his permenent license.

The little guy's Christmas present was the above bunk bed - yes, that's the show room not the little fellow's messy room. We're still working on that. He also got his own computer obtained by Mom for a pittance by lurking in Walmart electronics section from midnight to 6 a.m. on a specials night. The same lurking session netted a portable DVD player for me which I am going to love since my TV is broke and I have no sound devices at all working at the apartment.

I watched The Black Dahlia - interesting theory of the famous murder case, a very dark and seductive movie, and Night at the Museum (at the Rave Theatre) which was boring to start with but turned out to be quite a fun movie - Robin Williams' twinkling pulled it through and a delightful monkey and some supporting actors - I can never remember names - it was a feel good movie - just fun, and the little boy loved it.

Also watched M. Night Shyamaian's Lady in the Water - it was very good, the mood setting fabulous, and I loved the Lady's "Protector." What a guy that can look, hug, hold, and protect a naked woman and because she was in trouble, treat her so tenderly and protectively without putting a hustle on because she was vulnerable! The movie wasn't scary, just interesting, and funny in places. This guy did ANYTHING to protect the Lady, including swimming down the drain of a swimming pool - now how is THAT for chivalry. Uh, don't try it guys - this was a VERY pretend movie! I think Shyamaian is so unique with his stories.

Back to real life mimics -- also watched Eye for an Eye with Sally Field which I had seen before but it was still an exciting movie. Sorry folks, movie reviews are not what I am good at - I relate to them emotionally rather than intellectually -

Christmas Eve dinner? Ahhhhhhhhhh - Sushi and Tuna Sashimi. Did traditional ham Christmas day - nothing fancy, just some steamed broc, steamed carrots, and mashed 'taters, two pies we didn't eat. I love gourmet cooking - but just couldn't get it together - oh well, we had a great time just being together.

Time here is drawing to a close, now I wish I had thought ahead and along with the other medical stuff I got caught up on with my old doctors here, I wish I had obtained a second opinion on my back. I think its probably too late now. My mother informed me my car has been repaired and is awaiting me when I come back to the mountains. With obtaining an attorney, getting my car fixed, and a few other things underway, I am making some progress. Still indecisive about the back surgery. The girls want me to do it here. My hubby just wants it to go away. Guess it won't.

Sunday, December 24, 2006


Warm Holiday Thoughts for All

Saturday, December 23, 2006

I did it.

Ok, here it is. The agony and the reward. I warn you, no laughing. I had wanted a thinner bird with some deep magenta and blues in the black feathers but it was explained to me that he was going to do sort of a Japanese style motif, so after some indecision I thought, well if I were commissioned for a painting and someone started telling me how to paint it, I would think twice about the commission, so I said, go for it. I'm happy with it.

Friday, December 22, 2006


Yep, Santa onna Beach. Not the real reason for the season, true, but the camera is at home, and cruising the net for good pics is not a time option! Our Lord deserves a gorgeous photo!

Boy, did I get out of town in time! I keep hearing stories of Denver being completely shut down as far as mail, traffic slow downs, road closures, etc. We have had one glorious day of 75 degrees with sunshine, and then it clouded up and continues to rain. But tis pleasant rain, not ice cold with wind driving it at 40 mph, but this is gentle.

Too much going on to blog about but here's one that cracked me up:

Conversation with grandson: (he) "You know Santa has a permnanent list, and he puts his finger by his nose and turns a switch to put you on the good one or bad one."

Love it! Love being around the youngsters. Will have to post the tattoo pics when I can talk my daughter into feeding them into a photo program on the computer. I have come to the conclusion that this Christmas present may have been more about her, as I don't think I have seen her laugh so much at my groans, whimpering, eye movements, etc. as I've seen her laugh about anything. Anyway I'm very happy with it, it is appropriately "mysterious" and artistic and at my age ya know you're not going to want it off before you die. And I was only kidding about my daughter, it was a wonderful Christmas present. The kids just love leading me down all kinds of wild roads! Sushi, taxi drivers, tattoos, ska, rockabilly, blues, etc. They are all so unique (the kids & grandkids and my greatest present is being present with them!)

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Decorating for Christmas on a budget

For Karen: I promised a picture of the urangle. The hospital had a Christmas tree and decorated it with "found" objects. There was unique recycling of masks, urinals, medicine cups, a prescription or two from Rudolph or Frosty the Snowman - I think they are GP's, accu-check strip bottles, and a few donated ornaments.

That's all tonight - oh the ballet was great - my youngest grandson took a younger yet friends and watching the little boys on the edge of the chairs with their eyes sparkling was the greatest present in the whole wide world.

Saturday, December 16, 2006


Made it! Not too terribly exhausting. It's warmer here. There is 14" of snow expected where I left from. So I haven't seen daylight here yet - got in at 10:00 p.m. Krispy Kreme is demolished in favor of a new building. There is a new Walmart. Marble Slab Ice Cream Parlour is still going strong - we had multi spinkler birthday cake ice cream and dark chocolate with almonds and coconut. I don't waste time. Little boy wanted to go to Ci Ci's pizza, but it was soooo late - maybe later.

Stopped by daughter's work and saw the most unique Christmas ornament - an angel made out of a urinal.

Flying over Utah reminded me of flying over Greenland. A good share of it was white.

The big plane was spacious, had a movie, "The Illusionist," which was good - anyway I liked it. First newly released movie I've seen in months and months. The plot was great, but felt like some pieces may have been missing, but maybe that was because it took me a while to figure out the ear phones.

I want to visit my church tomorrow but perhaps should acclimatize for a few hours - I can breathe again - actual air coming through my nostrils instead of sand and dust! Hoorah.

Purple couch is pretty but has made the rest of our furniture look pretty shabby.

Enough - so tired.

Friday, December 15, 2006

How to Protect Yourself from Cyber Stalkers

I have a few more errands to run and I'm on my way to the airport. I had to contact a major in forensic computer science to protect myself from stalker. Here is good news for those of us who have had our blogs and/or our lives disrupted by cyber stalkers. This is something we read about or see on TV, but never think it will happen to us.

Also, if we have children, this will come in handy. My teen grandson was also victim to a cyber bully. Luckily it didn't go so far as phone calls and serious damage to his life, yet a teen's ego is fragile. I wish I had known this before! We erased his blog and he did not get back on the internet for a long time. That wasn't fair. These people should not be able to get away with making our lives miserable. Because of the wonderful reports on my handy site meter, I have reason to believe the stalker that was after me has attempted to cause me employment as well as legal problems. Why else would the State have spent a half hour reading 40 of my posts? This is carrying things to the point she could be prosecuted thanks to the work of a great cyber-sleuth. So, take a look at this blog below - it will show you how to keep evidence to protect yourself and your loved ones.

Ya Think is dedicated to helping us protect ourselves from this sort of outrage. This link is worth visiting. I never thought I would need it, but you never know until it happens to you.

Will blog ya from the South!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Christmas rushing

Viko Propane Sauna Heater? (from my comments) - no thanks, not this Christmas. I've had some luck lately, mostly bad, and you better bet your bottom dollar I will not be buying that propane sauna heater for anyone. Or me for my pretend sauna. Imagine the walls blowing up while you are sitting there naked, sweating!

Well, countdown! I HAVE to go pack last suitcase, so this will be short blog. Will worry about clean-up of place when I get back.

I found one thing Ms. Meowi will not eat, hee, hee. Lentils! She begged and begged and I gave in - and she keeps looking at her bowl and looking at me like she thinks I'm nuts!

I hate to report, I was having a hard time commenting on some blogs. I think blogspot is wrestling with its new brain child...or something.

This is a short one - too much to do, too little time.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Christmas is coming.........too fast

Ok, folks this is a western Christmas tree with no decorations. It is called a tumbleweed. Because it tumbles across the highway. Actually these dudes can be about 4' all the way around and they are beautiful sprayed white or silver with teensy lights on them.

Well, I'll soon be on the airplane. I'm so excited. I got my oldest daughter's gift ordered off of EBAY. I forgot to ask the younger if the tree was up. She was freaking about cleaning up the house before I got there. The first time I went home, I found the large rug from the bedroom covering the carpet in the study. I figured correctly that rug was covering a large coke/pepsi stain. Oh well. Just got a call from hubby. There is no Christmas tree up. Well, its about too late now. I guess we can string lights on the fake plant in the corner when I get there. I wish I could get them a tumbleweed, but I can't run fast enough with a broke back to catch one. I will do something artistic and fun anyway - we'll see what.

Wow, we're having a wild night in the apartments. Last night I couldn't sleep as people were ringing my doorbell or knocking until about 3 in the morning. I have a new invention - a doorbell that when it is punched, sounds like 4 barking dobermans. The banging has started, and a few screams from upstairs, yelling from a car out front....and gee, we're early tonight - it's not after 10:00 p.m. yet.

I have shredded nerves for about five different reasons. Well gotta go wash clothes, get organized.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Lentils and Lethal Weapons

Yum yum lentil soup. Minus the $3.99 red pepper. Are red peppers that expensive where you all live? Wow. Why do lentils, beans, etc., all say to sort and wash? Sort what - why do they sometimes have rocks and little pieces of mud in them? Why aren't they sorted and washed before packaging. Its a little bit like buying dirty underwear, isn't it? Yeh, I do have a lot of questions.

I'm actually cooking tonight. Last night dinner was green chili sour cream dip and tortillas. Store bought. But tonight I also have a recipe for orange date bars as well as the lentil salad. More yum.

One more suitcase to pack. Tomorrow I go find boxes and bubble wrap for my pottery pieces. Why, oh why did I ever bring those? I got a box from my daughter today full of yummy skin stuff which is great because it is so dry here that your skin gets sore and falls off. Well, almost. It does get sore, red, cracked, wrinkled - etc., etc.

Also in the box were pics of grandchildren, beautiful grandchildren. I'm not posting the pics for now, cuz ya' all know why, but I can't wait to see them. I hope my new camera battery arrives by then. Hubby says oranges aren't quite ready to pick yet. I said, "Wait for Nan!" Picking oranges with grandkids has become a nice Christmas ritual.

Called the airline a bit ago to ask for wheelchair, and it was hillarious as I was on hold forever, but some of the tidbits to keep one interested were as follows:

Any toiletries must be in 3 ounce containers and put into quart size plastic bags. OK? (Quart size bags are wonderful protection from liquid bombs.) Are the airlines merging with the sandwich bag companies?

New drinks are being offered, something about a super martini. Sounded delicous. Well, three or four of those would take your mind off a body cavity search for weapons like film canister openers, would it not? Nah, my whole family will be waiting - I don't want to slosh off the plane and breath straight alcohol into their faces.

I can't wait to face up to the TSA people - that is the T__tty patters (underwire bras ya know). Ya might wriggle one out (wire, that is) and strangle the guy in front of you. Ya know how threatening grandmas can be. It might be what the underwire is holding up that is the lethal weapon. Yuck, yuck.

Last time I flew, three TSA people scared me to death over a film canister opener about the size of small nail nippers, which according to the TSA website were acceptable, however a disclaimer did note that any TSA agent could declare any item a lethal weapon, which whether you know it is in your possession or not is a criminal offense. 'Tis true.

Is it me, or are people just getting meaner? I know in the past few months here, its been like dealing with, as my grandma says, "ol' bears with sore pee pees" Ok, ok, time to go wash my mouth out with soap, and finish the lentil salad.

Here's the recipe if you want:
1 cup dried lentils
1 medium sized carrot, finely diced or 1/4 cup
6 green onions, thinkly slice
l celery stalk finely diced
1/2 red bell pepper finely diced
1/2 cup cilantro leaves finely chopped
1/2 cup italian parsely leaves fine chopped
1 clove garlic minced
l tsp lemon zest
1/3 cup fresh lemon juice
1/4 cup olive oil
romain lettuce leaves for garnish

Cook lentils till just tender. Cool.
Toss lentils, carrot, green onions, celery, bell pepper, (I've done without that one), cilantro, parsely, garlic and lemon zest in large bowl. Drizzel with lemon juice and olive oil and toss to coat. Season with salt and pepper. Set on lettuce leaves.

G'night, ya'll.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

For Mr. Anchovy

Ducks along the Platte River

Friday, November 03, 2006

Celebration of Life

Several folks honored me by sharing their stories of loss of pre-born children. And a friend's daughter just lost her unborn infant.
The sharing of pain and love got me thinking. What if, what if....what if our gone away children were sent here to show us what powerful, dizzy-ing, estatic, privileged, heart expanding, and, yes, painful love resides within us? The power that keeps humankind going. The power that elevates us to our human level? Then....could it be that animals feel such love for their offspring? Sometimes I think not, when I see mamma zebras run off to save themselves while baby is attacked by a big cat. But animals care tenderly for young. I don't know. Life is really a mystery. But I do know the love we feel for the miracle growing in, and then out of, of our own body.

I know that when Rod passed away, we arrived at the funeral home, and I screamed out at God, "You better talk to me, and talk to me, NOW!" (I wanted a darn good reason for this!) And on another plane, the world rolled back and I could peer into heaven, and Rod was there in a green, green meadow with dozens and dozens of children of all ages. They were all looking at him, and he was smiling, looking about uttering his favorite phrase, "Far out!"

I often wonder if we all get to heaven as buff 20 year olds. I think not. But, do chidren grow up in heaven? Do us older folks get to be just somewhat buff? (Please, dear Lord!) Do animals go to heaven? On that one, I think yes. Rod always said that Jesus is returning to earth on a white horse - betcha that horse came right out of the meadows of heaven! And perhaps our dogs, our cats, and other pets join that crowd there too. I mean, little boys gotta have puppies!

Love. I think there is some very awesome special love up there that children go on to experience, those children that were loved and left earth, and then especially for those that didn't know that kind of love that is a part of God when they were on earth!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Monster Truck Attack

Yesterday morning, at 7:45 a.m. I was sitting at a red light and sipping an iced chai tea and all of a sudden, my world turned to iced liquid in my lap and stars in my head.

Yep, monster truck driver claims he didn't see me. Guess he didn't see the red light either. What kind of LaLa Land was he in? Red light AND red car? I get out and see crushed trunk and badly scraped bumper. Dial 911 on cell. Nope, can't take the call unless its life threatening, lazy voice gives me phone number to call. I'm shaking. I forget number. Another call to 911, since I do not carry a phone book in my car. She's really p______ at me by now. She, herself, finally patches me over to the police station. Attendant wants my life history and all pertinent demographics, including insurance companies, addresses and phone numbers for both parties, DL numbers, etc. How would I know his? I'm not his babysitter, just his victim. I repeat over and over again, "We are standing out in cold, wind, and traffic including BIG trucks whizzing buy at 20 mph over speed limit, honking irate motorists, and we, I repeat, we are NOT safe." "Please send help." "Not until I get this form filled out." Ok.

After fighting with dispatch to send a cop, I'm standing, dazed, out in the traffic and wind at a wind chill of 42 degrees, no coat, wet, late to work, and getting madder by the minute. I get the chewing of my life for not having a Wyoming Driver's License (one year ago DMV told me to wait until it was ready to expire, THEN come in, cop says I'm lying) while our happy little mud bogger who probably had a major stone on despite the early hour drives happily away. I later find out he was not even charged for ........what, not being in his vehicle mentally?

The truck was so blankety blank big, that's probably what saved my car worse damage than it has. I'm surprised it didn't go right over the top of me and shave off the top of the car. These trucks are the macho thing to drive out here - I think the size of the drivers' "you know whats" might correspond in the opposite direction of the size of the trucks. Have to be driving monster trucks for daily use for some wierd reason, huh? Interesting that "Dragonness," ex-employee drove one of those.

This a.m. I call his insurance agent who gets huffy with me. She says his insurance information is private. I tell her I don't want his blankety blank insurance information, I want to know where to: 1. Send bills for car repair. 2. Send doctor bills (my back is on fire from the base of my skull to my tail bone including my left hip, and my thumb and little finger on my left hand are asleep and I had to have x-rays, and, 3. Get a rental car while my car is in the shop. She stalls me again. I say, "Do I need a lawyer to obtain the answers to my questions?" She then promises to call back with claim number and information. She kept her word and within three hours I had a claim number AND the home office number of the insurance company.

I see the doc and he shoots me up on the hip with something that feels like 20 jolts of expresso, but I stop hurting for four hours. And a flu shot. Now, at home the burning is back (I guess doc thought the injuries are of a four hour duration only) and I guess I will try to fix self with a heat pack or five since I have a loooong back, and see if I can tame the knots and burning down. When I open my mouth beyond an inch, fire shoots through my ear into my jaw. Tomorrow will harrass doc for referral to massage therapist. Don't like drugs anyway, no how.

So, for now, bloggy land, bye bye. Gonna get a book, I have miso soup on, and sit on heat packs and read a serial killer book.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

The Devil Wears Prada

What a wonderful, boffy cool movie. Meryl Streep was awesome and elegant, inhuman but very human. Stanley Tucci was great in his character. Anne Hathaway was totally stunning in beauty and in playing the soft hearted young woman conflicted between a new, devouring career and her life as she knew it B.C. Her character was the old story of a plain jane turned into a glam creature and facing much conflict between demanding career and her life before career. But the movie was so totally charming, I found myself cheering on the transformation from the beginning. The cinematography was also stunning - the shots of Paris were so beautiful, one could cry! The fashions, loved them!

On a personal note, I was afraid I might be seeing some parallels in my life, but I'm not confessing them.

Since I get seniors' prices (although they "card" me) I will see it again. And maybe again.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Brother Bob

I called Bro. Bob's wife, Beth today. He is 70, had back surgery, with a background of Parkinson's, then contacted pneumonia, became so sick he has a feeding tube, but yet he is recovered enough to be in rehab now.

I met Bro. Bob and Beth when my husband and I made the journey to Florida to go to Bible College. Those were rough years, we went from a beautiful home to grungy apartments, once a trailer home given to us rent free for over a year. We left good jobs. I was an administrative assistant to the City manager.

We began college, and our then 12 year old daughter became very depressed. I cried too much because I had left my 94 year old Grandma and young adult son in Wyoming, along with my home. Our oldest daughter came with us.

My husband had a midlife crisis and I left him for a while, my son died in Wyoming, my car was repossessed for, no - not for not making a payment - but for taking it across a state line without the bank's written consent. We could only find crummy jobs. My youngest daughter and I became very sick with a disease that took two years to diagnose. My oldest daughter's injuries from college basketball culminated in a back surgery.

I worked for Bro. Bob at a missionary agency, taking care of him, and 130 missionaries in around 50 different countries. He put up with me when I was in shock and grief. I've heard of some companies firing people after a death of a loved one. He put up with me when I lost any belief that God cared for me at all. Maybe for other people, but not me.

I got used to calling him "Brother Bob" which was a "foreign" way for me. He loved jokes and teasing. He was never really friendly with me. I was somewhat intimidated by him. I passed him notes rather than deal with him face to face. He is a praying man, a man of great faith. Probably a day did not go by that he didn't pray for me. Our days at the office were started with the employees in a circle holding hands and praying. Looking back, he was a spiritual dad to me in many ways. I was "hot stuff" at the City back home, but I was never "hot stuff" to Bro. Bob - somehow he was always ministering to me. I got back at him by baking him angel food cake with cherries, vanilla pudding, and cool whip in layers.

When I look back, I think God sent Bro. Bob the wounded ones...special wounded ones. I recovered my faith eventually, realizing that what this fallen world brings us and does to us while we are here makes God as sad as we feel or more sad. I realized God doesn't see death like we do, He sees it as His kids finally getting to come home and be loved on in person. My faith rose as I watched during a prayer service horrible bumps on my daughter's arms slowly disappear in front of my eyes...a skin disorder the docs said was permanent. I remember lying on the floor of the House of Prayer telling God I would die from the pain and then His love would flood over me as I lay on the floor weeping.

Bro. Bob used to pray that he would be instrumental in bringing one million souls to know Christ. I think he might have through all these years by mentoring and sending all those missionaries who touched all those people, who in turn touched more, and the waves kept going out. I think when he gets to heaven, he'll see them all. He and Beth helped found the church that eventually planted dozens of churches in the south and eastern U.S. and sent the missionaries out to plant church in dozens of other countries. When I go home to visit that church I feel like I'm coming home. Never has a place seen me through so much. I'm so lucky to have so many friends of different nationalities in so many countries and to have visited some far-away places.

The missions agency has changed. Bro. Bob retired about ten years ago. And the agency will never be the same. It still goes on though. I still hear from missionaries whom I (hopefully) made it easier for them to stay in the foreign field.

I would like to go see Bro. Bob and take him some flowers. But I do not think I will see him or Beth again until I get to heaven, as so many other great, truly great people that have gone on. One, Rick, a missionary to Kenya with such great heart and passion for the youth living on the streets in Nairobi. He worked so hard that his immune system broke down and he died in his late forties from cancer. He left two adopted African babies without a daddy. He audio taped a journal as he slowly died with some of the most wonderful thoughts and so much love in the words.

Oh, I could write of some great people, and we all have the same spiritual daddy, Bro. Bob.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Mountain Fires

It seems amazing that some of the homes were standing while fire obviously circled the houses. The burning continued to the highway and jumped across.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Fires A Burnin'

The town where my mother lives is close to being eaten' up by fire. I grew up one-half hour from the mountain (and never learned to ski!).

The camcorder piccy shows the smoke over the town. I don't know how big the mountain is but the whole face of it is on fire, and it is at the edge of town in some areas. Smoke is extending 30-45 miles out of town, travelers are warned of limited visibility.

I suppose I shall saunter over there this weekend, if I can get there. Don't know how long I will stay if it is hard to breathe. I'm not sure asthma is an accepted illness in my mother's world. I offered to go get her and help her get all the doggies to boarding and bring her over to somewhat fresher air, boarding for doggies because landlord won't allow dogs. Apartment can't hold three 100 pound plus dogs and one slightly smaller one anyway. She won't leave. Kinda like the people on the Gulf Coast who preferred to live in their attics for days without water and food rather than leave their animals. I don't know what else to do, I offered.

Things don't feel right. There is so much stress, anxiety, anger, craziness in the air right now that I can't sleep, nor can many of my friends. We think it is the Israel/Hezbollah war sending out waves from the epicenter. I was up drinking coffee at 3 a.m. looking for a good book and didn't find any. I realized I have been reading technical manuals, management manuals, HR manuals mostly for entertainment. Ohhhhh, Barnes & Noble, or maybe, I shall visit you soon. I think of all the books $350.00 would have purchased and I swoon a little.

Am trying to draft a legal sounding letter to decline purchase of Casa de Broken for the realtor. Guess the worst she can do is keep my $100.00 deposit.

Landlord raised rent again as a thank you for telling them I might be moving. After they stood on my porch in April and told me they wouldn't raise my rent until next year because they raised it last year. I'm supposed to learn something from this living mess, and lying blankety-blanks but not sure what. But that did it, I am certainly putting a mousetrap in the underwear drawer and move my daily undies to an undisclosed location.

Monday, August 14, 2006

First Ah Is, Then Ah Isn't, Then Ah Is..........

Thank you dear friends for all the encouragement. The realtor called the banker, who didn't know anything about the letter loaning me not enough money and raising the interest, even though she signed it.

Met the inspector at Casa de whose's it, and the plumbing is leaking under the mobile home, the sump pump is plugged via a long cord going under the door into the studio, (which is in really good shape - at least one of the buildings is!). The plumber is coming tomorrow and the inspector will go back.

The water heater has leaked so long that the minerals have leached out and stopped the leak, but not before the floor underneath has rotted out.

The faucets in the kitchen and bathroom are not connected to the walls. The toilet is for extremely short people. The piping for the dishwasher to the garbage disposal is too low and the disposal spits ground food into the dishwasher if you turn on the disposal. The vent fan is in the shower, with a plug into the light fixture, which the inspector said NEVER plug in or you will not have to worry about paying for the mobile home because you won't be living here on earth anymore. Several of the windows are cracked, screens with holes, the swamp cooler has electrical wiring hanging out of it with a Christmas light on it. The cats have made one of the bedrooms into a bathroom.

The side door to the outside is barely hanging there, the back gate that was standing is now laying flat, weeds up to my mid calf over 1/2 yard, the garage door opener won't work, ................need I say more.

I guess if this goes through I can fix the water heater mess first, have the pipes underneath heat wrapped, put plastic over the windows, cut the weeds, water the grass whats left of it, remember not to turn on the disposal when the dishwasher is running, DO NOT plug in electrical vent fan while showering, clean, clean, clean and worry about the rest when spring comes and I have a little more money.

Myself, I'm an electrical powered person and this place is all gas except the lights. Gas going through 35 year old pipes - eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek! Well, this guy better be doing his job.

I think - what if I stay here - I've made it quite cozy - well, "they" COULD haul landlord off as he is about completely daft, then sell the apartments and then the rent would be raised to $1,000 a month, and I would have to go back to Florida and figure out how to find a job for an old lady. Pushing carts at Walmart sounds rather depressing.

Enough - this must be really boring all this mishmashing. Didn't get pictures of the Casa - maybe tomorrow - Commissioners Meeting - and rumors are: all hell will break loose - perhaps I should wear high, really high heels.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Art Gallery Opening! (see tag a blog below)

Some of my friends have expressed curiosity about my art. I "dabble" in all mediums. For five years I have wanted to make a website for my work. In fact, I went back to school for a degree in Multimedia Production so I could have an on-line gallery. This is for "Someday Isle" I think. The link is below my bloggy friends link.

So, tonight for all those who are curious, I have posted some of the work. Some of you have seen several pieces.

Diana's Art Gallery

Happy Browsing.

Been goes, now yur turn!

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingAhhh, I'm tagged. I find these fun, because its a great way to know people more.

Five things I would never wear:
1. Me too candy minx - beige - ugh (too much of being dressed in it in childhood.) I've decided that only people who are unimaginative or want to disappear wear beige - hope I don't offend someone - if so, let me hear from you beige lovers, I'm willing to change.)
2. High Heels - my feet hurt - but I used to, even though I'm 6'2" woman - yeh, that showed up the misogynists.
3. round and round stripes
4. a supershort old lady perm
5. micro mini skirt with required matching thong

Five favorite TV shows: (don't watch much but will try to come up with some I watch occasionally:
1. LaFemme Nikita (the series has long been over.)
2. The Runway show
3. Blade (series)
4. Dog Whisperer (cuz I can't figure out dogs - how can they (well, not all) be so crude, so stinky, so unmanageable, yet do such occassionaly heroic acts?) 1/2 hour with Dog Whisperer and they behave! I really want to know how to do that.
5. Medium (some seemingly REAL everyday life mixed in with it, plus the actress has cool teeth.)

Five things I would do with a 100 million dollars:
1. Get all my family members together, charter a jet, go on a family trip to Ireland (maybe rent a castle for a month) and then give them 3 million each. Also give my friends who struggle financially a million each.
2. Start a charitable foundation for social action and poverty relief.
3. Begin my travels with the Orient Express in England and end in Turkey with lots of stops in between.
4. Hire Oprah's personal trainer and cook.
5. Build some really nice homes in all my favorite places.
6. Go on a spending spree like no one has ever seen and buy hundreds of presents for people.
7. Have a reunion and pay for all my bloggy friends to come to a resort for five days - maybe the sexy resort in Jackson Wyoming at the foot of the Tetons, modern wooden cabins with fireplaces and windows looking into the Tetons - outdoor Sauna.....sigh
.........or the Casa Maravilla in Costa Rica -
(Ya, I know I cheated on this one.)

Five greatest joys:
1. Being with my children & grandchildren.
2. Doing Art, seeing Art
3. Nature
4. Visiting foreign countries
5. When I sense God's presense around me.

Five songs I can sing from memory:
1. Ghost Riders in the Sky
2. You are my sunshine (passed down from grandma to grandchild for years in family)
3. I Still Miss Someone
4. Baby Won't Ya Follow Me Down (Dylan)
5. Chicken Leg Woman - (well, I want to learn it - cutest blues song I ever heard and I can't find the songwriter, singer, or reference to the song.) "Ah wanna a tuuurkey laig woman, don't wan no chicken laig woman...." What a writer! Heard it on XM radio.

Five favorite toys:
1. Computer
2. Camera
3. Scanner
4. My software
5. the little stuffed dog my youngest grandson gave me when I left Florida last time.

Tag - well one bloggy friend hates it, so ya don't have to. Let's see:
1. Puppy
2. Lorretta
3. Living with Tourettes
4. hattigrace
5. Vicki (do it on comments: for Pete's sake, set up a blog - you have so much to say!!!!
aaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnndd - everyone else that is interested - all you are so interesting I want to know your answers!

Monday, July 31, 2006

Living with Kitty and View from my Picture Window

The piccy's are uploading now in html. Never seen THAT before. The dust bowl is a picture of the new trailer court across the street. For only $1,000 a month, one can live in the dirt in a new trailer.

Now, my trailer, yah, MINE, (I hope)to be is in green green grass, with a paved road, fence, studio in back, and storage with a little patio in a nice street with a cul-de-sac. Currently I live off of a highway -noisy, dirty.

I still haven't heard anything yet on the loan, but I got a counter offer and I'm trying another counter offer. I wanted him to fix the broke things. He doesn't want to. It will cost me to fix broke things, as I am no spring chickie, I can't crawl on top of mobile home, I can't crawl under crawl space. He's let the place go and it needs some work.

Today the long distance went out, and the cell phones, as well as the internet. I wondered if it was terrorism. But now things are back on, maybe it will hold tomorrow and I can get calls out to find out where I stand.

Been crying off and on today, don't know why - maybe because if I buy this place, it will be one more step toward permanency and one more step away from where my heart is yearning to be. Oh, if you are young and reading this, start planning for your retirement NOW!

Top (pic) Kitty is magnificent - but what an odd ball personality - guess when I think about it, I've never met a cat that wasn't an odd ball. My Florida Meowi is my favorite, he's a sweet heart. I miss him too. He's a little, only a wee, neurotic and I was afraid a car ride cross country would really mess him up forever. Black kitty is a big big cat - and pushy. Will eat all the time, anything and everything, including watermelon, avacodos, soy milk, shrimp, spaghetti - and on and on. I have to limit her or she gets sick. When she's limited, she's real pushy. A pushy cat.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Me Mum & Me

What is it with blogspot's picture upload? First I got 6 of the photos, now it won't upload at all.

It rained tonight. I am so thankful. This 90 degree apartment was making me wilt. I don't do well, unless I'm air conditioned.

Returned a while ago from visiting my mother this weekend. I did not want to go - I was having major freakout on Saturday morning.

No one would ever know I freak out because I appear so calm. But I had been through a week of server breakdown followed by four of our desktops, (spygate), followed by a top notch employee that moved on to more money. I couldn't find my keys, I was thinking of all the things I needed to do, like start packing and, well, gas is getting expensive! And I had (have) bills to pay. always a two to three hour ordeal for me.

The litter boxes were beyond foul and it was so hot I was afraid I would be reported for pet abuse if I went off and left Cat.

Anyway, I hid my underwear and bills and headed down the road.

Dinner this time: China Man's. More dread. Pleasant surprise - SUSHI, and CRAB LEGS....and a very excellent buffet. Of course I concentrated on the crab legs, don't get those fellas often in Wyoming. Just me & her. She was tickled I was pigging out because I don't eat much when we are at the "Hometown Buffet." We placed our purses in the chairs and hit the buffet. This really scares me, I am learning the ways of the 2nd phase of elderly. Please someone, if I post a piccy of myself with a perm and one inch short hair, send an assasin.

While we are eating, she wants me to go with her to the Dog Cemetery where she has about 20 of the little (and big) fellers R.I.P., and she wants me to chop the weeds out of the cemetery. It is only 101 degrees outside and I beg off until fall. But I feel guilty; she takes me out to dinner everytime I come over - seems like the least I could do. But just didn't want to risk a heart attack or heat stroke, especially so dog-gone close to a cemetery.

Always when I leave, she tries to give me "stuff." "No, mother, I don't want a case of toilet paper, I think I will be moving soon." No, thanks, I don't need all that Diet Pepsi, I'm off the stuff. She stuffs it in my box anyway. Lots of peaches, and yellow squash - let me tell you, if there is ever a national disaster, her house is the place to head to.

Friday, July 28, 2006


Ok, 5 things in my freezer:

1. Okra
2. Hake
3. Waffles
4. Berries
5. Ice cubes

5 things in my closet

1. lots of bags, I'm a real bag freak - a bag lady
2. my bills, under a suitcase where I hide them from the landlord
3. my underwear, in a suitcase where I hide them from the landlord
4. my clothes
5. my purses

5 things in my car (oh boy)

1. Change
2. CD's
3. A Taco John's Bag
4. Cemetery Flowers I've been hauling around since Memorial Day
5. Hardware = a screwdriver, other tools, and an emergency kit

5 things in my purse/wallet

1. Lots of receipts
2. Lots of pens, pencils
3. Checkbooks
4. Lipstick
5. Broken plastic silverware.........and much, much more

Ok, Blogger friends, now you are tagged!!!!!!!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Luckiest, most blessed mom in the World

This piccy looks a bit stark and lonely - like me.

I wrote a long letter via email to my youngest last night, I was so lonely for them.

This came back to me from my daughter in response to a letter telling her I might be out here two years longer than I planned:

I love you and miss you with all my heart. I know Sagie misses you very much too. But we want what is best for you. You have spent your whole life taking care of us now it's time to care for yourself. Whenever I get to missing you so bad, I tell myself that I am being selfish. Others have lost a parent forever. I am lucky because I can still talk to you, you are still a big part of our lives (just a little further away). I am proud of you for taking initiative towards building a future. It saddens me so much to see elderly patients in the hospital that have nothing. Some of them are in such bad shape financially that they can't afford their meds and end up in the hospital over and over again. Don't worry about disappointing Sage. He is super lucky that you guys were able to have such a close relationship for so long and will again. Some grandkids don't have the opportunity to have such a relationship. We love you so much and will support you 100% in whatever you decide.

With much love and adoration,

Isn't that the best! I love 'em sooooooooooooo much.

Mi Casa or La Casa?

Hmm, posting seemed to bring the blog back. Wonder what that was all about. Found a mobile home on its own lot. It's older, not much room in one bedroom, the other is fine. Closet space at a minimum. It has a neat little studio in the back in which to do art work should I find the time, could even put a kiln there! It has green grass around it, lotsa room for flowers, a single car garage on the side.

Smells like pot now, but surely that can be scrubbed away????? It made my head woozy - I can not only smell drugs, but can "sense" them....being around just the scent always makes me woozy and wacked, I can tell when a person is doing drugs just by walking by them. It spooks people out. Ya think I'm nuts? This has proved out! Years ago when friends were experimenting, it would make them mad because I always knew. Not that I didn't have an experiment or two of my own many many years ago, growing up in the hippy era.

(Did I ever tell you about hitchhiking from Baltimore to the East Village in New York? No? Well I probably won't either.)

Perhaps a good praying over the place and days of good Christian ionizer.....would help.....good kitchen room for cooking - heating costs are a little scary, but I freeze myself up here trying to save money, unknown factor. No one would be stealing my underwear and I would have PRIVACY, yeh! I've been groaning about this place for two years now, but now I'm scared.....

Kitty could play about the yard - the studio has a "cat door" on the side of it.

I see about the financing at noon today. Guess I better hold off the "scared" until I know if I can even get money!

Phone is working, I made the company switch back to my old phone although I had to go through two support techs before one agreed and now it is ringing, taking messages, and seems to be fine. The one that I got through the insurance company for $50.00 was a piece of >>>>>> ya know.


my blog is down my blog is down my blog is down

Monday, July 24, 2006


"Ever since the house burned down, I see the moon more clearly."

Sunday, July 23, 2006


After an extremely stressful week, I decided to "get away." Drove to Saratoga to get a spa pedicure and have a peaceful lunch. Little did I know, as I left my cell phone at work Friday night, how upset the people in my life would be if I had 18 hours of respite from ringing phones. Wow! My mother had even called my boss and lots of people were "on my trail!"

Anyway, oblivious to the chaos caused by my short absence, lunch at this little place on the river was relaxing, the pedicure that I had been wanting to get with my gift certificate for 6 months was timely and wonderful. I wandered through a couple of art galleries, took some photos and was supremely happy for about 3 hours.

The Sagebrush was in bloom and gorgeous and I got in the mood to paint. But when I returned home it was either paint, or try to return calls and soothe ruffled feathers. Why am I such a "people pleaser?" Uhhmmm, oh yah, training.
I have spent a good deal of time in therapy over the years trying to overcome that!

On down the river, tuber after tuber passed by. I wished I could get in with the "tubers" and the ducks and float away for a year and a day - "to the land where the bong trees grow" - how many of you know the Owl and the Pussycat poem?

"The Owl and the Pussycat went to sea in a beautiful pea-green boat. They took some honey and plenty of money wrapped up in a five-pound note."

Where do you find poetry like that nowadays?

Not exactly the Owl and the Pussycat here, but doesn't this look like a hoot? These young men were climbing back aboard after jumping the fence to the restaurant patio and ordering lunch.

This is a little different than lunch on the Gulf where the yachts are docked.

Then I saw miles of snow fence. Newcomers to Wyoming, and there are plenty of them, are dumbfounded by miles and miles of what looks like stadiums for prairie dogs or small antelope.

These fences collect snow and the theory is - that keeps the roads more clear of drifts in the winter.

That's all folks.....going to paint, though its hard to paint in 90 degree weather. Phone hasn't rang once. Folks must still be ticked off.

Oooops no snowfence - well blogspot seems to have trouble putting up photos for several weeks now, guess I was lucky to get three up.

Going to clean up kitchen - a cooler fan seems to have leaked several gallons of water across the floor. Then paint???? Bye.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Groundhog Day

These little folks are not really ground hogs - something out here known as "Prairie Dogs." (Pup, I know you will have really cool names for these guys, gals? too!) I think they are cute. Some people don't like 'em. They shoot 'em or drop bubble gum down their tunnels into their homes (boundary issues - I think so!) (The bubble gum is eaten by the little fellows and it blows up in their tummies and they can't poo and they die a slow agonizing death.) What some people do for fun.

Anyway, back on the subject. Why do I think life is like the movie, "Ground Hog Day?" Ummm, I can't remember.....

Ah, doing the same day over and over and over again. I guess I've had two many deja vu's lately. And I need a vacation back to Florida again. Already.

I used to like doing personnel - but we had to dismiss someone the other day. It was a rough go, and I felt bad, really bad, although the person did deserve it. We aren't in the business of rehab for various compulsive issues, but in the business of running a business without getting lawsuits from offended people. And it wasn't my decision. But the "confidentiality," the high emotions on both sides, the meetings to "decide what to do," all bought me back to my days working in personnel at the City. Sigh. I just wanna go home and be a Nana.

I want to be a housecleaner, a cook, a "nan," a chauffer, a flower garden cultivator. A volunteer at Church. A sewer of wonderful things, a painter of wonderful pictures, and a sculptress of wonderful sculptures. I want to be in my family's life, chaotic as it may be.

Oh yes, I am counting down the world, bye bye.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

San Jose

Typical Tico Breakfast

From the roof top of the Hotel of the Angels....

Looking out of my "Angels" room

"Round the corner in the Courtyard."

Monday, July 17, 2006

Costa Rica

It calls - the mists of rain, the lush, the bodacious, flamboyant colors of nature, food fresh from untainted grounds, calls of birds in the rainforest, the beach with attentive young men who bring drinks with hibiscus flowers gracing the glass and who move the umbrella to keep the worst of the sun at bay. Sand, the sound of the Pacific, mangos plucked from the ground where they fall from trees to be taken home, sliced and eaten with lime and salt.

Oh, sigh.......................

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

PT Cruiser Club

Yeh! Let's start a club. Here is my little Cruiser with my boss, an elected official. (She wanted me to drive her in the parade in the Cruiser.)

So, of course, I think Hattigrace has the coolest of taste! And a convert to top off the coolness of her Cruiser! Ohhhhhhhhh, what a car. Congrats Hattigrace! My sister owns a dapper Taupe Cruiser. I think when my husband's truck drops, I will make him buy one.

The only thing about my Cruiser is - I traded her in. (Oh, sob, more loss.) The Cruiser, not the boss. But she's still my true love. ..the Cruiser. Boy they can haul a lot of stuff! And move into ANY parking space. And go fast! Yes, I got two speeding tickets right after moving to Wyoming. Considering that Haliburtons (big truckers hauling oil & inflammables at 90 mph) leave me in the dust, I began to wonder if drugs were smuggled in Cruisers - why was I getting picked up so much while others roared on at much higher speeds? I was picked up once for 7 miles over the speed limit????? AND ticketed! Could it be the Cruiser? Jealousy? But later time proved out that I am a cop magnet.

I miss her, the Cruiser - she had a malady, a limp, no one could fix, then I had the transmission serviced and I think, but can't prove, that they forgot to put the fluid back in. She froze! Couldn't budge her. After two attempts and several hundreds of dollars, the garage said they had "fixed" her, but she was sick AND limping after that until I said goodbye. Never knew when I would get in her and her transmission would be frozen tight and I could not move her. (She wasn't new when I bought her, and I think she may have been an abused child to begin with, as Cruisers are infamous for being PERFECT.) Getting stalled in the middle of nowhere in snow and below zero weather in Wyoming where cell phones don't work outside of town was not my cup of tea.

I felt bad, as bad as if I had euthanized a pet that consistantly pooped in the carpet and the bed. Didn't mean I didn't love it, just meant I didn't like stepping in and sleeping in poop.

The Buick Lacross - well, it was a heck of a deal, fantastic financing, a demo, but not my style of auto. Old fogies that hang out at the Elks' club drive Buicks out here. Anyway, I got picked up right away in that one. The cop blinded me with his lights as I nudged into the curb. He got out, and shone a flashlight right into my face. Intimidating silence. "Is it against the law to go slow?" I asked. (After two speeding tickets, I'm rather poking along these days.) "You didn't dim your lights quick enough, that's a sign of being drunk, get out of the car." "Officer, I am just going home from a 12 hour Commissioners' meeting, and really, Officer, we were not drinking, you can call ______ and ask." (____________ is also the Assistant Chief of Police as well as County Commissioner. )

Ya'll know what my Commissioner meetings are like, its a wonder I hadn't downed a big bowl of margueritas after the meeting before heading home. Today at a meeting, I was told by one of the Commissioners that I only needed the abilities of a trash collector to do my job, while the other one snickered away. Boy those guys know how to build morale! Thank the good Lord I am making enough money that I can laugh all the way to the bank. Elections are coming. I DO NOT forget!

The copper continued to scold me because I could've made that poor semi-truck wreck. Well, as I said, I'm 6'2" and as I got out of the car, I swayed because I do not do well with heights, mine, or nature's or man-made and because I am clumsy and last, but not least, I was exhausted.

Copper got up real close to me on his tip-toes, I knew he was sniffing. I was starting to come up on a real rebellious attitude, same one that overcame me after being tortured by the TSA. I was to the point of almost daring the dodo to take me to jail. I would call the ACLU from there. Grandmas of the world, unite against discrimination! Anyway, my name dropping was advantageous, so I did not have to go to the Station for an intoxication test.

What is going on in this country? Are old ladies selling drugs or transporting explosives to make their prescription deductibles or for shots of Botox? Do I look like a vulnerable old lady that can be easily hassled? For what? Cookies? The tail-end of my iced Chai? Maybe sitting down I do. WRONG!

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Working the River

Ducks know how to work a river. I did duck watching last weekend. They float, either leisurely or a bit more seriously when looking for food. They know how to work the current, how to flow with it. They stay cool in the summer heat and, by nature of the oil in their bodies and unique feathers, they stay relatively dry as they paddle or float about their environment. They hang around together. They have a weakness for an easy meal as they gather about people hoping for a potato chip or a handout of some kind. They can navigate land well enough to do what they want to do. And, most can fly long distances and even move cross country if they get it in their head to do so.

I think the ducks gave me a lesson in life.

Looking for a home today, to get away from apartment life - the noise, the snooping, the washing of the money down the drain with nothing to show for it when it is time to go. The freedom to keep my windows open if I want, to have a cat or dog or rat or bird, and a flower garden. Or all of these. We'll see what the bank says Monday.

Now, going to fix my hair, iron some clothes, and go to the Governor's dinner and auction. Oh dear. Politics year. I watched Joe Biden on TV last night and had to laugh - are those false teeth or lumieniers? He can work a crowd. Then watched our highest leader speak on TV, has he developed a speech impediment? Ooooh, the lady reporter got a nipping at the ankles. (Hmmm, after this roundup (I believe a harvest from governmental internet snooping) of terrorists, perhaps I don't mind so much being hassled at aiports - oh YES I DO!) But I'm starting to get really p_____ off at terrorists.

Then too, the anniversary of the attacks in London was yesterday.

Yeh. Weekend is here. I like it.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

The River

Thursday is prayer group day. A small but powerful number of us get together and call upon God for His wisdom, His kingdom, and just ask Him for His love to come down and surround us. There are times we feel His presence so powerfully, tears flow and we want to stay forever.

I've found myself wondering where we (humankind) are going with N. Korea thumbing its nose at civility and acting like a bully to the world. I've found myself in fear for all that I've known to be blown to smithereens and what would happen to my grandkids and kids? What will happen to me sitting out here on top of oil, coal, uranium, gas, with unbelievable inflation where a modest two bedroom apt. or trailer in the middle of the dirt costs a $1,000 a month?

In our group, we've received visions individually that we share with one other, hopefully with our limited human knowledge to try to figure out what is happening in the world, in our lives. We've seen rivers, rapid growth, acceleration. I've cursed the wind here, the wind that howls, the wind that blows dirt in your face and house, the wind that cuts, the wind that ruins hair and drys skin like a prune. A pastor gave me a prophetic word not to curse the wind because God is moving in it - moving for change. I still fall back and curse the wind.

Again today, I saw a fast moving river with a headwater where a person stood waiting. In addition, two huge angels stood to either side of the headwater and there was a lever on one side, much like that of a carnival ride. One angel was waiting for instruction to push the lever to start the action that would open the headwater and release the person into the river. The person in the headwater was nervous, somewhat fearful of the "ride" down the river. The word was to pray for courage and willingness to ride the water.

More "words" come in from prophetic websites, "words" from here and there, sermons, books saying that the world, and all that is in it, is changing and changing at an accelerated rate. What does it all mean? I don't know. But in the midst of the mighty blowing wind of change I see angels moving very fast back and forth on the currents of the wind. What are they attending to with such urgency?

We will see...I remember several years ago praying everyday for nine months, "Oh, Lord, bless me indeed, enlarge my territory....," etc. You remember the "Jabez prayer?" I lost my good paying job...down, down the river I plummeted in pain, "failure," and fear, somehow right into art school - a lifelong "wish" and dream. I didn't know how I would pay for it, how I would make it through because I had to work. And I'm "no spring chicken." God took me from semester to semester. It was hard. It was fun. And I learned God knows where He's going and we're going.

Then just at the finish of school, this position opens up out here in this vacant, windswept land. I undertook one of the most difficult journeys of my life. I don't know where I'm going next - maybe home, home to my babies. I just know that sometimes God does not tell us where that river is going because if we could see the rapids on the way to the destination we would jump out and not end up at the place He wants us to be, and His kingdom plans for us would be short circuited.

I want his best, even if it means not feeling so good for a while. I pray, "Dear God, don't leave me behind!"

And I'm not so good on waiting on His timing for the trip or the end of the trip.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Holiday Blues

Back to howlin' about being homesick again. Happens everytime there is a holiday and I'm not home to be with my family.

"At my door the leaves are fallen' - a cold, wild wind is blowin'." "Sweethearts walk by together, and I still miss someone."

Don't know who wrote it, Joan Baez sang it as well as Johnnie Cash -

but here's to my family this 4th of July 2006 without you..........nothing to do but be blue for you.

Friday, June 30, 2006

Bear Story

Received a call from a friend - "Go home and unplug the computer from the surge protector and plug straight into the wall." Well, I already tested the surge protector and it said it was working, but what the heck - might as well give it a try. Sizzle, pop! The computer came on line with a spark, as good as ever, except the sound card is a gonner. Well, better than the mother board!

In the meantime, at work I'm handed a photo of a bear strolling about the cemetery which is close to the middle of town. All we could figure is the fellow was hungry for berries and thirsty for water because it is so dry here. He was properly tranquilized and taken to Serenity Canyon. I hope there are berries for the bear there.

I remember as a child hearing my parents talk about people who told "bear stories," which was a synonym for lying. I suppose it was because bear encounters are a bit unusual so a rousting story of a "bear encounter" could have been a fib - here and there.

Anyway, I'm glad my computer is up, and I'm glad I wasn't in the cemetery this morning hunting for owls! But I sure would like to have had a closeup of this guy. I like bears.
(scroll down this archive for a bear encounter of another kind!)

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Eyes Open

Welcome to Baggs, part of the Little Snake River Valley. I found myself in Baggs as part of a community needs assessment team. I have historical interest. My grandma came out here in a covered wagon and settled outside of Baggs on the Snake River. (Me, I would have enjoyed the scenery and then moved on to more lush surroundings.)

Baggs was a ranching community, now a combination of ranching and and those who are "stayin' alive." The "Boom" is hurting/sometimes helping, most Wyomingites (unless your name is the V.P.) ya know what/who I mean. Haliburton trucks roar down the dirt roads to the rigs, giving the residents respiratory illnesses because of the dirt and dust. Rents in this little town have gone up to $1,000 a month for a small two bedroom - "Nope, no pool, no rec area, no cable, no....." Infrastructures groan in agony. People pray for a grant for a new Water Treatment Plant. Salaries are high, but so is everything else.

Town Hall houses crowded offices trying to keep up with the workers coming to the oil fields. Down the road 20 miles are two huge "man camps" housing oil field workers who work, eat, sleep, work. (I ran into a young boy from Milton today at the working in the fields. He was already injured.) I have a question, what are our kids and grandkids going to do when the fuel is all gone?

The bright side is a beautiful valley rimmed by tall jagged mountains in the mist, green valleys and a wild Platte River and for the most part, sincere, sensible people. Silence, community ties, and a fabulous family-owned Mexican Restaurant, Del Rio are some nice things along with Sopapillas filled with mountains of whipped cream and fresh strawberries!

The town feels isolated from the rest of the County. Services are hard to come by, and many can't afford the money it takes to drive to the County seat for services, food, meager shopping. Wyoming has the distinction of being the first on the list of States that have early childhood drinking. Baggs is no exception, or is child and spousal abuse. Isolation is sweet, but often turns sour and takes its toll. They need services. Jobs are often miles and miles away. Medical care is miles and miles away. I look wistfully at the small community, and think, "Yet, it is a charming community."

The pix is the outside of the Del Rio. The kitchen at the Del Rio has become part of my new series that I don't know what the title is yet.....but a series of kitchens. Maybe ethnic kitchens? Unique kitchens? We shall see what evolves.

(Drat, blogger image function quit working. No kitchen photo, sorry.)


The votes on the painting won out to "leave it alone." Maybe a floating artichoke leaf. Thanks to all who gave suggestions. I took the painting to Adobe Photoshop and cut and pasted and tried all the was grand fun, and maybe I should do a series on those suggestions too, using the same painting, different ideas. FUN!

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Art - e - chokes

Somethin's missin' here. (Besides part of the bottom of the painting). I don't think I should have off-sided it. Any suggestions from all you wonderful creative arty people out there? I think I might paint a design on the bowl. But the empty left corner is what pulls the eye in, rather than the artichokes. Hmmmm?

And the art endorphines work fine every time! I highly recommend it!

Art Block!

Time for another dark doll - a moroseness is trying to overtake me. (She is done with charcoal, and then a photo overlaying that. My grandma's bowls are in the painting, coffee makers from other countries, my favorite book, and a silver box representing promises.)

I've hid out from church today. The weather looks superb - its a balmy 66 degrees this a.m. Poor kitty I think is sick, she has just been lying in her bed since returning from boarding. Tomorrow will take her to the vet.

Sent my grandson's girlfriend some acrylic paints for her birthday - at least I can mentor her that much. She is talented.
I miss my "crew" today, deeply, painfully. I remember all the craft & painting projects with the grandkids. I check the calendar and make out my bills, "OH, when, oh, when can I go back to Florida?" My husband says, "Come on" but has always told me everything will be fine even when its definitely, obviously not. (That only fooled me a few times too many....sorry, honey.) I can't face looking for work again down there. Yoiks, even master's degree jobs advertise out at $24,000. I've almost paid off the awful dental bill he said he would pay off. No, I must keep on until out of debt, retirement income is set as high as possible, and then..........................I will go back and convert the dining room family is currently using for storage to my studio and daybed place.
Guess I'll go get out the oil paints and work on my innocuous bowl of artichokes...somehow I am stuck in art, can't get to it, when I do its fairly uninspired and I feel blah about that too and hate it! Husband knows these art moods - nervous discontendedness, the start of the painting - "Wow its gorgeous, then the middle "it looks like crap," the struggle to finish, and then "hey, it looks purty good!" Well, here goes, I am going to absolutely tank up on caffeine, find some inspiring music and pull out the paint cart! AND, I'm proud of being a masterful colorist - I will produce an awesome bowl of art-i-chokes. The adrenaline will pump, the endorphines too from creating, and I'll be a new person by this afternoon.
Woo hoo.

Friday, June 23, 2006

For All Those Hurtin' Hearts

Two of my "linkies" are hurtin' bad tonight becaue of suicide. This drawing and poem were done by my son, Rod of God, 1963 to - well, he lived 27 years. Here we go, I hope these word send some comfort.

John 12:1

I see you sitting there with tears of sadness in your eyes.
I share your broken heart, I hear your many cries.
I know the haunting pain that pierces you through
When I walked on this earth, I felt it too
Yes, this life is hard, but hear what I have to say
You do not have to hang your head at the end of the day.

It grieves my Spirit when you keep your hurt to yourself.
It tears me right in two when you put my love on a shelf.
Please take my hand, you know that I love you very much.
I long to hold you in my arms and to feel your gentle touch.

I knew you, my child, before you were even born,
For you my Spirit was broken, for you my flesh was torn.
I love you just the same, no matter if you win or fail
Seeing your wonderful face helped me to bear the pounding nail

I didn't give up then when they did those bad things to me
And I won't give up now, I'm going to set you free.
So take hold of my hand, and believe me for the best,
I will always pull you through and give you your rest.

I ask you to hold on, hold on to the very end.
Know that you make me smile, and know that I'm your friend.

(FYI - the Bible reference Rod used is as follows:
"Then, six days before the Passover, Jesus came to Bethany, where Lazarus was who had been dead, whom He had raised from the dead.")

Thursday, June 22, 2006

God's Present

Coming back from Elk Mountain last night, a sunset like I'd never seen in my lifetime unfolded before our eyes.

Rain-laden clouds of apricot, oranges, cerulean blue, grayish purple, white puffs and twirls melting, pulled downward by fresh summer rain into the horizon as a golden ball sank lower and lower.

The mountains in the background were silent witnesses as well as participants in God's lavish evening painting. Wow!

I attempted a digital re-creation as I did not have my camera with me. From now on, where I go, the camera goes.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Buddy & Prince

These are my friends, Buddy and Prince. Begging from me. Their owner lives off of cereal, cigs, and diet pepsi. They know well this plump granny COOKS. They are waiting while I cook. They will get their own dishes of my finished product.

Next, I want to apologize if I offended all dog lovers by my blog on not wanting to Dine with Doggie. It's just my opinion. You can take your dog to any restaurant you want, I just won't be there. It's not that I dislike dogs, my personal preference is that dogs should be dogs and not humans. It is an establishment owner's choice whether to allow dogs to dine, or smokers to smoke. I just know I won't sit down and eat with a bunch of dogs schlupping away at the table next to me anymore than I would sit down next to someone smoking. Just a personal thing here.
I feel I have to explain myself. I have been in European village restaurants while a dignified dog lays quietly at his/her owner's feet. No problem, in fact its quite charming. My main problem is undisciplined dogs and I have never met a housebroken dog. I'm sure some are, I've just never met one. Well, maybe Buddy and Prince are pretty close.

Someone compared dogs to cell phones and said humans do all the things I did not want to think about while eating. I thought that over. My cell phone does not sniff crotches, pee when & where the urge hits, fart in public, etc. If you know humans that are doing the same thing, I would say, change your friends! Unless you're into that sort of thing. Again, its personal preference. And, cell phones are another blog, although cell phones are close to one's ear, completely within one's own body space. We pick up voices, sounds from all around. It's up to us whether we decide to listen to other's conversations or not. Now, I'm for discouraging cell use while driving! The same as I would discourage putting your doggy in a vehicle unrestrained. (I always put Meowi in carrier and seat belt carrier in car.) Safety reasons for people and dogs. Again, more personal preference. We all got 'em.

Then, I'm also a germ freak (watching "Monk" makes me nervous). The latest story from my mother about worms that were hanging out of her dog's butt, her pulling them out, and then a blow by blow description of the worms which she put down the garbage disposal cements my feelings on dining with dogs. No thanks, not in my plate, not close to my plate. Watching doggy licking butt, and then licking food off spoons & plates gave me the desire to run out to buy (or steal from her cupboard) a round of worm meds for myself after a visit to her house.

In contrast to the American view of dogs of elevating the dogs to human status or above, look at other countries! Doggie stew in Asia (no, they are not served doggie stew, they are in it) and extreme neglect in others. I have been known to be the Pied Piper of stray dogs in Costa Rica, skinny dogs with bulging rib bones, sad eyed, desperate dogs who hang around in the street curbs by cafes and grocery stores and who are chased off sidewalks by proprietors because folks in C.R. are put off by begging dogs in public places. My daughter and I and the kids made a trip to the meat market for doggie food which we couldn't find so we settled on bags of crisp, deep fried, warm, pig ears and gathered up the poor mutts which we led away to be fed under a tree, which actions resulted in the scorn and ire of proprietors and the accusation of being crazy Yankee mammas.

Then, we can't get all the people out of New Orleans, but the news is full of stories of plans to get all the pets out. Can't we do both? There are opposites - dogs who are treated like babies, and dogs who are tied to trees out in the yard, come rain, snow, or shine. Owners who spend fortunes on their dogs, while children starve in America and around the world, and owners who refuse to even feed their dogs.

Again, Cat is sitting here by my side, asking me why she isn't even considered in the Dine with the Doggies legislation. "I don't know," I tell her. It's ok for parents to admit they don't know. Cat walks through her litter box and then tries to jump on the table. I grab for the antiseptic wipes as I speak cat language, hissing for her to GET DOWN. A blogland friend has a wonderful idea - set a separate table where the pets dine with each other!!! Splendid idea. Civilize our little critter friends, make a separate area for them where they can enjoy their food and fellowship with one another!

I guess that is one feature of these fuzzy friends of ours that God gave us, they want to do EVERYTHING with us (hmmm, I wonder if married couples were as close to each other as they were to their pets, if less divorces would be the result?). I find that many times when Cat weasels a morsel of human food from me, she doesn't even want it, but hides it away somewhere. She just wants to proved she can have what I have.