Saturday, July 23, 2011

Cry Me A River . . .

Working on this painting for a show called "The Pretenders" - the colors are really much more vibrant......

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Going into Dog Days

Not much to offer anyone, but some hellos, fond thoughts, and a bit of news, not much. Not that much is lacking in life, I am at an overload, my mother fails bit by bit, my time is dedicated to a summer of being a full time - grand-mom and telephone cheerleader to my mother, although I did go out for two weeks, but it wasn't long enough. Funds are at zero and I try not to add worry to my pile of straw, lest it all begin to kindle and burn. Almost reminds me of my single parent days except back then I had quite a few less people telling me how I should be taking care of all these things, while they stand on the sidelines, doing their own thing, and judging how I am doing all of these things. So my mood swings from grouchy to optimistic, a lot depending on the amount of pain I am in, or my exhaustion level, or the nagging that comes my way. I am reminded though, that I am blessed - I can do much more than a lot of people I know my age.

Still also busy with the Gallery and all it entails, and just entered an art show at the "edgiest" gallery in town that is very hard to jury in, and two of my works were chosen and I was quite flattered to even get in an art show with Kreg Yingst - an awesome and well known artist on a national level. I entered the above and one from my morose period, called "Lament."

My calendar is very full almost every day and I need to paint more. But God knows that.
Its hot here - don't know if its any hotter than usual, but it feels like it - many days over 100 F and very humid. I have ceased walking outside - opting for the elliptical, not as often as I should, and continuing on at "Curves" - but it makes me feel better.

The dogs continue to be crazy fun, and the cats have finally accepted them and we have a communal bed, I scratch fleas along with them - it is hard keeping up with dog upkeep - they are NOT like cats, definitely.

So lots more, yet not - - - it 'tis what it 'tis - going to watch the Kim Clement broadcast now.