Friday, January 29, 2010


Cuperation - from the word chicken coop - I've been cooped up, haha! By choice! This is my coop. Where I hatch eggs of imagination, thoughts for art, food planning, reading, praying, napping, ideas for recipes, also a cat habitation - the warm little furry creatures curl close and we both fall asleep. I do these every so often - therefore - the RE before the coop.
If I sound slightly nuts I am. But its ok - just passed a birthday that would make a thirty year old tremble - if a thirty year old even thinks about this decade at all. I didn't, except in terms of my grandma.
Here ah am. A Southerner. Not famous. Not with a good retirement. Yeh, should be counting all the things I am. But I'm tired, going to take another nap - right after this movie -

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Snake Tails

Found a little - well, skinny but very long, snake our cat bit through. I picked him up to dump in garbage, but he was very alive, so I put him in a tupper ware and took him to the park. Once there and exposed to his habitat, he was so quick to move out I couldn't get his picture.
So, here are some pictures of the swamp in the winter time! The snake is somewhere in there!

Monday, January 11, 2010


Perhaps I'm prejudiced but I think this is the cutest dog in the whole world. He's tiny -
I love him - his personality is HUGE and I would steal him if I didn't have a conscience - he's my granddaughter's dog, but all of our darling! Even "H" who does not really care for animals adores him. You should see him in his padded green winter coat. She almost bought him a cowboy hat - but he was too indignant about that, but has agreed to the sweater and the coat because its so cold down here.

I just saw on the news the sea turtles off the Carolina coast were being fished out of the water and thawed out - poor things are freezing! Our temperatures this time of year are usually in the 60's - this is just too weird - of course we are in the conservative Christian demographic and this is absolute proof they think that Global Warming is a farce. I keep stubbornly pointing out that it doesn't hurt to do as God says in the first part of the Bible to be good stewards of the earth at any rate - but the whole concept is political and very polarizing. Oh well - the sun shines, and its pretty - as I drove grandson to school the shore was breathtakingly beautiful! Still as a mirror, and the sun was shining on it.

They say the citrus industry is done for - but "H" found many more oranges on the tree that I missed - we probably have forty - sweet juicy beautiful unfrozen oranges for the winter. At least I grew SOMETHING!

Hope to visit everyone soon - my time is being eaten by an invisible dragon.

Thursday, January 07, 2010

One eyed, one horned flying Purple People Eaters....

We had more oranges than I thought - we were out picking after dark - not smart - resulting in blooding hands, that is sort of somewhere between bleeding and bloody - but lots of delicious sweet oranges. They are amazing this year!!!
The purples fuzzies? Cold feet this year. I wanted the ridculously expensive Ugg boots - but someone said they were very remniscent of Pamela Anderson, which totally frightened me away from Uggs. However, while touring Sears today and returning some Land's End shoes, the cashier offered me free Dearfoam slippers if I applied for a Sears credit card.
Ok, I applied. I got these insane purple people eater feet warmer slippers - sooo yummy comfortable but so completely silly looking! I was approved for credit, but the annual fee was $76 - silly people, I said "No thanks." But still got the free feet slippers/warmers!
There once was a song while I was growing up - "The Flying Purple People Eater" song - by Sheb Wooley. Lord, does that date me! My slippers remind me of that song.
The downtown lights for Christmas are still up - but that's ok, they are beautiful.
Saw the movie BLIND SIDED - was really good but then I love soppy sentimental movies. I do. For a feel good movie, GO!
Enough! :)

Sunday, January 03, 2010

January 3, 2010

Still playing with my new camera. I love pine trees. One of these days I will paint them in a dark night sky from a view of looking up into the sky. These fellows are BIG - when we bought the house - "H" told me to pick out a lot without pine trees. Well, the pine trees looked to not be in the lot - but somehow ended up with three of these big boys. One of which broke during a hurricane and landed on the front part of the house.

Grandson went home from a 4 day visit during which we devoured lots of rice krispy treats - now, I wouldn't think they would be fattening - but those dudes are high in calories, plus grandson likes to put candy sprinkles in them, and then decorate them with canned frosting.

Tomorrow I have to go to the dealership and see if I can get them to fix the lousy steering that my model of car is known for. It started out with a recall not taken care of by dealer before I even bought it, and I wasn't told about it.

I have had two or three "fixes" since then that don't really fix it. I am hoping for the best- like, "sure we'll replace your steering column and assembly and there will be no charge since the car came with that problem." I NEED to hear those words and see that action! They need to quit tightening a screw and sending me home and FIX it! And I've been pricing out tires - they are shot, AND it needs its 50,000 mile transmission servicing. After Christmas wake up call!

Then I'll go visit my friends from Wyoming who are cozy-ing into their own winter place down here.

If you are a Face Booker and find I'm not posting much, I have an odd situation there. Not quite stalking but maybe over interest - or, not sure, but someone may be getting a bit controlling. Or even more than someones. Staying anonymous has its perks, haha.

Still have massive pain problems (especially after trimming bushes in the yard) when I don't take NSAIDS but I'm not supposed to take them.

I looked for jobs for about 2-3 months before Christmas. I've quit looking again. I dunno. Once in a while it hits me - I want to be working. I feel like working. Feel good enough to work. Then sometimes I just physically crash - need a job that wouldn't mind me bringing the work home during the crash times. I can get on a program to re-enter the work force with assistance - but - but - I can't even get into my doctor for a discussion of how I am doing now. Doc Lovely doesn't treat anymore except for his Pygmalion endeavors and I couldn't now afford the treatments even if he was practicing in that area. Now, if I could get 120 pounds overweight and develop diabetes complications, I could probably see a doctor - but not now. Our health care bill as it was last approved does not seem to offer much, but details are very nebulous. I need to find a new primary care doctor, I know. But its a needle in a haystack search. I do know one thing, I need to start getting up in the morning and taking care of business - setting a regular time to paint, and quit drifting, which I've been doing since that flu bug hit. Even if I'm drifting along, at least keep a journal about the drifting!

Gad. G'night everyone. New Year's Resolution - to find things I've lost - like the silver ring I made oldest grandson - the pages for my son's book - and lots of other things! Small house, big black hole somewhere.

Friday, January 01, 2010

The New Year 2010

Well, its New Year's Day! We are still in the monsoon season! Last night we (grandson & I watched Alien Vs. Predator - well, actually I fell asleep about 10 minutes after it started). Then today we went to AVATAR. What a beautiful movie - absolutely beautiful. I wish I could fall asleep and dream I was in that forest. And, of course, extremely tall blue people, long, graceful and cat like including a fierce ability to hiss - I LOVE it! It was lush and beautiful. A little bit of everything for everyone - a love story, a science fiction, a statement for protection of earth and a way of life, redemption -

Took oldest grandson for his 19th birthday to Olive Garden - it was also a nice family time.

Continue to learn new cameras features. Addicted to Farm Town. Being much more restrained with Face Book as some people are becoming far too concerned with what I'm doing.

Looking forward to the year. (I think!)

I had a sad moment today - realized my beautiful 2,500 foot home in Wyoming would be paid off this year! :( That would have been a wonderful thing! But the past is gone - we have today - and the future is open to us.