Sunday, February 12, 2012

Lots of Fun

Well, everyone, I think I've figured out how to get back on here.  Seems like BS took it upon themselves to associate my blog with another email account I haven't used for years.  Oh well, things have been a bit crazy here anyway - I dropped a Droid X in a toilet and it won't work anymore, spilled water in my computer (its covered, fallen in the kitchen floor by stepping in the animals' water, and many more water adventures.

Not been in a lot of art shows lately - just tired and back was bothering me pretty much.  Guess I will succumb to the surgery soon as they get a few things straightened up.  Then this summer maybe I can be dazzling again!

Family is doing fine, thank God - my mother remains fragile in Wyoming, but I can't go against her choices of where and how she wants to live - but finding my health isn't good enough to run back and forth across the country when she needs me.

Anyway!  Just popping in - I don't even know for sure who is blogging anymore - I have lost track of folks - maybe can find ya'll on FB - I need to clean up sidebars on the blog.

I have been on a journaling phase - actually a Museum of Mobile Art project - MOMA - to be finished for exhibition with 35 others in April.  Which is coming soon.  I really need to put out some more work for the Gallery.  Time to do an oil painting - haven't done one of those for a while.

Much love........