Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Organization, Clutter, and Hemingways

What does organization have to do with martini's at Hemingway's? Well - - - I have this personality quirk. I am never at peace to have fun or do something enjoyable like paint or read or play unless "my work is done." The work consists usually of a serene, clean living space. If I have ten thousand errands to run - well, that is not included in my procrastination guilt.
I have tried bigger houses. If they are REALLY big, like the wonderful two story house with walk in attic I lived in in Iowa once, it's easy. But then I did not have much then either. Moving up from a small apartment to this house - I thought I had all the room of a magic kingdom. But, no, it is packed full. Yes, I am frustrated. And I have sorted and dispersed of a lot of STUFF in the last year. But not enough.
Looking at my super organized friend, I realize that her income level allows her to purchase the perfect storage solutions. Aside from that, she tells me she is merciless in getting rid of clutter. Unfortunately the other people that also occupy this space doin't want me messing with their "stuff." Heck, I can barely mess with my own "stuff."
It usually goes like this. I straighten the place up. Someone brings more in and stacks it up - usually it is thrown on the surfaces in the kitchen as the kitchen is the front part of the house. This is a thrice daily cleanup. Every surface in my house is covered with clutter. Some of it useful clutter - there are three categories really - useful clutter that I have no storage for, trash clutter, and in between where one can't really decide what kind of clutter it is.
When I went to Wyoming - I bought a few things and relaxed with a big sigh! No clutter. I created a lovely, sunny restful space. Devoid of people, true - so is the trade off worth it? I don't know. Probably not. But then, my mother, with her generous heart began to get knick knacks, kitchen ware, etc., etc. from the used stores and as lovely as her gifts were, I didn't NEED them, but I have no boundaries so I accepted them. And my "H" began to send me books, etc. Media clutter. My place became another paragon of clutter. Surely there is a self help group somewhere for people who are cluttered to death by love? I'm sure there is some weird psychological thing going on here.
So what do martini's and Hemingway's have to do with this? Escape, wonderful, relaxing, enjoyable escape. And I don't feel a bit guilty after one martini.
So, what I am doing now is closing down this post and uncluttering my study as much as possible, not thinking of what I HAVE to do, but just doing something. Thank you, self, for inspiration to declutter. To the best of my resources anyway.
By the way, Hemingways makes the BEST margarita with Grand Marnier and they are HUGE - and exquisite.
Hemingways is right on the Gulf - soundside, and has a fabulous view - it's large, but intimate, fun, and honors of course, the author, Ernest Hemingway - whose work I love. The food is reasonably priced and exquisite. It was packed as was the Boardwalk from which the Blues were being sung and hundreds of people were out walking around, enjoying the Gulf Coast beauty. Still, we were all aware of the water so cruelly poisoned.
Still, for a while, I forgot about my war with clutter.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Busy but Lazy

My least favorite kind of painting - portrait. I took on this one because I felt as if I had something to learn from her - Lillian Moyer - and I believe I found it - however not satisfied with painting - will go on the wall for staring at until I figure out what is wrong - perhaps someday I'll see her in person and be able to finish it.

Lst night's sunset. It has been raining and raining since the Oil Deluge in the Gulf. Perhaps the sky is mourning - after all, it receives a portion of the ocean and rains it back - who knows. Last nights' was stunning - the picture doesn't do it justice.

Grandson and I went to the Interactive Monkey King exhibit at the Museum of Art. Tuesday afternoons are free, and I was delighted to find out an exhibit of Matisse's books was there, as well as some of Salvador Dali's works. What a treat!

My own monkey king!

In the morning I was greeted by a rainbow. Rainbows have become very meaningful to me this year - I see them everywhere!
Tired today - on the downside of my energy cycles - was flying high, then crashed. Afternoon naps have been yummy. Our 90 F plus temps and humidity have been a bit much, not wanting to go outside and I have yard work today to do, yag. If I were 20 years younger, it would be be but a mere two hours work. "H" has been promising for two months, and he finally got the compost and the mulch and now I'm going on day 4 of thinking if its going to get done, I better get out there. No, I'm not out there. Don't like the thought of dog days of summer beginning in June!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Pets and Miscellaneous

Cat waiting for dinner.
My dog, Guido.

This is a satellite pic of how many oil rigs are in the Gulf of Mexico. Who would've thought!

My daughter's dawg.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Trip to Beach to See for Myself

Looks pristine!

Sifting sand...........

Setting up for cleanup - four semi trucks parked on beach, airconditioned tent set up, and smaller sun covers lined the beach as the workers sifted sand with what looked like kitchen colanders. Shovels full of sand were dumped into the colanders, sifted, and checked for signs of oil invasion.
We were told this particular beach was clean. It was hot - the heat index well over 100 degrees F. My grandson will be working on the cleanup down in Gulf Shores in a plastic hazmat (hazardous materials) suit.
The newspaper today reported that the methane gas emitted from the leakage is very high and potentially dangerous. We are told we can eat fish from areas not banned, if "they aren't coated with oil." I don't think I'll be eating anything from the Gulf for a while. Maybe a long time.
Most of us along the coast are extremely stressed to say the least. The anger is subsided and the danger of hopelessness has set in. The President was here and met with the military and the County Commissioners - however, citizens and the press were banned from the meetings, according to the reports.
I'm trying to assess and see if I have enough energy to volunteer - feeling angry that I wouldn't get paid for British Petroleum's lack of concern for warning signs and resulting mess, yet feeling responsible to do something - none of us asked for it, but its here, so what do we do! Often its not what happens to us that matters in the long run, but what we do in regard to the consequences. I guess I can call and see what happens. It seems difficult sometimes to just get the housework done and meals on the table and take care of myself. Other times I'm on top of the world. The world needs steadiness, reliability, not maybe I can, maybe I can't.
Well, a beautiful sunset outside - like rainbows - it is reminding me that the world is still moving on in its cycles - perhaps with lots more struggle, like our own personal struggles, but we are still moving on.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Upclose Oil Invasion

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I am refusing to use the word "spill" - a spill is a glass of milk, water - not a million gallons per day of a hazardous substance. This is a friend of Chuck's dock and backyard - this is not ON the Gulf - its gone beyond the Gulf.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Pictures of the oil Spill in Gulf Shores Alabama Day 1

This was the first wash up - the ones after this are accumulative - we had some of the most, if not the most beautiful, pristine beaches in the world. Satellite pics confirm layers and layers - some 15 feet thick of oil in the Gulf. Pictures before the spill record numerous dead zones for some years now in the Gulf.

About Town

Downtown Market - Grandson and I like to go on Saturdays for fresh organic locally grown produce, to look at the art, and various craftsmen's creations.

Grandson's 13th birthday.

Hanging out with Romeo Guido. What a sweet pea, gentle, sweet - a good companion.
Soooo tired - daughter and I went on a trip to Huntsville, Alabama. It was a good trip but oh, my, so tired. Going to take a nap so I can cook supper!

Friday, June 04, 2010

The Embrace

Today I realized something. I am afraid at times. Today I throw away the stories I have told myself about growing old. They are lies of fear.

The new possibility I invent starting today is that of embracing the rest of my life.

In celebration, I have hula hooped in the middle of Toys R Us.

Tonight I climbed to the top of the Jungle Gym at the park and took a picture of the sunset. I am 65 and I climbed that sucker! With ease. Carefully, of course.
Tonight I research for the next painting and go deep into the spirit world to seek what I need to know of a woman's history. Yesterday I made a marketing plan. I am focused and unafraid.
The evil blackness floating in our Gulf will be a flag to the world to stop being stupid and blind and to open the world's eyes to alternative means of energy that is renewable and clean.
New possibilities.

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Latest Painting

For those who aren't Facebookin' it, here is the latest painting I've finished. I've named him Chicken Bone George, however, thanks to a perceptive friend, I've realized there is a lot more to roosters than their looks! I would share all of the meanings of a rooster, but for quite a few months Blogspot won't let me cut and paste anything!

Not much else news - oh, yes there is. April, May, and June - a plethora of birthdays, Mothers' Day and Fathers' Day. I am buying presents galore this time of year. Or, it seems like it anyway.

The last two years, our dry cooler spring season has disappeared in favor of hot humid weather which heretofor usually appeared around the middly of July through September. So it is rain and more rain.

Also, I've joined "Curves" - a franchise with weight resistance machines that puts you through a workout in 1/2 hour. My back was spasming again and always the numb feet, so I thought, "Well, I've done everything else, why not?" So three times a week, I go for a vigorous sweaty workout and I LOVE it! In fact am going there in a few minutes. It did help and a side benefit is my body is firming up and waist reappearing. After age 40, it is hard to keep a waist, I've found - unless one is a smoker and smoking is not an option for me because of health issues although I love it so.

What else is new? The garden is growing nicely - except for the tomatoes out back. I definitely need those square foot garden spaces that we have "been going to build" for two years now to get any produce!

Oil Spill - silly term that is. Very serious still - some estimates of 1,000,000 gallons per day spewing into the oceans, Gulf of Mexico. Many jobs dependent on tourism and fishing are lost, gone. Scientists are saying that accumulated gasses from the oil that is deeper under water is very toxic, and people along the coast in Louisiana reporting coughs and nausea. There is a reason the cleanup workers are trained in Hazardous Materials and suited up. I'm glad my grandson was not able to take the job because of school. It doesn't pay particularly well to risk one's health - $12.00 an hour, with a requirement to work 80 hours per week.

Gloomy predictions of hurricane hitting this area, could push the oil up into the bayous, marshes, waterways, shorelines. Yet, the government shaved quite a bit off the mandatory evacuation map leaving more people and homes at risk. My question is, what about methane filled water in a 20 foot hurricane surge and 120-150 mph winds coming on shore, breaking gas lines - BOOM - huge fires! Whole subdivisions and lines and lines of condos on shore burning down. Worst case scenario? Yes - but isn't this oil spill with no idea of how to stop it or clean it up really, a worst case scenario? It is!

Ok, folks, I'm off to Curves - have a good day whereever you are - but remember the Gulf, please - many predictions are that this could extend clear to the Caribbean - some of those islands are perpendicular to Central America - this is huge and no end in sight!

School out the end of this week, I am excited to spend time with grandson!

My organizing, cleaning has slowed - but I feel renewed energy to begin again. "H" is going to have a storage unit for canvases built for me which will aleviate my angst in the art studio/study. Yay, hurry!