Saturday, October 30, 2010

Mollybon - she's up!!!!!

It's official, folks! Now all we have to do is get a proper domain name, but she's done - The Mollybon Website. What fun, I will miss working on it. Perhaps a site will come along this year now and then! And the cool thing was working with someone in another country, the owner of the property - the internet is a marvel sometimes.

Next good news is that I have been accepted into the Blue Morning Gallery on Pensacola's main street, downtown! Only the charcoals so far, but its an open door now. So now I have to get busy and produce - I have been at a standstill since the plumbing flood, grandson's volunteering me for a pillow project for a class, planning the "Paint the World with Hope and Healing event," the website, and getting out there and marketing everything. It's been a challenge for a basically shy person.

And I have conquered the naysayer prediction that after 60, you can't break into the art market - yahoooooo, yes, yes, you can do what you want after sixty!!!!! Hear that, all my young friends, you can do it! Whatever your heart's dream is, keep dreaming and doing.

The weather is cold here in the morning now - by that I mean mid sixties (F.) - for Florida its cold. Much social activity has been going on as well. My personality would much rather hunker down at home to putter and paint. Tonight some close friends have a Halloween party, I'll go for a while, but probably not in costume. The passing away of our Tim has put a damper on our festivities. The Blue Angels will fly this coming week in a show, and his family is gathering up here to watch - I may go, though I've been able to pretty much see the show as they practice over my roof!

The kids will "trick or treat" tomorrow night. Grandson and I have gone to the store for candy. I usually try to give out something else and don't know what got into me - instead of pencils, little booklets, etc., I bought sacks of candy - it will be hard to stay out of and not eat!

So have a wonderful, save, and joyful Halloween - be careful out there - I have a wild story about being out with my daughters and having had something put in my drink. But another time!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Lately Happinens

I won our LBL painting - one from our every 3 -4 mo slumber party paintathons - painting contains a piece of each woman, er, from each woman, er created by each woman. There, got it.

Luck to get this collection of bird houses. i need to find Nevermore and get busy with some sketches - charcoal!

My daughter has been visiting almost every weekend - cool! Love it.

Other daughter displays her new harido!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

This is Keeping me Busy - - - - -

November 20, 2010

Paint the World with Hope and Healing – Sketching and Painting Workshop

November 20, 2010
Paint the World with Hope and Healing
Dolce Vita – 309 S. Reus, Pensacola, Florida 32502. Join us for an amazing day of insight and inspiration, sketching and painting. Plus an elegant evening of artistry. It's an event you won't want to miss!
Join us for a unique day long workshop with a guest author as speaker. A local artist will facilitate art sessions. No experience needed! Stay for participants and invitational evening art show with silent auction, portion of proceeds to go to benefit ongoing Gulf Coast healing, monitoring, and cleanup.
For more information and to register go to events page on dianakayeart or
More information about art show and call to artists at Paint Hope.
Or contact Diana Obe at 850-380-5083

I am determined to make a difference in the world. A little bit anyway. :)

Sunday, October 17, 2010

So Into Myself

Yep, I admit it. For a while I took so many pictures of myself that I appeared obssessed. I was, losing weight and all and feeling like a new person. That has worn off, a little of the weight has come back and of course that has me freaking, but it offsets because I'm working out at Curves - and its worked (doctor suggested) - my heart is at regular rhythm most of time, am stronger, so assuming the heart muscle as well is stronger. No longer take many pictures. Won't be long and I'll hit the big 66. I look in the mirror - I look more like an ol' Indian lady everyday. Still have the vanity of having my hair striped - and my daughters dress me, so sometimes look like an aged 30 year old, some weird combination.

Life - gets better and better in my head. Yah. It does. There is hope - wooo hoooooo! I probably live a far more exciting life than ever - and fulfilling, art is blooming, I am more able to be who I am without fear of what people will think of me. Way less perfectionistic, though sometimes anxiety haunts me some.

Winter is comin' on - and I think back on last winter, my routines, my long nights on Farmtown, my dear friend that I email with everyday - other friends - family - getting dark too early, still battle with weight, learning to love better - hopefully. What will this winter bring? I don't know. It's been a weird year, a tough year. Friends losing family members. My own mother just had an episode of 3 blood clots in her lungs - good thing she had a reaction to a flu shot, though it tore her up, at least they found the clots before they killed her. Whew. My girls struggling, grandkids struggling. But then that's life. It's harder though to "make it" when an acorn squash costs $4.00 - and radishes almost a couple of bucks - etc. etc. And I'm not even in Europe where prices are worse than they are here.

Anyway, we live - we live a day at a time. And hopefully our plans don't fall apart - too often that is. I remember back, one job I hoped to retire from - wall street went - my retirement totally disappeared. I tried again. Boom - at least I got out with my contribution. "H" is not a planner - I've made my own way, and never enough left over to stash. Or maybe I've been too generous - no, that's not it, there is a principle, you reap and you sow. No seeds, no reaping.

So - as we slide toward November, I'm thinking - what will happen next year? We don't know. I hope it brings more strength because I don't think it will bring more peace.

Well, moving on - I have to have about 15 pictures to enter jurying for acceptance into a really cool gallery on the best street in town! I'm so excited. Have moved mostly to charcoals lately...
need to paint, if I could get everything done, I would, start. Time counts down.

Thursday, October 14, 2010


Guido and I went walking the other day - I had to take some time for solitude and getting to nature before losing it. There has been much going on - and I've been all over the map, literally and figuratively!

First a report, as it comes to my ears and eyes through various sources: The oil lies deep under the water, the dispersants keep it pushed down - and the story is that BP thinks out of sight, out of mind, and that might be partially true. However, a lot of us fear swimming in the Gulf now, not sure of what the effects might be on our bodies now and years down the road. The gulls still hold their vigils of looking out to sea even though they are back from where ever they went before the disaster.

"H" is getting news of some of the employees getting their checks for the loss of wages they've experienced, so he has decided he is going to file his - I pray we get reimbursed - we need it!

Right before I was to go to Landmark Forum in Orlando, we had a plumbing problem and since it was on the other side of the house, I didn't find it until two and one half rooms plus a hallway were flooded. I worked 24/7 trying to clean it up with a borrowed "wet vac", and couldn't so had to call a recovery company and our insurance company. Furniture is ruined - sheetrock - vinyl, baseboards - so I left for Orlando while the drying machines were on, and then when I came back, started in on the paperwork, and putting things back where they were. We will replace damaged furniture when the insurance check comes minus a huge deductible.

The Forum was fabulous, far more than its website indicates. A friend who went through it insisted I go, and I finally did. It is truly life changing and I hope I can complete all the series (3). Anyone experience a dozen train tracks of thoughts running through their heads? Can you imagine being free of them? Yep. It works. The forum facilitates in three long (13 hour) days and one evening, a freedom and improvement in relationship that one can't imagine unless experiencing it. And that's just the first in the series.

But anyway, back home, and planning an event - Paint the World with Hope and Healing, which I need 30 participants. I have five - and I'm shaking in my boots, I admit. Also found a gallery I want my art in and it will take a miracle to get in, I'm pretty much accepted, but the space comes at a small price, but with my current income a small price is a big one. Right on main street - and window exposure, shows - I want in before the Christmas season.

In the meantime, my mother in Wyoming goes into the hospital with several pulmonary emobli, and suspected pneumonia. We believe she had a reaction from a flu shot which may have saved her life as they found the clots. But she seems to be doing well and I don't have to run out there.

Then a dear friend, Hattigrace's husband passed away - you can find her on Facebook - she has posted her journey of grief. We were all shocked, even though Tim had experienced a stroke we had no idea he was fading as he was. He was just over here at noon time the day he passed away. He went home after running errands and went to bed and when Hattigrace got home from work she found him.

In fact, I stayed with Tim's daughter in Orlando. She's a beautiful strong amazing generous woman.

So many people have lost loved ones recently - its just been a very strange time.

That sort of catches me up - I need to visit you all - and need to start painting again, and to make the Event work - I have a speaker coming from Wyoming - it will be so much fun - will be a morning where she talks on "The Artistry of God"(an environmental theme - she is author of "Green your Church") - and we do sketches while she speaks and then in the afternoon the participants will create a painting, with assistance if needed, and in the evening their will be an art show for the participants and also guest artists. Again, I'm excited, but scared. Having fun networking out in the community and found the fabulous gallery in which I would love to share my own work continually.

But....more later. I want to visit ya'll before I let the cats in and have to do animal duty and before "H" gets up.