Sunday, November 20, 2011

Pre Thanksgving Update

The photo has nothing to do with my post - other than it was a startling surprise of beauty in a very intense place I'm in.

Couldn't get on Blogspot - somehow my account got associated with another email address that I never use. Been weird lately. Went to get my drivers license renewed that I have had in Florida for 22 years and they wanted all my marriage and divorce certificates before they will reissue. Why I don't know. They have passed some very restrictive voting laws here and I suspect it may be a part of that. This is a bit of a problem - because it goes back 49 years, and I don't remember WHERE I was married or divorced for some of them or the full legal names of who I was married to. And at least one of the dudes is dead I found out after an internet search. Yeah, sort of dysfunctional, but that was a long time ago.

Seems like some blatant discrimination against women to me! My advice - if you get married, keep YOUR name! I mean, who in heavens' sake started the idea that we should lose this portion of our identity when we married anyway! I've already written my Senator asking him what he would suggest.

Have had bronchitis for five weeks! Is now improving. Then got some MRI's - most of you (if any of my readers are left out there) know I've had back surgery - and need more - extensive on lower back; well, I was told that I am at the "threshold" of permanent nerve damage. It's been fabulous, because I could barely walk when I returned to Florida and the pain has decreased so much and my mobility increased until the last few months that I thought perhaps it had healed itself. So I am surgeon shopping. Don't want to - but.

I think oldest grandson, youngest, and my youngest daughter are coming for Thanksgiving. Just getting my strength back, so will not be extensive cooking - but being with family is enough.

Hope all of you have a wonderful Holiday!!!!!