Friday, November 03, 2006

Celebration of Life

Several folks honored me by sharing their stories of loss of pre-born children. And a friend's daughter just lost her unborn infant.
The sharing of pain and love got me thinking. What if, what if....what if our gone away children were sent here to show us what powerful, dizzy-ing, estatic, privileged, heart expanding, and, yes, painful love resides within us? The power that keeps humankind going. The power that elevates us to our human level? Then....could it be that animals feel such love for their offspring? Sometimes I think not, when I see mamma zebras run off to save themselves while baby is attacked by a big cat. But animals care tenderly for young. I don't know. Life is really a mystery. But I do know the love we feel for the miracle growing in, and then out of, of our own body.

I know that when Rod passed away, we arrived at the funeral home, and I screamed out at God, "You better talk to me, and talk to me, NOW!" (I wanted a darn good reason for this!) And on another plane, the world rolled back and I could peer into heaven, and Rod was there in a green, green meadow with dozens and dozens of children of all ages. They were all looking at him, and he was smiling, looking about uttering his favorite phrase, "Far out!"

I often wonder if we all get to heaven as buff 20 year olds. I think not. But, do chidren grow up in heaven? Do us older folks get to be just somewhat buff? (Please, dear Lord!) Do animals go to heaven? On that one, I think yes. Rod always said that Jesus is returning to earth on a white horse - betcha that horse came right out of the meadows of heaven! And perhaps our dogs, our cats, and other pets join that crowd there too. I mean, little boys gotta have puppies!

Love. I think there is some very awesome special love up there that children go on to experience, those children that were loved and left earth, and then especially for those that didn't know that kind of love that is a part of God when they were on earth!