Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Awesome pictures

Viewers in Afghanistan

My sister sent me a link to some of the most awesome pictures of the innauguration of our new President that I couldn't resist sharing with those who might be interested.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Welcoming the Sun

Haven't slowed down except to wait in the warm sun at grandson's school with my audio book waiting for him to get out.

It's a balmy 73 degrees F and the birds are happy - so happy and I'm feeling a deep quiet passion as this sun soaks me in its warmth....

I'm regaining a lost art, left behind many, many years ago. That of sitting. Being grounded, bare feet on ground feeling blades of grass, hearing nature, trees I finally slowing the mad race of life?

Sitting in the sun on the porch listening to birds talking - don't know what they are saying but is giving me great peace....kitty sitting at my feet (probably wishing she had one for a snack) - - contemplating stages of life and ebb and flow while practicing letting past go.....ah ha - she has just spied a bird and is lumbering off after it - poor thing has an eating disorder and is rather portly.

Thanks for sharing my golden moment. Now time to fix grandson dinner and get him off to Boy Scouts - I have to stay in there with him, that will be interesting.

Take heart, I think the birds are saying - "Soon, soon, let's gather and head north!" I shopped for bathing suits over the internet today - - - thinking of the beach - - -

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Gimme Your Money

The latest beggar:

Citigroup, recipient of another $45 billion, made the opposite call. While trying to keep a low profile, the company is still fielding an army of Washington lobbyists working on a host of issues, including the bailout. In the fourth quarter, it spent $1.77 million on lobbying fees, according to its lobbyists’ filings.

These banks are griping my butt. Yep, crude language, but DANG! So far no one has proved that the last "bailout" using our tax dollars benefited any hurting homeowner. In fact, we are being told that the banks don't know where the money went, that their accounting systems just absorbed the money. Other reports include executive bonuses and offices being remodeled. That makes me mad. Now, $1.77 million of lobbyist fees? Fightin' mad. So I'm writing anyone that goes to Washington that I can find email addresses for.

Yep, I am.

Next, I am not sure about appointment of Geitner to oversee our tax system - not when he makes "innocent mistakes" - forgets to report wages he paid to housekeepers and forgets to pay his own taxes for four years. I really was hoping for someone who could count better than me.

Ah well.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Week of a Wild "Ride"

We had over 125 oranges from our orange tree - incredibly sweet and juicy!!!! "H" is culturing seeds and planning for an orange grove in the back yard. After I have stopped laughing, I am thinking of the scent of all those orange blossoms in the spring - and there is a farmers' market downtown year round....hmmmmmm.....

The problem with oranges - they need to be sprayed - the birds will peck at them, then the injured skins darken - doesn't hurt the inside fruit, but the aesthetics are then gone - and I have yet to find out if a safe, organic spray exists. I will take my dark skin losses if not.


What an exhausting week. A neighbor had surgery so I watched the children - up at 5 a.m. after going to bed at midnight....however, the upside was that these kids are a pleasure - it was a flashback to the past as I loaded them in car seats, buckled, took my grandson to school, fixed meals, answered questions - I like to watch kids - pre adults in action! The smallest boy is art in action - what verbal skills and thought patterns. The little girl is incredible as well - I love to see her observations - she's an artist and gets them on paper. The older child, age 9, is incredibly well trained and sweet. Grandson, well, he's like no other....he's taken to wearing a top hat everywhere. Doesn't care what people think. That's cool - to a point. Depends.


Then - at 2 a.m. the next morning - arise - after taking grandson home and getting him to bed at other home - travel to Mobile for granddaughter's surgery. The rods are out of her back, she was up already, although in pain, but did not seem to have the shoulder dropping foward or her head tilting to the left. I so hope this is the answer to all the pain she had been living with. Now she needs to get caught up in school, but she's super smart, she can do it. Life, is constantly ever so interesting and often demanding.


Today I work on some "self-care" - "H" is off for four days so hopefully we can find some "us" care as well. A lack of that for years was part of the downhill road we traveled relationally for so long. Cats are demanding some cat care. Psycho is lying on my arm - no, its not love - he is enjoying the heat from the computer - but with his little pink toes and body warmth, he melts my heart too.


Have been given a gift of a TomTom - so will try to figure out how to use it! I had put one of those up there as a luxury like a diamond ring, or mega huge TV screen, or some other what I consider frivolous thing - a boob job - lol - for a long time I would not use a cell phone but then kids talked me into one - and I panic if I go out the door and don't have it - so do the kids - they lose track of an on-call babysitter - uhh - hhhhmmmm - perhaps I should pursue a nanny job - no, don't want loving kids to be part of a "job." Don't get me wrong, I love them. I just need to learn to balance it, my life, that is. Balance is the key to living life successfully I think.

On to the day...............

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Innauguration Day

(photo from AOL)

Today was supposed to go to Mobile, but that fell apart, so I am watching inauguration festivities. What a momentous day in American History! In the not so far distance of history, folks with the skin color of our first family were slaves of white skinned people. They couldn't eat or drink where white people ate or drank and everyone knows the history of the injustices and cruelty that was perpetrated by our nation upon a race of people. Today an Afro-American will be our new President of the United States of America.

Around the White House appears to be a joyous celebration! I can't help but join in the emotions, the tears of joy and relief that so many are feeling. These feelings aren't just for the joy that prejudice has been defeated a blow, but because I believe this incredible couple, Barack and Michelle Obama, will be up to a truly daunting job.

I had my doubts two years ago, but slowly and surely this dynamic young family has won me over. (I am now watching two very beautiful young girls come down the steps on the way to the speech area looking so very self-assured.) I will research anything that captures me to the bare atoms and yet inside these atoms. I, personally, am satisfied. No, I don't expect walking on water. I do expect and believe that we have one of the best leaders we could ever have for "such a time as this." At any rate, a President that is not afraid to cry on national TV has my heart, all the way.

The past living presidents and a man we should never have let go as President, Al Gore, come down the steps looking wonderful. Ted Kennedy looks better than he ever has despite his recent illnesses. Barbara and George Bush look like they've been at a spa - they must be SO relieved!

Fashion - ah, a new day in the White House. Michelle looks like a queen in her goldish green matching dress and coat. The last time I saw her on TV, she had on a gorgeous bright red dress. Hillary Clinton even had on an electric blue coat...ah, like a coat I have been swooning for.

The main part is over - Obama's speech was awesome - I feel an era of depression, discouragement, and cynicism is over for the U.S. It is my hope that we will join together to work with an amazing leader to bring our beloved country to a standard where we will be proud once again.

Saturday, January 17, 2009


I may have used this image before, but if I have, sorry. Things have been a bit wild. All to do with family. Precious they be.

I went to Mobile to see M. and kids before granddaughter has surgery this coming Thursday to get rods removed from her back, so my posting, etc., might be rather skimpy until its over and things settle back down as we will be going back down there this coming week. I have to switch out magnetics from grandson's bed and make granddaughter a healing nest so she can heal more quickly. I may even download the series ("Twighlight") and loan her my Zune for recovery. She probably won't feel like doing hardly anything for a while.

Have also stuck some business calls and demonstrations in between as well as visited my doctor Lovely. I have tried to get into regular doc for a very painful lump on the side of my hand and he wanted to refer me to orthopedic doctor and that seemed to die on the vine, so I'll put that on hold until the surgery is out of the way.

Started being rigid on body wellness program going for those last pounds to leave my body. It'll be a challenge with all that is going on.

It is soooo cold here for Florida - 20 degree F. last night - and I left my coat in Mobile, darn. I'm digging out some warm sweaters - and layers - "H" and I are going to see Clint Eastwood's new movie tonight since we are childless. Youngest grandchild came after school yesterday until this a.m. I tried a new recipe for beignets today and it worked!!!! Here it is:

One can of buttermilk biscuits (easy, huh?)
Divide in half, roll out halves, cut in four sections like a pie
Drop in hot oil (I used olive oil) and fry until done - I found I had to turn down the heat and fry slowly to get the inside done -
Drain on paper towels and then sprinkle with powdered sugar - -

then.... put on some Zydeco and pretend you are in New Orleans for a little while! No, I didn't eat any - only a bite to see if this shortcut beignet thing worked - it does!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Read to Rev and Read to Sleep

A new discovery:

I love to exercise, but hate it because I get really bored. Something Doc "Lovely" had recommended was to use the time to study, "read," and improve yourself mentally as well. He recommended Not being a person of great patience when it comes to time matters, I've never enjoyed listening to someone read - its just too slow, so I haven't followed through until yesterday. Being able to do something while reading sounded just too fun!

Yesterday, I signed up on the site and downloaded the recommended book, a collaborative effort by a different author for each chapter, "The Chopin Manuscript." So far, it has been attention grabbing, not as disjointed as it could be with a different author for each chapter. I love collaborative art pieces, so why not a book? So, I am tolerating the pace, and even finding some relaxation in it.

I also downloaded a book of Cormac McCarthy's and that one is next. Since seeing No Country for Old Men, I've been intrigued by the author. Perhaps I will be able to pursue some contemporary writers - and exercise more at the same time.

I let my self be "read to sleep" last night.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Be Careful!!!

Be careful out there. A friend just dropped by today and his face looked like hamburger.

Our economy here is so bad, that crime is now rampant. Two friends who have stopped for gasoline after dark at mini-marts have been assaulted and robbed - in the presence of plenty of other people! People too afraid to intervene.

There have been shootings at the gas places almost every night as well. One friend was hit in the face with a baseball bat.

We are going back to survival mode. Remembering to: Keep doors locked and be careful when we go out. Don't leave purse or packages on the car seat while filling up with gas - carry something small to hold cash, etc. that's not obvious. Keep open eyes to what is going on around you. Because of my height I forget to have a healthy fear and am not as cautious as I should be. Don't mean to be an alarmist, but these incidents were just "too close to home." A while back it was a rash of home invasions. We have had a murder every day during and since the holidays - and the County's population is only one million spread over a big distance - we are not a hugely dense population area.

Be alert when out, keep locked doors when inside.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009


Our President Elect, Obama, is muttering something very scary - about our social security benefits and medicare. The word the news is using, and I hope Obama is not using is "ENTITLEMENT PROGRAM"

A legal definition of Entitlement Program is: A federal program that guarantees a certain level of benefits to persons or other entities who meet requirements set by law, such as Social Security, farm price supports or unemployment benefits. It thus leaves no discretion with Congress on how much mo.....The legal term, however, carries no value judgment: it simply denotes a right granted. For example in the United States of America, social security is an entitlement program.[1]

Now, I'm not quite sure I understand this. A right granted to receive back our own money?

We pay a hefty sum of our earnings throughout our working lives into Social Security and Medicare with the expectation we will get this back in monthly payments or services at the end of our lives. Should we be "entitled" to receive these payments back - of course we should - we have already paid our federal income tax in addition to our Social Security and Medicare payments.

The government has "borrowed" all our money that we entrusted to them for our old age "security program," so, of course government doesn't have the money to make future actual payments to the retirees of baby boomer age and elders.

Perhaps the government of the U.S. is adopting this translation of "Entitlement":

In clinical psychology and psychiatry, an unrealistic, exaggerated, or rigidly held sense of entitlement may be considered a symptom of Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

So when the government doesn't like things what do they do, change the law? Pur current President had quite a push for a while that we should be changing the program and place these contributions toward our retirement Social Security program into the stock market. Boy, that would have been a fine disaster for people who are retiring right now and in the future, would it?

Entitlement is a guarantee of access to benefits because of rights, or by agreement through law. It also refers, in a more casual sense to someone's belief that one is deserving of some particular reward or benefit.[1] It is often used as a pejorative term in popular parlance (i.e. a 'sense of entitlement').

How terribly cocky and presumptive of me, to think I would get back the funds I contributed all my life to these programs - yes, I confess, I do have a sense of entitlement -

I guess what our President Elect's exact plans will be remain to be seen. I will only say this: Obama, you said you knew what the common man goes through in trying to survive - don't let the nation's elderly population disappear into even worse poverty (granted, a few lucky or well planned people who have had no terrible life disasters still have their 401K's and savings left to rely on - but it doesn't take much to rob us of those nest eggs - that was the purpose of Social Security and Medicare - to provide a cushion in case of a failing economy!!!!!

Government can use our money to bail out banks who don't know how to manage their businesses - and then blandly sit back when the banks tell them that they just can't tell them where the money went - "into the pot" some said. I hope when Obama takes office he lets us have our own money - no more bank give aways, no stealing it for other uses - !

Meet "H"

Ah, back to life! Exhaustion is gone - head feels clear. I've cleaned kitchen this a.m., done two loads of laundry, searched high and low for some SD cards I bought (didn't find) and next, I'm going to get dressed and get on with the rest of the day's activities.

"H" has joined me on Facebook because we have tons of alumni and friends that view us as an "us" rather than just me spreading the news. We'll see how a man of few words negotiates Facebook land. I think he'll have fun. We spent part of the morning getting him up and running. Sooooooooo - he is being formally introduced today on blogspot as well. The bird in the background is grandson's toy - I'm really into parrots right now, so I've recycled him into living room deco.

Temple is organized now for coming year - all I have to do is do it. By "Temple" I mean the body that houses my hyperactive brain, my soul, my heart, and my spirit and other odds and ends. I promised Temple I would do good by it this year and quit forgetting that it is an integral part of me.

Next, I need to make a plan for my business goals, and family goals. We've already made plans for a trip to Biloxi to the Hard Rock Hotel for our March anniversary. I think this will be the first time in 35 years of marriage that we have celebrated our anniversary. Has this been a year of paradigm shifts for us? Yes. Definitely yes.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Day Two of Exhaustion

Woo hoo - what a Christmas. I am still exhuasted. Think I've picked up a wee bug - chest hurts, coughing a bit and experiencing the ol' I can't move my body thing.

The big shiny thing? Oh, it's a Christmas present from "H." I call it "The Hershey." That's because it is the size of a giant Hershey chocolate bar. It's actually a super size TV remote. This is supposed to be some king of funny joke. Or is it a sublime message that "H" is tired of tearing the bedroom apart looking for the remote to the TV? Oh, his mysterious ways of communicating. Just joking - everyone, including me got a big laugh about it - AND, guess what? It is just down right handy - - I haven't lost it, not once. The only bad thing is - - - I keep thinking of chocolate Hershey bars.

Goal today - go to Walmart - check out sales on ornaments. Come home. Make plans to accomplish what I want to do this year. A road map to resolution! Revolutionary resolutions!

Then maybe climb back in bed - finished the John Grisham book, "The Painted House" that is lying across my belly in the photo. I hope to finish "The Shack" this evening.

Maybe I'll be energetic tomorrow.

Friday, January 02, 2009


Ahhhhhhhhh - after Christmas holidays zombie-ism has attacked me. I am almost comatose today. I worked six hours cleaning the kitchen yesterday, much of it on my hands and knees on the floor working on baseboards, floor, cabinets - microwave got it too, but this morning when I opened it and found that someone's tomato based concoction exploded and they had walked away leaving the next person to clean it up, I wanted to "rampage." But the rest is clean. Anyway for the next few days. Bathrooms are next, and the plans for living lay stretched out in front of me like an impossible triathlon.

Strength will come back - my toes cry for a pedicure - a facial would be nice too - I heard a rumor that zombie-ism can be reversed with the right kind of pampering. Or at least if I perked up a tiny bit I would possibly find myself appealing to another zombie who would love to rampage......when my strength comes back.