Saturday, May 30, 2009


Mostly I champion children, but wanton killing and torture of animals is high on my list of things to be eliminated on this earth along with child abuse.

Here are some sad videos - I've written my elected officials when I can. I guess they just passed a law allowing loaded guns to include rifles in National Parks - now why would one want to carry rifles into National Parks? Or any loaded gun for that matter. Very scary.

A loaded rifle is considered personal protection? National Parks have a VERY low level of crime. Or are loaded rifles better for poaching which is decimating the protected species in National Parks. That and maybe kidnapping and rape are the only reasons I could think of to take a loaded rifle to a national park. Now will we have wars in the national parks between criminals and campers, park rangers and poachers?

At least some of the people are truthful about why they are killing in this video - the "thrill" of killing a predator - but what to do when mankind is the predator?

Another reason I wasn't popular in Wyoming - my idea of fun does not extend to killing creatures. Yeh, I know all the jargon - protection of herds, like elk spread brucillosis, yeh sure. Cattle don't carry diseases? Coyotes are more into rabbits - not a prize ram - they have been known to take a sick sheep. But then so have pet dogs. I had a cousin who laid in the wreckage of a plane way too long when it went out shooting coyotes from the air. Hunting from the air can be dangerous to humans, and as the shooting of his friend by ex VP Cheney indicates hunting from the ground can also be dangerous. Some people's idea of fun!

One day while driving across town, I saw a wounded pelican in the intersection. Some people were actually trying to run over the bird, while (in the minority)a couple of people had stopped in the bedlam to rescue the bird.

I just do not understand the mentality of killing for fun. Hunting and eating the meat is another thing - if the meat is used, I have enough of the wild west in my system to not have a problem with that, but not enough wild west in me to think killing for fun is ok. An elk or deer or two in the freezer was a welcome gift enabling us to save money throughout the year on groceries - but killing for fun? I don't see it - I even hate BB guns! Ok, I'm such a spoil sport, I know!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Why Cats Sleep in the Day Time

I'm not speaking to the cats today. I woke up this morning with fleas in my bed and one hairy spider crawling over my thigh. Jumped out of bed screaming and flailing, got tangled in the blankets and fell over onto my air cleaning machine which I hope I didn't break. Cats scattered. My fault, I should never allow them in the bedroom. All the books say, the bedroom should be sancrosanct, no TV, no pets, no multi-purpose - the bedroom should be for sleep and love. Cat's really don't give a _________ what the books say. They yowl, they claw at the door and the carpet under it, they fight outside the door until I have to make a value decision on which disturbance I would rather put up with, yowling, clawing doors, sounds of in-fighting - or their invasion of my sanctuary. Perhaps this is preparing me for dog duty in the next six weeks....

Immediately when I woke up, I had my coffee and still in underwear and a T-shirt, did the unthinkable - I rubbed flea medicine into their stiff, ornery little necks (this really ticks them off) and stripped the bed for washing of everything.

Now moving on to pick up the house, wash my hair - I took a 5 a.m. shower - couldn't sleep - remake the bed with clean linens - have to pickup Grandson - only two more days of school left. The fridge is full of incredibly fresh, delicious fruit! Sun is shining, but the sky is graying a bit, making ready for our daily afternoon showers. I am also going to vacuum the carpet and wake the dang cats up.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Interesting Glamour Mag Poll

Found these tidbits of info on the internet - yuck - I'm a rigid germaphobe so I'm surprised at these statistics - and then again, maybe not.

Confessions: I NEVER wear underwear more than once before washing them out - and wash my hands constantly since I am the household food preparer (in fact in public places, I turn off the faucets with paper towels and exit the doors with paper towels to protect hands, throw them away outside of bathrooms). I line strange toilets with strips of toilet paper before sitting down. I soak produce in 2.5 acidic water to remove germs, wash my meat like a racoon before cooking - gross out at gas pump handles. I carry wet wipes in my purse and annoy my family by handing them out before eating in a restaurant. I won't let people walk in the beds or get in them in clothes they wear outside the house (except "H" ignores my "nutty rules"). I prefer that people remove their shoes before walking in the house. I never, never, never eat off the floor - well maybe if I drop, like blueberries - then I wash them off with the 2.5 water first.

Not asking anyone else what they do, confess if you are brave - but thought this was interesting anyway - - -

How Dirty Are You?
Posted: 2009-05-20 10:41:57
Provided by Glamour

Glamour polled nearly 1,000 women on everything from sitting on public toilets to rewearing dirty clothes, then sent the results to Billy Goldberg, M.D., and Mark Leyner, authors of "Let's Play Doctor." Here, find out which habits are unhealthy -- and which are filthy but fine.

Ever Wear Dirty Clothes? A full 85 percent of women have.

Says Penny, 32: "Isn't that what Febreze is for?" Yes -- just draw the line at underwear (which 52 percent of poll-takers have reworn). According to microbiologist Charles Gerba, Ph.D., there is roughly a tenth of a gram of fecal matter in worn undies; that translates to about 100 million E. coli bacteria, which, in ferreting through your laundry, may get on your hands. Then, if you rub your eyes or, God forbid, eat a sandwich, you could get sick. If you're a regular hamper digger, wash your hands after rooting around in there.

Have You Ever Peed in the Shower? Almost 75 percent of poll-takers have.

Let's start with a few facts: Toilet flushing accounts for almost 27 percent of indoor water use in a home. The amount used per flush ranges from a gallon in eco-friendly models to a whopping seven in older types. Where are we going with this? We beseech you: Save water. Save the planet! Pee in the shower! OK, we won't insist. But it isn't really that gross. Unless you have an infection, urine is sterile and nontoxic. Proponents of "urine therapy" even believe it can help treat athlete's foot. Heck, Dr. Billy freely admits that he is a shameless shower squirter.

Do You Follow the Five-Second Rule? More than 40 percent of women eat food that's fallen on the floor.

First, what floor are we talking about? There's a NASA Clean Room floor, and then there's the floor of a restroom in the Port Authority bus terminal near Times Square. But either way, the five-second rule -- which states that if you retrieve a morsel quickly enough, it's safe -- isn't exactly true. Researchers tossed food on grimy flooring and found that it was germy after just a few seconds. Since it takes very little bacteria to make you sick, it's a good idea to toss fallen food into the trash.

Do You Go Barefoot at the Gym? 32 percent of women admitted doing it.

Sorry, going barefoot is not a good thing to do at the gym. Even if you're not worried about slipping on wet feet, you should be wary of the stuff found in sweaty, steamy places that can cause athlete's foot and plantar warts. If your feet (and the areas between your toes) remain moist, an infection can grow…and grow. So splurge on a pair of $1.99 drugstore flip-flops.

Do You Brush Your Teeth Every Night? 43 percent of poll-takers said they don't.

Brushing before bed always seemed like a no-brainer to us. Skip it, and you're giving the germs in your mouth time to multiply, especially since the production of bacteria-killing saliva decreases when you sleep. All this can lead to cavities and gum disease -- and many studies suggest that the bacteria responsible for gum disease may also play a role in heart trouble. If that won't get you brushing, consider this: These nasty little germs emit gases called volatile sulfur compounds, which smell like a porta-potty.

How Often Do You Shower? Almost a third of women said they don't lather up every day.

Grody? Depends on how much you sweat. Unhealthy? Nah. Stink-causing bacteria feast on sweat released by your apocrine glands, which are concentrated in areas like your armpits and groin. The longer these germs are allowed to grow, the smellier you get. They pose no health risk, but you may clear out a row at the multiplex.

Do You Wash Up After Using the Bathroom? 24 percent of women don't do it every time.

"I'll scrub if I'm about to eat, but if I'm in and out real quick and don't pee on myself, why wash?" asks Alanna, 25. Here's why: When you wipe, your hand is awfully close to the source of stomach-churning E. coli. A little time at the sink will prevent those germs from finding their way into your mouth and causing you -- or a person you shake hands with -- some nasty gastrointestinal distress. Hand washing is the single most effective way to prevent the transmission of disease of almost any kind. So without question, wash up after using the bathroom. And do it right: According to a recent study involving a supposedly "unobtrusive" research-observer hiding in a toilet stall, 63 percent of women washed their hands after using the bathroom, but only 38 percent used soap (a must) and a measly 2 percent did it for 10 or more seconds. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends 15 to 20 seconds. (Note: If you ever find someone sitting in a toilet stall with a clipboard, please demand her credentials.)

Billy Goldberg, M.D., is a host of the weekly Sirius Satellite Radio show "Doctor Radio," and novelist Mark Leyner is writing a screenplay called Hurricane Jerry.

2009-05-20 10:06:56

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Come, come, come to the garden.....

Aptly named a "Shrimp Plant" -

This is one of three types of basil I have planted. It is the hardiest. I also have lemon basil this year and it is incredible in ice tea and water for flavor.

First Bell Pepper of the season. Pretty spicey though!

Natural mosquito relief

My Mother's Day Lily

Lacey Hydrangea

Baby eggplant wanting to grow up

Gardens give me great pleasure. I cease to think in the garden. That is a good thing. I have thought so much during the last 24 hours, my brain is literally exhuasted.

I am going to paint today. I will hide when I paint - I don't know what is going on with the particular neighbors - the kids who "want to paint" - I've set up an ideal situation for them, they don't show up, then several hours later begin pounding on my door wanting to "paint." I've spoken with their mother - typed up a packet offering free art lessons with the stipulation that after the first lesson during which I will furnish supplies, they either pay supply fee or bring their own supplies. I created a plan, a syllabus, a lesson for the first day and created a time that the kids and their mother agreed to. When they banged on the door for the second time, 6 hours after not showing up, the older kid said they went to Walmart instead of showing up at the agreed to time. I've haven't a clue what is going on, other than I'm tired of answering the door at random hours, while trying to cook dinner, work on the computer (real work, not play), or watch a movie with kids demanding to use my paints and my house. But at least I'm getting things very organized to begin classes for people who are able to make them. Kids or otherwise.

I don't mind an occasional fun day with the paints or whatever other art supplies I have, but several times a week, and just coming in the house without knocking or asking - I have had to begin locking the door - oh, weird, if there is a weird situation, I will find it.

Then - my business - the man who is training me, just quit. Won't answer phone calls. The one above him is telling me to produce - I have produced - set up gigantic events and small events, and events and events and now people are hanging, I am hanging - so I'm thinking, well - another square peg not fitting into a round hole - what is it I'm learning from this. PAINT - then market myself. Perhaps that's it. Just concentrate on joyful things - painting and art and writing. I'm retired. I can do that after years and years of work I didn't really like. Why keep striving? I'm really free - I just keep thinking I HAVE to work. I don't.

I will share all my health research, my experiements on myself and the wonderful products that have contributed to making me well....and keep the business.....but very, very leisurely.

Then in July I have a month gone from my summer - my mother is having hip surgery and I must go to Wyoming and dwell in a closed up house with no A/C - she has one, just doesn't like it because the "dogs get cold." No open windows - the drafts bother her. No, she's telling me, I don't need to have my meal replacements sent there, I can eat the TV dinners that have been in the freezer from last year. Oh, what a weird summer. Maybe I will sweat the rest of the weight off.

Ok, I am off the computer - I've pulled my weeds from the garden, I'm going to make a glass of iced tea with the basil and lime, the paints are all organized waiting - I'm putting on music and stopping the pesky thinking.....the only person I know with weirder rabbit trails is my beautiful and eccentric Doc Lovely....

Friday, May 22, 2009

Clouds and Concerns

My computer is back - so happy!

I never tire of the beach, it looks different each and every day. If I were a millionaire, you could bet I would probably succumb to living on the beach - maybe - what would I do without the gardens and grass, although "H" detests taking care of them and only does it to please me. (Sometimes I wish he could find the joy and comfort of sinking his hands into the dirt that I do.)

Then, what would I do not being able to watch the crazy birds as they go about their daily lives in the yard? Yeh, watch the sharks, the Mantas, the dolphins - the gulls and the herons and the little crabs hustling from hole to hole (which in the 20 years since we've been here have gone from plentiful to a rare sighting).

Unfortunately, a modest little place on the beach is a thing of the far past. Now only the very wealthy can afford to live on the beach it seems, where once charming small to larger homes and "Mom and Pop" businesses gave "Old Florida" a comforting, funky feel. Now the atmosphere is one of high rise, fortified homes, and big business restaurants and beach shops.

I could not be happy for long, riding an elevator up a concrete building, to live in a small portion of the building, no matter how nice it was. The view would be nice - but no, not top much modernity (is that a word?) for me. I would prefer a cottage in a more wild, undeveloped piece of shore.

I am old enough to remember and long for the simple America I once knew - small farms in Iowa, funky beach towns in Florida and California, a country where grisly murders were a rarity, TV shows simpler and not an ever droning noise of crime, political analysis, and what the new hot bodies are doing for "fun." Less stress - more time to relate with people, less texting - more coffee at the kitchen table -

I sometimes think my generation is stuck in a time warp. Then I think of my grandma who traveled to Wyoming in a covered wagon and lived way beyond seeing a man walk on the moon and I realize life is a series of time warps that are coming at a faster and faster pace.

Anyway, relating to suburbia, perhaps one stays with what they know - I could never live in a city for long - with concrete everywhere - there are so many wonderful and interesting things in the city, and so many opportunities lost not living there - but long term, I must have my little plot of land, my suburbia.

For a long time, as a young woman, I lived in pretty bad poverty ridden rentals and sections of town as a single mom. I never want to go there again, and I dearly and daily give thanks my children and grandchildren have a good place in which to live.

I'm always aware that poverty is only a grind away - and but for the grace of God there go I. This leaves me daily thankful for adequate food, housing, transportation, and fluffy extras like makeup, pretty clothes (sometimes), earrings, books, art supplies - - - when I was younger I never dreamed I would have the gift of living how and where I am now, never mind the millionaire mansions I see everyday almost. Looking at the world now, I hope my descendants can have the same standard of living at least.

As our companions (or discards) animals live on the same different levels we do. I was looking at Big Mamma Kitty this morning thinking of her life in the humane society shelter - when I found her, her eyes were anguished and she had a horrible intestinal problem. Her fur was ratty - she was in feline poverty. Now she has organic cat food, a gorgeous yard, fluffy pillows which she prefers to lie on, filtered, alkaline ph water, a kitty brush, and a human to lie next to at night that takes care of her. She gets vitamins and when she's grouchy because her earlier life of stress left her body and emotions weak, and she doesn't feel good, I understand completely and let her be - snoozing on a pillow or stretched out in the sun in the study.

What is this life all about sometimes I wonder.....

I'm not depressed today - just puzzled - and wishing I could give everyone in the world food and clean water and a small house, hah, including animals. I guess even Brad Pitt could only build 100 in New Orleans - and I want to fix the world!!!! I admire my friend,
Candy Minx
, so much for taking action on social issues. I guess we can do what we can in our sphere of influence.

In the meantime, enjoy the clouds and don't let my on-line musings get you down! Just thinking too much I guess.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A Fun Place to Visit

Had a new visitor to my blog - drop by and say hello. Her blog is delightful and chock full of recipes too!

Dining with Debbie

Also, a new computer cord is on its way - Dell has tremendous service lately - and I will be able to post pics of my own, yay!

Sunday, May 17, 2009


To begin, I have no photos of my own today though I have taken many recently - I accidentally chopped up another laptop cord - same as before, it got stuck in the recliner. This computer will not read a card.

I had tons of garden pictures - the white eggplants are growing nicely and I wish I had a dozen more plants...I guess I can buy more and stagger the plantings and insure a continuing supply throughout the summer as well. I've eaten the first fruits of the pepper plants and the tomatoes are doing marvelously well.

The grass is not doing so well - some of the sprinkler heads are mutilated - how????? Therefore, sections of the yard are "burning up" - it was so pretty when it was raining so much. There are weird holes all over the yard about a hand's length in size - we have no dogs - so - - what on earth? Earthworms that dig like dogs and eat sprinkler heads? I don't think so.

Neighborhood painting lessons are getting out of hand. I started wanting to give the kids some joy and a beginning hopefully of a love for art and the doing thereof, but in order for me to have joy, I need to get a handle on some regularly scheduled times and fees for supplies or have them bring their own. They show up empty handed, expecting paint, a surface, brushes, food, free run of my home, and lessons when THEY want them.

I have kids demanding I give them a lesson NOW, small ones wondering in the house uninvited, getting in my palette and smearing paint on my cabinets and demanding water and food, going to my grandson's bedroom digging out toys and videos. If this is going to become a stressful "job" that ruins my brushes and my home and peace of mind - I don't want to do it!

Perhaps I am not seeing clearly here - there may be a value in these little ones being part of another "household" other than their own - but balanced with knowing my own limitations. I am setting a certain time for hour-long lesson, letting the people who send their kids over here know those times and the list of supplies the kids need or supply fee, and if no one shows up, fine, if they show up at other hours, they will be sent home with a cookie.

Good time Nana is setting some limits! I have a feeling the preteens will not be too happy when they find some structure - painting a still life to learn values, etc...and will get bored and not come back anyway. Perhaps they will surprise me.

We'll see! Gosh, the sun is coming up - its now Sunday already. Grandson and I are going to church - "H" will bound out and leave us in the dust as he gets to the service he wants to go to - the boy and I will have breakfast, go pick up his cowboy boots and show up for the late service. His dad wants to spend the day - but I need to have structure on that too - school will be out soon and I don't want to lose control of my home, my time, and/or my sanity for the summer! I love that our neighborhood is getting involved together as families, sharing, etc., haven't had that for a long, long time! But I don't want to be a place to flop in free air conditioning nor a drop-in free babysitter....its different when all the kids are playing when grandson is here.

Thursday, May 14, 2009


Ok, I have something irritating me, so I'm climbing on the soapbox this a.m. The past few weeks when I've turned on TV for some national news I have found nothing but program after program of people offering opinions about this or that. Where is a good ol' serial killer program anymore?

What IS IT with scrutinizing celebrities lives in order to criticise them? I'm surprised they aren't down to describing bowel movements and offering opinions on the color, shape, and lack of or too much.

The Coupe de grace was a paper thin, even more beautiful, Farah Faucett who was being interviewed on TV in regard to her hospital visits and treatments being made public information and such information being discussed on air. She is terminally ill with cancer it was reported. She said she fully realized that interest of the public came with being a star, but a line should be drawn at invasion of privacy, such as illegal prying into medical information.

Going beyond just plain ignorance on the part of supposedly smart people - I mean they are newscasters, interviewers, etc. - it took a few brains to get them where they are (I think). Here are some of the silly things I've observed:

Preoccupation with weight gain of women stars - singers, actresses
Why I don't care: I have enough trouble worrying about my own weight and its no one's business what I weigh anyway, if they don't like it, don't look.

Preoccupation with Obama's decisions.
Why I don't care: He's doing his job the best he can and I can't do a dang thing about what I don't like about it anyway and I'm too busy to watch every speech and read everything written about each decision he makes. And I don't have all the information that goes into making those decisions and I'm sure the news pundits don't either. Anyway, that's what I'm paying him for.

Preoccupation with critiquing on national TV.
Have you noticed that the large "news" stations have disintegrated into giving opinions on this and that rather than straight news reporting? Local news is much better.
Why I don't care: I am too busy to listen to opinionated blabber and I form my own opinions.

Preoccupation with who Brad Pitt is bomping.
Why I don't care: I'm not married to him.

Preoccupation with Edwards affair.
Why I don't care: Having enough problems with my own marriage to worry about his.

And the list goes on.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Sea Critters

I did. I went to the beach again today. Not to despise my Northern European lineage - but to make my skin gold like my native American ancestors. It is gold - yay! Ah feel sexy, flexy, and fun..."H" is snoring away in his room, oh well.

I blatantly ignore all the warnings of too much sun on the skin and instead soak, imbibe and otherwise wallow in antioxidants.

The sun, the water sounds, the clouds, the gulls crying, the sight of the sea creatures, what balm to the soul.

It was so cool - I saw a school of dolphins - parents and little ones, and also watched a school of Manta Rays - four very large ones and three little ones. I was terrified to go in the water because of the Rays and also because of an incredible undertow for weeks down there. (Although one bikini clad woman I was chatting with said only Sting Rays sting - well, makes sense) Since the back injury, I have a hard time standing up in a strong undertow and did not want to get swept out where I would test the Rays to see if they indeed did or did not sting. And/or drown.

Stopped at the market on the way home and bought a large ice cold watermelon that I shared with Big Mamma Cat - she is so funny, loves watermelon and avocados.

It finally rained a whole bunch and I am now on my way out to sit on the front porch and survey what grows in the front. Yesterday I had jalapenos in my eggs - from the garden (not the eggs - no chickens, though I wish there were) ....

Misplaced my camera again, caught the laptop cord in the recliner and mashed it, so no computer left with sound and this one slugs along so slowly.....burned up my stand-up mixer trying to make chocolate zucchini muffins, transferred the batter to the food processor and burned it up - I guess they were old - I keep thinking things should last forever - like husbands - sorry, I am being quite the comedian this evening - 'twas the wonderful salt air - more relaxed than if I had 3 Margarita's. Come to think of it, I think that would quite top off the day.........a nice, on the rocks, slow sip on the porch admiring the flowers. Wish I had photos for everyone - Foxglove, Lilies, Purple Stocks - Gerberas, things are growing like crazy!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Wrap Up of Mum's Day Weekend

Snatched this photo from a post on Facebook. Made me think of the contradictory messages in life - like words that don't line up with what I see - I have learned to always trust what I see, not what someone tells me is the reality. Anyway, thought this was a fun photo. Love the South!

Had a nice mother's day - didn't get to go to church, but I will survive that - did get to see all my grandkids - and that was sweet. I have three beautiful plants to transfer to the gardens. Planted two watermelon plants. I woke up at 4:00 a.m., got up at 5:00 - feels like I've been up forever. I'm lucky. I'm loved.

Put a cage around one of my tomato plants and busted off one of the branches that was loaded with tomatoes - oi, that hurts!

Experimented with Kale - makes yummy tastes in salads.

Sitting at my patio table in the backyard in the early mist, I realized how lush and beautiful my yard is and only a couple of years ago when I returned from Wyoming, it was half me.......I realize our yards tell stories about us.........whenever I changed a job, I used to add a new bamboo plant in the office and found it so interesting to see how much it grew while I was at that particular job.

Watched movies this weekend: Houndog - that was sort of a pre-pubescent Black Snake Moan - and I watched I Have Loved You So Long, and that set me in a mode of crying for a while, but its a good, good movie.

Then watched The Reader which made me angry - any subject involving an adult perpetrator with a minor, and that being called an "affair" always sets me off. I have worked with people suffering devastating life problems from molestation. Too often they think they had an "affair" when in reality they were children with still developing brains who had been stalked and seduced by adults who should have known better. The devastating guilt and complicated life problems thereafter can be devastating to a successful future. However, the film was magnificent in the story telling of the young boy who became bonded to the perpetrator so severely he could not have a normal relationship until the perpetrator was dead. The movie chronicles his involvement with the perpetrator's life until her death and finally his emotional freedom from her. Other terrifying things were revealed to him about her which richly layered the story telling. I thought the acting was superb.

So, that's been my weekend. My laptop is down for the count - the cord keeps going out and I'm back on my old, limpy desktop with no sound. My granddaughter at least connected it so I can print something without having to disconnect the mouse.

Hope to get around to everyone in the next 24 hours - I must vacuum, run the boy's "stuff" to him and plant the beautiful plants I received for M. Day.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

My car is a what?

Yah, I live in Paradise, but right now if someone offered me a trip to Costa Rica, I wouldn't even look back. Much.

Just think - a condo high on the mountain side overlooking the Pacific - the sound of monkeys chattering overhead in the canopy, birds everywhere, clean delicious food, lilting Latin music and the salsa danced at 2 a.m., walking in a soft rain to the small market, climbing to be the only person swimming behind a waterfall.....Saturday markets like no one would even believe north of Costa Rica.... ahhhh

Meanwhile, back at the cottage 7 miles from the shore - I was delivering water tonight - and someone had loaded the jugs for me into my car. They threw them in and the lids popped off as the bottles crashed and crushed, and when I got out of a meeting and went back to the car, I was horrhhhified to discover a flood pool standing on the inside of my car.

After driving around looking for a car cleaning shop that was open at this late hour, I drove home and I cleaned it up best I could and called a couple of men unrelated to my bloodline and yelled for help as it is VERY humid here and I had visions of my pretty car turning into a harbinger of toxic red and black mold.

Ex-son-in-law showed up two hours later with a wet-vac. I had used all my towels to sop up the excess and was beginning to resign myself to sleeping in the car with the doors open - - - a beautiful breeze was blowing. But it looks like I can go to bed sometimes tonight. In the house.

Another two hours later, Ex-son-in-law is still working on the swimming pool a/k/a automobile, the culprit is staying out of my way (wisely) and I'm just wanting to go to bed. I have three newly released movies awaiting me - I'm going to pop a majorly big bowl of air-pop with a sprinkling of real butter - now that I've done my research on triggers for having an insane eating binge (like having the inside of one's vehicle flooded by someone treating water jugs like footballs) - ok, in all honesty, let's call it anger. Especially when I'm told its my fault because I turn corners too fast. Can anyone relate to this? So, hopefully looking for "fault" is done and damage control is number one.

So, not ice cream, not cake, but popcorn. Low cal. Except for butter - but hey......sounds so nice to snuggle and be mindless for a while with a small taste of real butter and ancient sea salt - yummy - - - hopefully I won't have a molded car tomorrow. I will throw ex-son-in-law a birthday party next week - - - heroes come in unlikely packages sometimes. Hoping to stay awake for the movies, I've been pretty tired lately.
Night all.

Monday, May 04, 2009

Blooming into Spring

Summer garden and flowers have started to look good . . .

This is a little tropical flower that is supposed to be a heavy bloomer and vine...I'm excited to see it in August!

Hope I get more than one "fruit" off this eggplant stalk.

Gerbera Daisies are doing good.

Herbs among the flowers.

The tomato plants are loaded with blooms and fruit has started already.

Mock Orange bush.

Day Lillies, too, are blooming like crazy.

Friday, May 01, 2009