Thursday, March 31, 2011


Just realized I've been so focused on art, etc., I haven't posted much of anything personal. This month we celebrated my oldest grandson's graduation from a well know tech school. He will be getting a really good job soon - which is major in this economy! In the mean time, he has been working the in best Mediterranean restaurant ever! I can't wait for more lamb shiskebob. Sorry, you vegetarians, I have been terribly backslidden.

We had company recently, Candy Minx and Stagg and I love them even more! Had such a good time getting to know them more and talking and talking. The top photo is Stagg with youngest grandson, who had surely found a hero!

Also had a short visit from a dear friend from Wyoming. Unfortunately it was when I somehow picked up something - a routine doctor visit, and he freaked, listening to my lungs, and, after some xrays and tests, I found out I had pneumonia and bronchitis - and, gee, I didn't even feel that bad. Have been running on energy highs, and in that mode, I forget I have a body. Anyway, the next day after the doc visit (I truly suspect a virus and allergies as I had started trimming bushes, pulling weeds, raking - spring yard work) I was REALLY sick - this is the third week and just starting to get better.

My sis is coming in May - hooray - I am so excited, we always have fun, and she needs to thaw her bones out!

Personally, I have been blue - weirdly blue. No explanation. Except the woes of the world hurt, and sometimes relationships hurt - but that is life, and doesn't really explain it all. Who knows. Only God, I think.

Anway - its warm now, yard work abounding, why did I whine for summer? I need to go lie in the sun - it is always healing.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Libyan Refugees

Charcoal 19" x 24"