Saturday, April 28, 2012

Art Day All Day Today

May I Join You for Breakfast (on the Beach)?     Charcoal on white heavy stock paper 22" x 18" unframed

What do you think - I think I will do another and make the three tropical flowers in the left part of picture very bright yellows, reds and oranges.

Getting ready to go to Mobile Arts Council meeting with Journal so we can meet each other and all compare out journals.  This will be fun!  Am taking little video camera since I lost my other one.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Thought this was so funny.  From the personalities of my animals, think its true.  Also realizing I am a cat person mostly because, oh, so hate to confess it, but my thought processes are more like a cat according to these.  Working on balancing out to be a cat-dog though.   Ha ha!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Saturday, April 07, 2012


Moody Day in the Gulf of Mexico
Hi everyone - apologies for a lengthy time between posts.  I struggle so now with time issues, production issues, issues, period!   I have been sort of crippled up and hope soon to have the five years now dreaded surgery soon completed and get back to being more mobile, though my left leg has been swelling and the knee terribly painful for several months.  It may be the back, it may be a new injury on top of old ones.  I am hoping that I do not need knee surgery next.  Have an appointment to consult with another surgeon Friday the 13th for my back.  I am thinking that technology has advanced since the first two opinions and it seems that the last opinion was that I do not need the complete lower back rebuild as the other two recommended, but perhaps just some minimally invasive surgery to remove pressure from nerves which are at borderline of not being able to heal - it is time!   At least the minimal is the most obvious way to begin, in my mind.  So we shall see what this surgeon says.

It is totally gorgeous here - the temperatures are perfect, the colors brilliant interspersed with soft rainy days and mists.

Our family is all fine, struggling some, but what family does not.  What individual does not.  Life is always a lot of work it seems.  Agony and ecstasy and some in-betweens.

Today Sage and I are going to the Palafox Market for Dewberries - we will make a Dewberry Cobbler later, but only after seeing Clash of the Titans at the theater.  So, full day, no house cleaning, no art - - I have not been putting out enough art!

Miss Blogspot and trying to break myself from too much Facebook.

Will let everyone know about the surgery.  When, etc.