Tuesday, March 31, 2009

OK, WHAT is holding this Fax up?

Isss mah fax here yet?

Dang paperss iss stuck.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Spring Preview

We are under a deluge of tornado warnings today and it's only 7:16 a.m.
Flood warnings abound as well. It is a good day to stay inside. Just a few photos of a recent trip across town yesterday. With all the rain, the landscape is changing rapidly from winter to summer. We've had tornado warnings and watches most of the night and day. It is a bit dreary, 94% humidity, alternating with feelings of hot and chilling. My roses are getting ready to bloom. To borrow a political phrase for my northern snow bound friends, "Help is on the way" with the promise of spring..

Crepe Myrtles just beginning to "come out."

In the older part of the city, some of the bricks in the buildings are beautiful....

Snapdragons bloom beneath the palms...

Azaleas abound everywhere

A few magnificent old oaks...

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Which Direction to Run in First?

Sorry I have been a bad blogger I think - so so busy - grandson was here for several days running a fever, needing care, and then poor thing, his leg is in a cast, then we have a huge event with about 1700 people coming up, the yard says, "Ok, it's that time of year, you gonna take care of me?" "H" is out working hard as I make plans for a shower and taking back rotten food I purchased from Sam's Club last night.

Went to daughter's and watched movies until 1:30 a.m. I can feel it! Oh, I remember the old days many many years ago when I could party until 5 a.m., and go to work. And my bosses thought I was great. Older and smarter, I am not so great anymore, go figure.

Then back home to attempt to clean up study, check bills to make sure I'm on time with paying, and develop some materials - trying to decide whether to do a booth on Earth Day or not----And my paints, etc., look at me sadly, and the sun is inviting me to hunker between some dunes and let it caress me....for hours. Sigh.

My mother said they had a huge blizzard out there yesterday, they couldn't even open the doors. Ugh! Surely, surely - it is April (soon), spring will be here all over - won't it? I will grow baby bananas again! Stores are loading up on plastic easter eggs and candy. I want peeps and more marshmallow chocolate bunnies.

Ah, first I'm running to the direction of the shower so I won't be competing with "H" when he comes in covered with dirt to get ready for work. I feel guilty sitting here on the computer.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

New Blog Links

I added the link to my "Night Watch" blog - not everyone will like it, but for those that do, its there. I also added Nagal Langa's blog - he is a writer in India and his short stories are delightful. He also has a hodge-podge of reviews of books, art, and other subjects - its quite a delightful stroll into his world and his characters who so vividly come to life.

Hope you all have a great weekend. Ours is a bit chillier - but spring breakers are still enjoying the area, we are doing yard work.

This afternoon I might drive to Mobile to the opening of some old friends of ours' start up church. It is truly an international church and will be attended by a rich assortment of peoples from all over the world speaking many different languages - I am excited because that is one of the visions I have in my head of what the church will look like - should look like - embracing every person from every background.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Dinner! I was super hungry tonight - weird but wonderful: Whole grain hot cereal, yogurt for cereal and dipping three cups of fruit, capuccino, and one whopping good sweet potato! Happily full, I am watching news about the missing toddler - Haleigh in Florida. Her dad just married his 17 year old girlfriend. And I'm wondering why this 17 year old's parents did get their daughter and call the police on the over aged boyfriend who has a history with the law - - and why during this investigation, charges haven't been made against this dude - legally this girl is not fair play for someone 25 years old. No telling what happened to that poor little girl only twelve years younger than her new step mom.

I did a little shopping today and found a pair of white crop pants and 3 tops for summer - yay! This will force me to lose ten more pounds as they are snug. Also bought a cheap exercise bra and yoga crops at the athletic store on sale, and a wrist brace, and a leg brace for grandson. He's been limping since baseball season began.

Update on boy - they think his leg is fractured - he has to see an orthopedist and until then wear a leg immobilizer. Awwww. I feel horrible for him.

Lots of work the next 3 weeks - doing an event at a fitness center tomorrow - then preparing for a major bodybuilding competition where there will be 500 competitors and 1200 others. New territory for me. Is making me want to start working out harder. In the meantime, I am in bed in my workout clothes.....too tired to tune up.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Could it Be?

Rumbles have abounded for a time that genes are not static. Remember when we could say, oh, I just got a bad gene - say for instance, referring to depression or a physical ailment, or even a way of acting?

Research is now leading scientists to believe that the actual gene can be changed by outside influences, some researchers going as far as to suggest that even our thoughts and words can influence our genetic makeup. This is good news. It could be bad news for us poor souls who tend towards seeing the negative side - but I'm determined to make it good news.

This will put much of our health responsibility upon us, rather than doctors. Big Pharma and the medical profession will not look happily upon this discovery until they can figure out a way to make money from it, so be prepared for a battle for a while. It'll be interesting to follow!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Brown Bowl.

Its simple. It just sits there - once in a while accumulates junk, sometimes fruit. It looks perfect with an avocado. Its just a boring brown bowl. Maybe a bit survivalist. Or perhaps discarded like the last autumn leaf that falls late in the winter. For a moment I miss molding clay and the glazes and the surprise of pulling the piece from the oven.

This week my oldest daughter is parting with the past. Her lovely things falling away like browned autumn leaves...we can't help but regret the winters that seem to take so much from us, but spring never fails to come...Never.

Just as a piece comes from the kiln, the future is a surprise. Perhaps some bubbles here and a small crack there. It doesn't mean the piece is any less beautiful. Nor any less one of a kind, only more so. She will take the mud left there and mold it until some right thing forms and find a suitable glaze and it too will be ready for the firing. And her life will be like my line up of pots and pieces - it will tell her story, both the broken pieces and the exquisitely perfect pieces.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Purple Haze

Bored with hair, daughter set up time for me to go in and also get boy's hair cut at the same time - back to black, purple, white - - - I'd been horribly neglectful of hair and the little boy looked a bit like a smurf - remember the Smurf's?

Wish I could get better photos - would never know I went to school and took several photography courses - there has to be a way to set my camera to take a pic... oh well, decided it was time for a not too important about anything post.

Today made homemade Ruebens sandwiches, buffalo burgers, and sauteed a huge cabbage head. Have really been pushing vegetables, fruits, and alkaline water down. Lots of rain - wish we had the lawn fertilizer/weedkiller on the grass - took the boy to his opening ceremony for baseball and photos. Thus, the circles under the eyes. At one point exiting the bedroom to find three neighbor children running amok in living room staging a cross between Cowboys and Indians and an Iraq type of Shock and Awe. My mother is on the phone insisting I get rid of the background noise - hello? This is my house - I have to clear the house of noise before we speak on the phone?

I think that sharpened her resolve never to move to Florida.

Need to get back to elliptical.

I found a great new singer and I want to download albums - Duffy - she's Welsh. Everyone's probably heard of her except me - - -

Isn't she the cutest thing? Such an unique voice.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Movies and Real Life

Homeless children asleep in a train station.

The past two days I have squeezed in two movies - AUSTRALIA and SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE. SLUMDOG was not at all what I expected.

The main impact upon me in these movies was the children. Exploited children, parent less children, homeless children, children who scrounge dumps for survival. Children relocated from their parents in a cultural type of genocide.

I did love the two movies although both bought me to tears. I know the depictions in Slumdog are realistic because I worked in missions for about ten years and pictures of intense-eyed children were pasted to my wall every day in front of my eyes. Then I was able to take a trip to Albania where I spent days crying as I watched and interacted with children, bright, beautiful children that gave out of their poverty more than I could ever give back.

India, where I assume Slumdog was filmed...it is not hard to imagine places where children don't have enough to eat, water to drink, and are bought and sold as slaves to sex trade and/or hard labor or mutilated to make them "better" beggars.

Third world countries don't have a monopoly on dire poverty for children. It is hard to imagine such things happening here in the United States, but they do. Children can't go to school because of the chaos in their lives, children are at risk because of their living conditions, lack of proper medical care and other basic needs. Today alone, I read of 1,000 homeless children in our county here in Florida - one county alone! Ironically, next to that is an article about how to find help through a website. Are the homeless carrying computers with them?

Back to the movie AUSTRALIA for a moment: the issue of native children being hunted down and picked up and then sent away to "schools" was obvious. I loved the respect given to the aboriginal culture in the movie - in fact I think that was central in the movie. The movie left lots of fodder for thought. The shots of the country where the movie was filmed were breathtaking.

Elsewhere in the world, in my world, a man goes bonkers in Alabama and makes a tour of an area shooting and killing people that he has been mad at over a period of years. Elsewhere in Florida, another child goes missing. In Mobile county, a man goes to trial for throwing his babies over a bridge to drown.

I go to bed sad. I know that doesn't help. But perhaps it is a kind of prayer for the poor and helpless. I hope it is. Contributing to the local food bank and to missions somehow doesn't seem enough.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

First Half Anniversary Trip - HARD ROCK!

Art came in many forms at the Hard Rock - from the cake and chocolate strawberries, to the fabric art commemorating rock stars. The scenes from the room were fabulous - the whole stay was fabulous! Thank you J. and Frank! We did have a "Happy Anniversary!"

We've been incredibly busy theh whole week - I am now going out and uproot frozen bits of plants and put in some sunny new flowers - then exercise - then I don't know what. Hopefully will catch up on all of you today too!

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Last Day of Anniversary Celebration!

Beau Rivage

In an eatery, chandeliers were made of copper pots. Unfortunately my photo was a little dark - they were really beautiful.

The floors were huge art displays of irridescent tiny tile designs.

Entering the Beau Rivage, the mall is filled with live flowers and trees and glittering tiles. This floor, as well as the floor above, were wiped out during the hurricanes of about three years ago.

These flowers were probably about 5 five feet in circumfrence - the fragrance was totally arresting!

Isn't this a gorgeous chandelier?

My dream dress - leopard chiffon - and a neck scarf!

Loved the carpet patterns!

Cajun cooking - yeah - beans and rice and gumbo and creole catfish, okra and tomatoes - rice pudding - shrimp - what more could we ask?

More photos of the Hard Rock Casino next time!

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Time Out for Friends

Hattigrace hosted a 30 hour paint party! We made sushi, painted, talked, danced, deepened friendships and ended with a beautiful brunch and a raffle for the painting.

Tired bodies litter the house.

We were enthralled with an interesting story involving St. Peter's Basillica and artifacts.

This is our collaborative painting! Almost finished....he is contemplating the multi-faceted mystery of his lioness mate - does he look puzzled - or content?