Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Wish You Were Here

Jellyfish Wine and Martini Festival on November 5th - pretty much all day. Armbands for all the Martini tasting you want from 1pm-5pm. Good thing I can't drink on meds - would need a designated driver. Or an ambulance, ha ha.

Just did a fun painting for the festival - hope to sell something - hope its cool - hope - hope - hope Chuck is off to help me - last one I had help and it about did me in for a couple days afterwards. Have to work at Gallery tomorrow and have nothing to wear. Nothing. Oh well, the Featured Artist show there is "Nudes and Nature." (Kidding of course).

Life is boring right now - tiring and boring. I need to get inspired. Gallery Night is the 21st this month. Hope I sell something there too! Don't want to go Downtown - some estimates are at 20,000 people - I don't like crowds THAT much. Invited to Halloween parties, and I would love to be able to visit some as two are at some dear friends' invitation - have always wanted to sew up a fur type Amazon costume and carry a large spear and wear fur boots up to my knees - but would really need some Spanx under garments - - - and I hate to sew anymore! I need a change of scenery - I KNOW WHAT I NEED - ANOTHER LANDMARK FORUM - YES!

Sunday, October 09, 2011

Sketchin' Around

Paradise Gardens - Come sit and enjoy the atmosphere.

Our tent - me on the left, and on the right - the most creative artist I know - - - hard to see her beautiful mirror....

Looking across the Gardens................

More artists - many were stationed in the courtyard -

Pumpkin time 2011

Kite Man.....West Indies

Fall again - and pumpkin time, and of course, my little friend Nevermore. Also had a desire to do the "Kite Man." Had a fun show at a place called "Paradise Gardens" (and it was! beautiful!). Thankfully some friends had the tent - and put it up and helped me with all my art, I could not have done it without them.

Planning another show at Jellyfish Bar Martini and Wine Festival. That too will be interesting - in a pretty small mall area on the beach . . . November 7. Again another friend will share space and help me with the setup - otherwise I couldn't do it.

Now, am going to rest from painting a while - a short while. My grandson went home to stay except for short visits and I miss him so so much. I am watching too many Netflex. He and I went to the movies and watched an IMAX about boxing robots. Was actually pretty good.

Need to clean house and do yardwork -but! Lazy? I dunno. Aches and pains - and maybe lazy too!

Gallery Night on October 21. Makes me tired to think of it - crowds and more crowds of people!!!! I hope I sell big time! I need to go buy ornaments, large ones and begin painting them for Christmas to sell. So much to do.

Hey, Stagg - Hey, Candy - if you were here, we'd go busk!