Sunday, November 30, 2008

Telling on My Peoples

This what I think of ________ computer take all her attentions

I haz hard work cleaning up pretzel and strawberry saladz she drop

Friday, November 28, 2008

Family and Friends

Daughter and her "H" - she sure knows how to put a man to work. Two SIL's in one shot, eh eh.
Back from a scary place - it was a privilege to meet this young man at dinner who had safely made it through his service in the worst location of war...his baby is happy too! We were doubly thankful for men like him who are willing to do whatever they have to do for their country.
Its been a long time - friend in the middle was youngest daughter's good friend in high school - now stationed here with army husband
Nana with bad hair day and youngest daughter whose house we had dinner at....
Oldest daughter and my granddaughter
Older daughter's man, and an old family friend and baby
Well, I didn't tap. I fully dove into the plentiful food available and also fully enjoyed being around family and friends. It was a great day. The only bad thing was the baby is starting to climb and pull herself up in preparation for walking and fell off of the sofa and ended up with a hairline fracture in her tiny arm - - - that was a bummer - - - the friend's and her husband's little girls are so sweet - - - it was a boisterous, noisy, plentiful Thanksgiving.

Recipe for leftover Turkey:
tear in stripes one package of corn tortillas, cream of chicken soup dilluted with one can of milk, monterray jack cheese grated, left over turkey, several cans of green chilies, one can of sliced water chestnuts

layer the above ingredients in a casserole dish, bake at 350 for about 50 minutes - enjoy!

Thursday, November 27, 2008


Thankful for blankets, a roof over my head, family, friends, enough to eat, clothing - movies, books, so many, many things to be thankful for.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

'Twas the day before Thanksgiving

I smell food, let me in!

Of all the times for a leak to pop up! I will fix it even if my head blows up! Loosen up the Adam's apple a little bit, won't you.

Where oh where am I going to cook?

Oh joy! No one ever accused me of being fast. It just dawned on me that I can take the SD card out of my camera, insert it in the laptop and it will transfer the pics. Duh! Well, trying to cook - we do have a fresh turkey - oh well - I'm making stuffing (northern style), cranberry sauce is done, cranberry salad is done, I am working on the stawberry pretzel salad and the home made rolls - ohhhhhhhh my back is hurting - ow, ow, ow, ow. Days like this I am ready for surgery. Well, it'll be better later. Grandson is making various types of circuit boards, "H" getting ready for work. Daughter and grandkids coming from Mobile, and daughter who lives here is excited about hosting her first Thanksgiving Dinner in her new house. Pictures will follow. All the anxiety for nothing. But then there are always the Mimosas......coy smile here!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Feeling rough lately?

Many of my friends either have or know someone either in their family or their circle of friends suffering from kidney stones and/or infections. Even the doctors are stumped as to the cause.

I've been called a "prima donna" for tossing food back on the shelf, in the produce, or freezer that says "Made in China" on the wrapper. (Mainly because, well, I have a long list of reasons.) "Well, I don't have a kidney infection, thank you," - I tell my critics. Could it be the melamine?

Monday, November 24, 2008

Tap, tap, tap OR Conquering Thanksgiving Day challenges

Being a recovered sugarholic and maybe not so recovered, I've began shopping about for techniques to allow me to bake Christmas cookies and make Christmas candies and not eat them. I've been introduced to this "Tapping Therapy" often used to break addictions, and thought - "Well, it's worth a try!"

Last night I did all the Chakras and today have done very well with the cravings. My goal is to make it through the holidays and lose five pounds! Yes, crazy. I am a crazy person, but adorable. Perhaps this will get me through the front door anxiety and Thanksgiving day.

At the dinner table I can see it - tap, tap, tap, tap - suspicious glances, but people being too polite to ask - tap, tap, tap, tap, seven times - seven Chakras (energy centers). Tap, Tap - - - "Oh, that's just mom." (Until home with each other then - "Your mother is getting nuttier as time goes on.") Ah hahahahah, yes but now I am a (relatively)slender mudder. Har har ahahaha. I will successfully bypass the pies, the whipped cream, the stuffing, the Mimosas (orange juice generously laced with champagne), (yes, I used to eat 1/2 a loaf of bread while making the stuffing). Tap, tap, tap.....

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Indians and Pilgrims and pre-Thanksgiving Jitters and Bringing Home the Bird

Feeling a bit quirky in humor tonight and, sadly, my camera downloading cord is still missing so I was searching for an appropriate Thanksgiving image and ran into this one and thought it was appropriate since this country is becoming so multi cultural. I think Thanksgiving will mean something different to each one of us. I would not be surprised in ten years if it will cease to be a holiday along with being included in our history books. I'm not sure after grade school that American History is even taught anymore????

It's very cold here - ex son in law came to paint my door about 4:00 P.M. and decided to play with the children and toy army men instead of paint and now its dark, cold, and I've not been to the grocery store, nor am I likely to go since I have no front door on the house. The door is still lying in the front yard unpainted. I'm huddled up with a blanket and my computer and am refusing to turn on the heat and "waste" it by "heating the outdoors" (boy, is that playback of script from childhood?) It took him days to paint the bedroom so I am understandably nervous about this door business. So wish for the days when I cold do this all by myself. Things were so much simpler....

Worst scenario, I will be sleeping on the floor by the plastic with a baseball bat in case of intruders. The cats will not act as watchcats because they like warmth and will probably curl up under the far infared quilt with "H." After he goes to sleep of course, because he doesn't like animals close to him unless he's in an exceptionally good mood, so they have to sort of sneak it up.

I had to throw a pillow at them this morning to break up the brawl -they screamed, hissed, and yowled at each other at the foot of the bed, both of them thinking that one queen size bed was not big enough for both of them and people too.

Tried to reach "H" to tell him to bring home the bird he has postponed bringing home so it will thaw in time. He insisted on bringing home the bird, because he is a meatcutter and that gives him absolute superiority and seniority in choosing meat. I never could choose a cut of meat or bird without something being terribly wrong with it. So, the back-up plan - - - - we might have a vegetarian meal. I refuse to pay the prices for a "fresh" last minute turkey - which in reality is one thawed in the store and then marked with a much higher price. Tonight a nice buffet at a restaurant where someone else does the cooking and the dish washing sounds very appealing. And there are no tempting leftovers.

Two oldest children should never get married, they both think they have to run things. Next, two youngest should never get married because they both want to be the babies. The middle children according to some psychologists, are the "lost children" - now two lost children would never find the turkey, the two oldest children would not get the turkey because they both wanted to be in control and the loser would refuse to participate....and the two "babies" would never bother getting the bird because someone should bring it to them, cook it, and that's that!

A simple "Let's get together for a nice and easy Thanksgiving meal" has turned into a complicated, staged, complete with menu, back spasm inducing, tiring, fattening, sprawling spread. Minus the turkey. Complete with family dynamics a la mode. One son in law will compulsively begin to cook and make a bunch of the best food you ever tasted. The other will feel rejected because he has been forced into a cooking role and is unsure of himself and will think everyone else likes someone else's food best. "H" will happily be oblivious and glad for something besides diet food. The rouge male coming to dinner will be in a bad mood because his wife leaves and goes to her mother's for dinner and his son goes to his girlfriend's house. I will be cringing as all these scenarios play out - - -

I think the Thanksgiving movie writers have chosen scripts from real life!

Speaking of movies, grandson and I went to see "Bolt" yesterday. I laughed until I couldn't laugh anymore. There were three marvelous characters - a cat, Bolt - the dog, and a hamster. Wonderfully developed characters and hilarious.

Oh well, I wasn't going to eat Thanksgiving meal anyway - yesterday's grilled fish po'boy was my treat of the week topped with red licorice. For dessert - the sandwich was not topped with licorice, haha - but it might be good?

Heavily spiked up eggnog, anyone?

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Politics and Panini

I've tried to post several times and the blogspot process breaks down and I lose everything. Well.....

I haven't heard this yet on the mainstream news (but I've been "fasting" tv, except for cooking channels) - but its all over the internet. Stories are circulating that a grand jury indictment has come down out of Chicago in regard to crimes committed by Bush/Cheney. Why now? Was the power structure so intense that nothing could be done before now? Mention of "war crimes" - - this will be interesting as it unfolds.

U.S. federal prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald’s Chicago grand jury has voted perjury and obstruction of justice indictments to the following members of the Bush Administration: President George W. Bush, Vice-President Richard Cheney, Bush Chief of Staff Andrew Card, Cheney Chief of Staff I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby, Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez, former Attorney General John Ashcroft, imprisoned New York Times reporter Judith Miller and former Senior Cheney advisor Mary Matalin.

There were no indications given as to whether the President and his top staff members would appear publicly before cameras at the grand jury proceedings, given the gravity of the charges.

Besides the Valerie Plame CIA leak case, the Fitzgerald probe is reportedly far-reaching and expanding much deeper into past White House criminal acts involving Bush-Clinton drug money laundering in Mena, Arkansas to White House involvement in 9.11; but also for sending America’s young people to their deaths or to be maimed in Iraq and Afghanistan under false pretenses.

British Prime Minister Tony Blair was indicted for obstruction of justice and is reportedly consulting with members of Parliament and legal aides regarding how to avoid appearing in the U.S.A. for interrogation before Fitzgerald in Chicago.

"Imprisoned New York Times Reporter?" Yep. Politics are reallllll scary. Time will tell I guess as to the truth of what has really gone on. War Crimes are mentioned as well, such as violations of the Geneva Treaty.

As we wait to see who gets what appointments in our President Elect's cabinet, I'm wondering how this will affect the appointments?

Life is "same ol" here at the Casa. Preparing for Thanksgiving at my daughter's.

Someone gave me a new "toy" - a George Foreman grill that has a million, well, not really, but several different attachments: griddle, panini press, quesadilla press - etc., etc. I ordered an Italian cookbook full of panini, crostini, etc., recipes. Probably a big mistake....I am torn between making Christmas cookies and wondering if I can resist the temptation to eat them. That might be like an alcoholic taking a job as a bar tender. Hmmmm. My quirkiness has me searching for the hidden meaning of owning six grills, two of which are collecting dust in the garage. No mental searches of the past bring back memories particularly of sowing grills. Of course, my favorite is outdoors grilling - I so am craving a buffalo burger with blue cheese on it! It will be nice to have a garage sale and get rid of all but one inside and one outside grill - I need more space.

Last night made a late run to Best Buy - and picked up a $450.00 five year series DVD set of the LaFemme Nikita TV series - in my opinion the best series ever, for a grand sale price of $75.00. My daughter will be very happy. For five years we planned our life around the series!

If I could find the tether cords to my cameras so I could post photos - I would. It's driving me crazy - this loss of cords to everything!

Speaking of TV, Rachael Ray is on and that is my elliptical time - gotta run!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Out of the Gloom to Bloom

Went to see the Blue Angels fly today - front row seat in my own front yard. That's always a thrill. Especially when they fly a few feet over my house and the house starts rockin.'

Feeling better after just a few hours of solitude. Now I have damage to undo from allowing that negative energy to flow. Actually, it was a battle of the soul. I guess if one wins, it's ok - it's just that one needs a "cleaner" to come in to mop up the mess, and, well, I was always taught "If you make the mess, you clean it up," so I have to be my own cleaner! Most of you know November is a rough month as my son passed away on the 10th and his birthday is on the 15th. The impact hit me late this year and almost every year I forget to give myself space to grieve. My short term depression was not a gracious thing.

My oldest daughter was fighting a battle of her own - she was the warrior this time. Good job, my Maggie!

The weekend has become my work time. It fights with my desire to have the grandson by my side and to be cooking for him, putting meat on his bones, and enjoying his company, just hanging around. This weekend he is going camping with the Scouts and his new stepdad. Its cold, but that's part of it, isn't it?

IThe physical always mirrors the spiritual, so in regard to being a "cleaner," I did get the small bathroom clean, clean, clean! AND, I did environmental control - I went through the refrigerator and threw out everything old and rotting. Then I went to the pantry and took out everything I shouldn't eat, especially searching for MSG....and it will go to the food bank. At first I felt guilty for giving away stuff I thought was bad, then I decided it was up to everyone to read their own labels and make decisions. So, organized and healthy (my definitions), I'm ready to cheer up and start a new week the right way.

People came to us while we were out working who needed our products, and/or more income, people who are having health challenges. Some are old friends who came across our path, YAY! Lots of appointments to meet in the upcoming week.

It's interesting because for years I've been not very social, just thinking, this isn't my thing. But it is! I used to have my house full of people - loved to entertain, to love on people, to help them, just to enjoy them. Somewhere that was lost.

Once again, "courage" which is the middle part of en-courage-ment has arisen in my heart! It's time to get in and get moving in life. Thanks for the encouragement. One of the blessings of this blog and all of you is that we can be honest and everyone encourages the other, without being judgement. How cool is that?

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Meowing Mad

My usual good nature has abruptly come to an end for the day. I feel mean, very mean, mostly because I am what is known as - fed up. Big time. The phone is in the living room and will remain unanswered. I am in the bedroom hissing like the above cat and no one dare enter. Did I miss my hormones? Maybe. Did someone "cross" me? Maybe. Have my boundaries been kicked? Perhaps. Positive thinking thing that I have been on nothwithstanding, it feeeeeeeeels gooooooooooooooood. Grrrr. Hissss. Spitttt.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

What's Happenin' Dude?

What the heck? Never one to kick the gift horse in the mouth, so to speak, I nevertheless wonder why gas has gone down from almost $5.00 a gallon to $1.95 or thereabouts?

Now, there is a general panic about that! Not on the consumers' part - we are all happy because we can afford to go to work now and eat too. Apparently "demand has gone down." Awwwww, are some oil companies not going to be reaching their billions profit mark this next quarter? Do they want me to mourn for the good ol' days for them? NOT. Our country is not the only one that sits with our mouths open to be fed (oil) like greedy little birds - so European friends, are your prices down? When ours were over $4.00 a gallon, China's was at $2.49. What was that all about? We're being told that China's consumption is up drastically competing with our (U.S.) consumption - competing on what level?

Here I am - not old, old. But reasonably (old). The citizens of this great country have quit spending. We've quit spending! Thus the economy has another leg kicked out from under it. But hey. I grew up and watched two generations before me actually save until they had enough to buy something, rather than "charge" it. Not saying I have always done that, but I'm learning.

So what group of bright folks fixed this type of economy up for us that depended on us continuing to charge, charge, charge, borrow, borrow, borrow, and then they shipped millions of our jobs out of the country, what did they expect? Duh. Did they think that they could let inflation go out of control and we would keep spending when many folks are deciding between food or medicine or the roof over their heads? Let millions of illegals in to keep the flow of cheap labor and bust the unions and let our wages fall way behind the inflation without consequence? They really thought they could still get richer and richer on this system? Hmmmmmmm.

We'll just see now what they do. I wouldn't want to be president of the United States for all the money in the world right now. Wow!

Monday, November 10, 2008

For William the Cat

This blog is interrupted for a tribute to Mr. Anchovy's "William."

Sunday and Art Weekend Wrap Up

Had a fun weekend - a friend called at the last moment and suggested we go to the Greater Gulf Coast Arts Festival, which is an annual, international juried art show of quite a large size, staged outdoors and full of entertainment, food, and wonderful art.

I always pick out my favorite and may or may not buy something. Most of the time I don't have enough money to invest large - and today only spent about ten dollars, but came home with a small print from the above artist. Frames, matting, etc. are one-half off at one store, so I will have a gorgeous, mysterious, dreamy piece for "not much" from the artist pictured above. I loved her work. You can take a "stroll" with me through the artists' work via the artist link here.

We strolled with a delicious marguerita - that blew this week's weight loss - and a huge sack of Kettle Korn unlike any I've ever tasted - it was only slightly sweet, and deliciously salty. We shared a giant pickle and met a new friends. Time with friends seems to always fall short and once in a while a wonderful, out of the blue, time comes for an opportunity and life is then richer.

I came home to a big bouquet of white roses from "H" - today was a day where a gossamer spiritual yet sensual and emotional treat awaited around every corner!

Took grandson to a movie and Olive Garden yesterday where I ran into an old friend from the art program. Also ran into an old friend at campaign headquarters last week. What nice surprises. Nursed grandson's cold this morning before he went home and when I returned from the art show, nursed my own. At least I got my walking in, in a most pleasurable way.

Now, its 2:00 a.m. and it is time for praying - don't know what is going on in the spiritual atmosphere but it doesn't matter - hopefully I'll be on the plain of communication and worship where I will know what to pray about.

Saturday, November 08, 2008

A Cozy Winter's Eve

Just getting ready to get my book, "Dreams from My Father," climb in bed and read and just snuggle. I got all three of President Elect Obama's books - I want to know who he is. So far I've found he is an incredibly mentally organized person and believe it or not, vulnerable and honest enough to write about those vulnerabilities. I've only read about 25 pages so far, however. Anyway, after all the political stuff, decided to get back to my normally domestic posting.

"H" bought me a Nikken sleep system because of my back when we heard people say how the system had helped them conquer sleep disorders, including sleep apnea as well as reducing pain from bad hips, backs, shoulders, etc., etc. This has reduced his wild sleeping habits by about 80% (loud snoring, kicking, flailing of arms, falling out of bed) and when I sleep in it - I wake feeling as refreshed as if I had been sleeping in a down filled bed in a cabin by a mountain stream. So....I like being in bed!

I also set up a system at my grandson's house to help with the ADD and to help him get a good deep REM processing sleep.

I've felt weird lately - headaches, nausea - sort of like a light dose of flu. I stopped at the mini-mart and they had a sign up for flu shots and I talked with the nurse and decided to get one even if I did feel woogy. So, we'll see. My arm is starting to ache in the elbow - bah. Darned if ya do, and darned if ya don't.

The boy has a case of something, coughing - his mom is sick. He came to take a peppermint bath with intentions of going home, but when he got in his flannel sleeper, he decided he would stay with "Nan" for the night. He is snuggled in my bed, watching a movie. His 3rd one for the weekend - going to have to be a bad Nan and turn it off so he can get needed sleep. Its a bummer with so much more darkness, losing daylight, and turning cold. Ok, yeh, I'm in Florida and, yes, cold is relevant - but to me it's cold.

It is cold in the morning and cold in the evening - but warm in the daytime - a good set up for viral attack. I think I will order some immune boosters and have them Fed Ex'd.

Ok, on to the bed and book.

Thursday, November 06, 2008


Return to Camelot?

So far it looks like an impressive line up of Kennedys for major appointments. It will be exciting to see who gets what.

I had a HUGE distrust of Sarah Palin but I won't go into that. Now, I'm feeling sorry for her, although, as governor, she should certainly have been aware that the Repubs are traditionally blameful when something goes wrong and I will concede that Repubs do not have the exclusive patent on that either. She is being criticized for almost anything and everything - interviews, answering a door in her robe (what should she answer it in - the nude?), spending her own money on clothing (shopping) when the campaign had provided her with clothing - now I know what she was dressed like McCain's wife.

Now, I have to say, living in a place like Wyoming or Alaska - honey, you gotta do your shopping when you get to a town or city that has shops in it!!!! She was no fasionista as governor. The Repubs knew that as her first appearances were certainly not as polished as they were into the campaign. Also it has been hinted at that McCain had not been very available to her. So they pluck her out of the tundra, place her at the top of the political chain and expect her to parrot McCain/Repub presidential campaign policy? Duh. Well, I shouldn't feel sorry for her - she's a big girl, but I do. She dragged her kids through exhausting repertoire and her husband seemed to stand faithfully at her side with child on arm; in her enthusiasm her tongue was less than gracious which seems out of keeping with her Christian persona, and no one can say she didn't have her whole heart in the campaign. In short, I think she was used. Not to say that her ambitions (and ambition is a good thing - with no ambition, we don't get anywhere)didn't place her in a vulnerable position - but - well, that's politics.

So, now we move on into a new era - I truly believe it. What it brings will remain to be seen as time goes on. I feel this president will be watched like a hawk, which perhaps won't be fair, but that's the way it is. Again, fair does not equate with politics. He already has huge challenges, Russia is snorting and pawing the ground....taypayers are inheriting the bill for numerous corporate "bailouts."

Ah, life.

What, a hurricane down by Cuba - uh, what time of year is this? It is nicely cooled here - the trees that turn (not all of them) are really pretty colors, its time to plant winter gardens and I don't know if I will make that. My zucchini vine has revived and is blooming. Need to get out and fertilize all of it. Tons and tons of paperwork drag at my heals. I went to two movies last night to escape - "Changeling" was very good - I have to hand it to Angelina, what an actress. However, she is so powerful in her mere presence she almost overwhelmed the screen. It was a heartbreaking story but not without redemption.

Trying to finish up some medical for the year - while being in the middle of COBRA and dubious benefits availability - its there its just all retroactive resulting in tons of paperwork. Also changing life insurance at our age is ridiculous. The company is wanting to know the doctor's name, address, and phone number who treated me for a UTI 40 years ago. Really, that's the truth. Does having a UTI once in your lifetime result in early death? Why don't they just send me to a local physician for a check up? Duh. No, we have passed paperwork back and forth at least half a dozen times with silly questions. It just dawned on me that if one of us dies, the other will be in deep do-do because we have no other life insurance. Stupid. If you are young - get it now and keep it up or you may pay big time later.

I had a professor who once said, "You pay now or pay later." The last time I saw him, he retired (who knows how old - he wasn't looking too good) and was walking the beach in Costa Rica (small world)in a speedo. There are good reasons old people don't wear bikinis or speedos. Ah, what the heck, who really cares - live, be free, wear the speedo - or bikini - go for it!

Wednesday, November 05, 2008


Last night - I cried and laughed along with so many people in the park in Chicago - and wondered if Candy and Stagg had gone on down there and were in the crowds. It was an awesome time. Called my mother and we cried together - I've never felt this way about an election.

Had brunch today with a gloomy conservative friend. Maybe I'll lose friends, I don't know, but I had to say that I refuse, refuse to be gloomy about America's choice of president. I am going to do what I always should have done - pray for the country, the president. What I felt last night as I watched people dance, fall to the ground crying, hugging, rejoicing, and what have you was - encouraged. I think the energy of hope that is going forth is going to override the energy of fear, gloom, and doom. I do.

On a personal level, I admire the family's courage, his "smartness" and poise and cool under attack - I love his big brown expressive eyes - his love for his Grandma - I might not agree with every stance - there was no politician that I did, have, or ever will agree with every stance. I don't see him as a messiah - we already had one of those. I see him as the hope of a nation - the hope of something different than we've had in the past - there is something different this time, I can't put my finger on it.

At any rate, perhaps now we can begin a healing of ourselves, our nation, our world. I hope, I pray. I haven't felt this hopeful since our beloved Catholic president, John Kennedy took office so many years ago.

I feel so bad about the past but I can change the future - I will not fear, I will do as our Book says to do - I will pray for our leaders so that we may live in PEACE. Peace right now sounds good, yes? I do not believe this man could have been elected with God being asleep on His throne - I believe - well, I believe!

Monday, November 03, 2008

One Crossed off of Dream List

Remember my "Dream" list? Wellllll........our water bill arrived and "H" decided it was time to fix dripping faucets. I've never mentioned it to him, but I had always wanted a "cook neck" faucet - graceful as swans, they are. No, he didn't want one, wanted to fix it.

Soooo...enter new son in law who spent four hours under the sink. Old faucet: Unfixable, imagine that - its only nine years old. So, now convinced that faucet could not be reseated, duct taped, etc., "H" gave permission for a new one. YAAAAAAAAAAy! My daughter picked it out - and I'm in heaven - how can a faucet be sensual? Well it is. For one thing, the hot water actually comes out when the handle is turned on correctly. It doesn't spray out the side of the outlet onto the front of your T-shirt. ("H" was just holding out for the grandma in the wet tee shirt thing, maybe?)

The old faucet had apparently been installed by a left handed person resulting in a backward motion to turn the water on or off. Drove me nuts. Drove me nuts for nine years. What a pleasure to turn on the sink water and not feel confused. Silly? Yes. Anyway, nice to have a gleaming, totally functional sexy, graceful, kitchen sink faucet that does not drench me when I use it nor run up the water bill. More than nice.

This year for Halloween, we gave out close to 180 little bags of pretzels, shaped like bats n' what have you. This subdivision is Trick or Treat heaven. A haunted house complete with the whine of a chain saw was in operation down the street. Ms. Meowie, "H" and I sat on the porch and gave out pretzels. Loved it. There were a few growls about not getting candy, but oh well - they little & big dear have enough to rot their teeth for a year probably anyway. Our neighbors passed out Fair Trade Chocolate with a brochure - what a good idea - this I tucked away for ideas for next year.

This morning, another week. Got up at 4:00 a.m. - let's see - that's really 5:00 a.m. pre Day Light Savings. How I hate this - it is now 5:28 a.m. and pitch black outside. Ugh. Double Ugh. Did you know that candy makers actually lobbied for this? Check out the link - it's fun and interesting.

Election will be over Tuesday, thank heaven. At least we are all hoping it will be.

I have completed my planner and prioritized today's activities and "have to's." Oh, cool - I think my brain is returning from the frozen places it became captive in while I was in the North Country. As soon as all my cords, including the digital camera cord with all the weekend's photos, and other lost items are found from the stacks of clutter that became rearranged while carpet cleaning, all will be well. It is only November, but I had already lost the small cache of Christmas presents I had tucked away.

When I can fit art back in my life - then things will really be hummin'.