Sunday, April 30, 2006

Tropical Angel

Walking on Water

I have spent two years agonizing about what my purpose is in being in this wind swept, and as Bob Dylan eloquently sang, "north country-side, where the wind blows heavy on the border line."

Lately, the Lord has been impressing me to begin each day just verbally telling him that I am ready to perform any instructions that He gives me for the day, and that I need to give the day completely over to him for whatever He wants me to do and asking Him to please help me hear Him completely. (Sometimes I am a little hard of hearing, spiritually and in "the natural.") Verbally stating this will cement my quest for "purpose" and where "purpose" really comes from in my heart and wandering mind.

Ok. One thing for the general instructions, now, God, what about the specifics, the "here's step one....," etc in the loud booming voice? He gently reminds me "How many times have I spoke to you in a loud, booming voice?" "Well, God," I reply, "....uh, never?" "Exactly," He answers.

I think "Hmmm, what does the scripture say........ah, its about knocking and seeking Him, isn't it?" With all my heart! "What God, no more spooky movies?" "What does your heart tell you?" he replies. Okay, I'll give up dawdling in adrenalin that those spooky movies dish out. BUT another point - I am to conquer the spirit of Death in my own personal realm that He has given me authority over.

Gently, as I have in the past heard him speak, gently my heart tells me, "Well, do you want to walk with Him holding His hand, or just have Him as a friend that you let in when you have time?" Oh, OUCH! I'm so sorry God, help me in my weak mind! And I feel so frustrated thinking I may have wasted a year and one-half in "not getting it." I search the web, and I find the pattern - the pattern that shows me the way toward "Walking on my water."

I'll share it: Here it is: from a prophetic website: Sandie Freed: "Crossing Over Into Your Fulfilled Destiny"
It seems that I, along with numerous other prophets, have prophesied this same prophetic declaration for many years…"It’s time to cross over!" This decree of "crossing over" is referring to spiritually crossing over our Jordan to possess our breakthroughs and blessings in our Land of Promise or "The Promised Land."For a very LONG season we have been experiencing God’s "chronos" time. Chronos time refers to the natural time, the daily "grind" of life. This is the season in which we go through our normal daily activities, believing and hoping for the "kairos" time, which is the exact moment when the supernatural SHIFT occurs and we are launched into our promise.This is the time for you to shift into your next season of possession. Plunder the enemy’s camp, and take back all that was stolen, plus receive your promise of breakthrough and blessing in every area. Make this confession today, "I am crossing over!"Know Your Season for Enlargement--God is Overshadowing You with His Presence!The Months of March/April in Hebraic terms is referred to as Adar which means "The Pregnant Month." This is when our spiritual womb is being prepared for enlargement. A supernatural pregnancy involves the Lord overshadowing each of us with His glory. Remember when Mary, the mother of Jesus, received the prophecy that she would become pregnant with Jesus? She was overshadowed by the Lord’s presence and later birthed the prophetic declaration given to her by the angel, Gabriel. (See Luke 1:26-35). Mary’s response to the word of the Lord was " it unto me according to thy word." She was quick to come into full agreement with the will of God and then experienced her season of enlargement (pregnancy). Mary not only fulfilled her destiny, but she gave birth to the destiny of another! The very same potential is within each of us--to receive our prophetic destiny, become enlarged and pregnant with God’s will, then give birth to not only our future but also the future of the KINGDOM! As we come into full agreement with God’s Word, He will overshadow us with His presence and release us into our season of enlargement. Let’s not be like Zacharias, who doubted Elizabeth’s ability to overcome her barrenness. He was struck with dumbness, so that he could not speak negatively. His negative confessions may have aborted God’s plans, so the Lord caused him to not be able to speak out against His divine will. Though Elizabeth was cursed with barrenness, God desired to bless her womb. The Lord also desires to bless us and our spiritual wombs! It is His desire to release us from ALL barrenness and desolation and to also speak life into dormant dreams and destiny.A Time Such As This: Being Overshadowed with Divine Destiny!The time elements of God were historically built around Feasts. We have recently been in the specific season when the Jews celebrated the Feast of Purim. The feast was established by Esther as a season of remembrance. Esther wrote a written decree that every generation would remember this time because the curse of death and destruction from Haman, the Amalekite, had been revoked. And that these days should be remembered and kept throughout every generation, every family, every province, and every city; and that these days of Purim should not fail from among the Jews, nor the memorial of them perish from their seed. (Esther 9:28) Most of you can easily recall the story of Esther and how she came forth "for such a time as this." She, as well as all of her household (including the entire Jewish nation) was destined to experience enlargement and deliverance (See Esther 4:13-14).
Haman, a descendent of King Agag, the Amalekite, had devised an evil plot to destroy not only Esther, but the entire Jewish nation. Mordecai appealed to Esther and reminded her of the Jewish destiny concerning deliverance and enlargement. Mordecai said that deliverance and enlargement was destined to come, but unless Esther stepped into her place, neither she nor her descendents would witness the enlargement. Esther must have realized that her moment in history to make a difference had arrived. Though she most likely did not plan for her life to take this particular charted direction, Esther must have realized the potential for aborted destiny. As a result, Esther applied faith to the favor granted her, laid down her life, and then she approached the king. Like Esther, we must have faith that God has given us abundant favor and then begin to walk in that new measure of Godly favor.Two Death Structures Threaten Our EnlargementEsther knew that there were two death structures against which she would be at war. One was the fear of death. Esther knew that if she were not summoned by the king, she could lose her life. If the king’s scepter were not extended, the penalty for presumptuously approaching the throne was immediate death. Esther laid down her life for the destiny of the Kingdom!The second death structure was already in the making. It was a literal structure with a hangman’s noose awaiting...the gallows. Haman ordered the construction of the gallows, specifically to hang Mordecai. Precious Saints of God, the enemy has also plotted against each of us. The Amalekite stronghold, which aborts your destiny, eagerly awaits your destruction! However, if we choose to die to self and embrace the advancement of the Kingdom of God, we can be empowered to walk in our full potential and achieve our destiny. I have written several chapters on the Amalekite spirit, and how this evil strongman aborts destiny in my book, Destiny Thieves. (Destiny Thieves is available from the Elijah List; please see the description and the ordering information at the end of this word). It is very important for each of us to realize that we are in a kairos NOW time! In order to fully cross over into our future, our Promised Land, we must defeat the Amalekites. Defeating and Overthrowing Death StructuresEsther defeated the death structures by not only laying down her life for the benefit of the Kingdom, but also through divine favor. However, this awesome level of favor was given to Esther because of her character. She had endured twelve months of purification. Twelve is the symbolic number of government. As a result of her dedication to purity, she was empowered to walk into a governmental position where she was given power to reverse a decree of death against her, her household and the entire Jewish nation. If we also lay down our lives, develop the Kingdom mentality, and allow the Lord to purify our motives, then it is possible that the same ability to reverse decrees of death will be given to each of us! Don’t Attempt to Skip!To receive divine empowerment to overthrow death structures, we cannot skip the myrrh season! It will not be over in just one day; Esther had 6 months with this oil. Myrrh is bitter to the taste, yet has many healing qualities. Though we go through bitter experiences, we must allow the Lord to heal our hearts and settle us firmly into His divine plans. Myrrh was also an oil which prepared bodies for burial. Once more, we recognize how valuable it is to die to self and selfish ambition in order to gain power and authority on this earth. Esther’s Hebrew name was Hadassah, meaning fragrance of the myrtle tree. This is the fragrance we must also carry with us as we approach the King to gain favor. As a result, we too can shift demonic structures of death and release life to our circumstances.Decree a Thing and it Shall be EstablishedThou shalt also decree a thing, and it shall be established unto thee: and the light shall shine upon thy ways. (Job 22:28) When we make a decree, the Word of God says that it becomes established. In other words, the decree can become a foundation upon which to build. Many of us are attempting to build our future, but we are not coming into agreement with God’s Word. Therefore, we are also not decreeing what God has already spoken concerning the situation. Satan has already devised a plan of destruction against us. For many of us, we have battled the spirit of death, and aborted dreams, since the time of our birth. However, we can reverse every decree the enemy has made concerning our lives by writing a NEW decree.Esther wrote a new decree, and it released the entire Jewish nation from a death assignment. We, also, can write a new decree, and that new decree will reverse the curse of death. Just like Esther, God is giving us the same opportunities to write a decree concerning our finances, our health, our children, our houses and whatever concerns us.
Esther 8:7-8 says, "Then the king Ahasuerus said unto Esther the queen and to Mordecai the Jew, Behold, I have given Esther the house of Haman, and him they have hanged upon the gallows, because he laid his hand upon the Jews. Write ye also for the Jews, as it liketh you, in the king’s name, and seal it with the king’s ring: for the writing which is written in the king’s name, and sealed with the king’s ring, may no man reverse."
Notice in Esther 8:7-8 that Esther was given the house of Haman (How many of you desire a new house? Decree it!) She was told to write a decree, "as you like," and then God would seal it. The decree was written in everyone’s own language so that it was easily understood. Pray, Get God’s Direction, Write the New DecreePlease take some time to pray, and write a decree in your own words. Get real with God. Pour out your heart to Him, and let His Spirit guide you while you write a new decree over your life. Getting up-close and personal with Father will ensure that your decree is from a pure motive. Then, write out a new decree and believe God to reverse the curse of death.Here is an example of a written decree (but, remember, this needs to be in your own words):Father, I realize that the devil has decreed death and destruction over my life. I have battled with a spirit of poverty and hopelessness for a very long time. I believe it began from the time I was born. Since I was a child, I have battled fear and anxiety. I realize that this is NOT what You have decreed over my life. You have stated in your Word that I am called and chosen. Your Word states that I am the head and not the tail. I receive a new measure of faith today. I decree that I will no longer be fearful because I am trusting in You. In the name of Jesus, I repent from being in covenant with the words of satan, and I believe that I am loosed from captivity. I am being established and positioned for abundant wealth according to Your divine purpose. Amen.Tell the devil..."IT IS WRITTEN!"When Jesus was in the wilderness and satan tempted Him, Jesus replied to his enemy with these words..."It is written...." Now that you have written your decree that reverses the curse of death and destruction, tell the devil "IT IS WRITTEN", and shift into your new measure of victory.Cross Over Into Your Promise!

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

The Blob

I spoke to my daughter after surgery today. Today they removed a large mass from her hand that looked like "black jello" and took bone from her hip and made two new knuckles and replaced the "eaten" bone between with more hip bone and wired it all together. Other than that, and the fact she seems peaceful, I know little. Her significant other called me with that, and Chuck, her dad, who was supposed to be there for the surgery didn't call. I wish I were there. The biopsy results should be in about six days from now. The doctor predicts six months of healing needed.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Blogger Bluuuuuues

Sorry folks, I added a link, and then the sidebar slid to the bottom. The beginning of trouble! I have been trading templates, changing code, searching "help" all to no avail. My advice is "don't mess with your blog template!"

Anyway - welcome to my new format, and the sidebar is at the bottom and I have lost all my links. Oops.

Oh boy - I added this blog and the sidebar returned. Now, if I can only figure out where the code is for the ORANGE headers.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Face to Face

I don't know why my son seems to be enveloping me these past days, perhaps he is trying to say something to me. So I go back to the book he wrote for words from him and feel full of gratefulness for the relationship he had with God.

Here is his poem: "Face to Face" inspired by lst Corinthians 3:12. (Dang it, tears are messing up my makeup!)

I think of Rod's words, "Oh, Spirit, take me," as his longing to be enveloped by the Holy One cries out through the words of the poem..............

Someone said the worst thing that could happen to a parent happened to me - no, not the worst thing.......the worst thing would be losing a child and not knowing what his relationship was with the Lord.

Yeshua, Great Jehovah, Yahweh, with your flowing spirit, rolling across eternity as a vast ocean wave, I am beginning to see you as you are.

Passing, passing, into a weightlessness, drifting, drifting towards a destination that shall swallow this small spirit in blinding light, all consuming light, engulfing me, every fiber with blurring love.

"Oh, Spirit, take me," sings my soul, as one sweetly melting, blending...into a deep, luminous mist.

I can taste your water of life from which I am destined to drink, as I become more like the All-Father.

Across the Rivers of Foreverness I now walk, hand in hand with He who holds the seven stars, towards a place of no recall.

Soon to be glorified as a million splitting atoms in a fervent fusion of souls.

Yes, Jehova Rapha, let it be as You have predestined of eternity past, that I and my kind after your seed, may return to the Heart of Hearts, Soul of Souls.

Monday, April 17, 2006


ACKKK ACKKKK ACKKK have picked up a virus, I think from my innocent grandchildren. ACKKK. I can't download or upload a thing anywhere except AOL. I have some suspicions that AOL is the virus, rather than the granchilluns. I swore I would never use it again --- I did, now my computer doesn't work right again. Coincidence?

Ahhh, mutiny on the bounty at work. Peace was short-lived. Oh , for the priviledge of firing someone's buTT!

Snowing here, big flakes, went to work in open toe birkies, a light sweater. Came home with wet toes but I did remember my wool babushka scarf from Russia. At least I was warm and dry on mah haid.

Casper - green, warm, trees budding - back here to the Continental Divide - butt cold, snowing, all brown.

Hmmmm, you know I don't remember dying those kitties. Was it perhaps in the big hippie house in Iowa? We sure did grow garden there, didn't we? I made saurkraut and wanted to make headcheese, but couldn't find a hawg's head anywhere. Remember the pumpkin patch and taking all the little ones to run amok and choose pumpkins we could hardly carry?

Saturday, April 15, 2006


Hope everyone who is reading this will have a meaningful Easter.

I'm off to my mother's house but wistfully wish I were home dying eggs with my grandchilluns'. Its warm in the South and I'm cold, and tired of feeling suffocated in layers of clothing.

In this high plateau it takes spring longer to arrive than the rest of the state, and summer leaves more quickly. I am determined to enjoy it when it gets here. Perhaps when I reach the end of that bubble that seems to isolate this town, green will greet me? Maybe?

The antelopes know it is spring - they are all out in droves, grazing the new growth that only they can see. Soon they will be fat. I wish I could get a close up of one of these graceful creatures for you, but they are so shy!

This photo above is my digitally mastered, pink manipulated spring? tree to express my joy at the coming spring. (This is as close to azaeleas as I can get right now!) This is "springtime in the Rockies."


Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Lost it Again

And just after a Sunday Sermon that made me decide to be more Christ-like. I lost it big tonight.

Here's the trail:
Last week:
Tuesday - Commissioners' Meeting from hell.

Wednesday - come home at noon and find all windows out of back of house, front door wide open, cupboards open, and all this in the midst of a dustbowl blowing in before the rain. (What were the glass installers doing in my cupboards??) Call landlords, complain. They say they will stay at the apt. until the glass people come back. Call glass company and chew them out. Come home after work and begin the cleanup. Sand so bad on all surfaces it is turning to mud. Ok, vacum surfaces, then scrub!

Thursday - landlords hire cleaning lady to help me finish cleaning up stove full of sand, dishes, silverware, beds, it is EVERYWHRE.

Friday - company arrives! An old "best" friend. We talk our brains out and have Margauritas. One is two much for me, so why did I do that two nights in a row? Don't feel so good.

Saturday - more friend, now there are three - the old gang, "the three muskateers," yay! Good talk, love, but too much griping about my husband on my part. Guilt. Both of them have suffered more than me, I have no right to complain about a husband that refuses to communicate about anything from the least bit important to the most important, thereby stifling any hope of a relationship. But then I think one thing "Brokeback Mountain" taught me - some, maybe a lot of men can't communicate effectively, and I wonder if that is not only with women but with one another.

Sunday - church with my friend, Lent conviction of how much our sins cost our Lord, then lunch at Su Casa - excellent little place for Tex-Mex. Then she leaves for home, and I decide to drive out to the dam about 30 miles out of town. Photos, walking along the Platte River, gathering of willows. Sunday night - ah, not enough sleep.

Monday - come home, beyond tired, exhausted. Another employee quit. Another recruiting & hiring time consuming run, on top of usual duties. Phone talk to oldest daughter who has rare bone tumor in hand and is freaking out because it is growing daily and the doctor cancels her surgery. Fall in bed, oversleep on Tuesday.

Tuesday - intercession at lunch. Go home at 7:00 and find little spooky things - the sprayer on back of sink laying across the drainer - I never use the sprayer. OK, here we go again, am I nuts? Demonic manifestations? Multiple Personality Disorder? Hmmm. Begin washing lettuce for supper and water pours all over my feet, floor, carpet (ah, classic horror movie symptoms of a possessed apartment!!!) - oh yeh, another mess, just exactly what I was hoping for. Call landlord, yes, I'm nasty - not only because of ANOTHER mess but ANOTHER invasion of privacy. I have two phone numbers they COULD use to tell me they would be in my apartment for repairs while I am away. I slammed the door to my bedroom and cleaned up a website while they cleaned up the flood!

Her - miffed because I am mad - he - making excuses, shuckin' & jivin'. I told them (for the 138th time) the issue is my privacy, I want to know when someone is in here! If I leave underpants on the back of the chair to dry, I want to option of putting them away before someone comes in here. I pay rent, I have a right to privacy. She left mad, he left like he'd been caught in something pretty wicked. So, I guess I'll wait to see if I'm getting evicted.

So another day of struggling with the flesh, the mind, while the spirit finds spaces to bask in the warmth of God's presence. I look to Mother Teresa of Calcutta and wonder at her - I saw her little gutsy self once railing at an audience because of abortion - another time, holding a sick starving child to her heart. Hmm, I wonder. I think I shall go buy her book, maybe there are secrets there to help with all this silly struggle. At least I have blankets, food, a roof, loved ones, a job, so much, so much. Thank you Lord, and I pray, accept my praise, overlook my selfish concerns.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

National Crime Victims Week/Month

Have you ever needed flowers really badly? And there has been no one to "hint" to, and even if if you had someone to hint to, you wouldn't get any until they were on sale? Well, tonight I needed flowers. And I needed them NOW! (Yes, my husband has been known to send me roses, often before I began this Wyoming jaunt. In fact these are a bouquet he gave me, being recycled just for tonight!)

(So, I sent them to myself through this blog.)

What a rough day with the Commissioners. It is one thing to be a victim of blatant gender discrimination, but another to be a victim of gender discrimination when a man doesn't know what he's doing. But then there are some that know what they are doing - like the married guy who states he wants "lots of girl friends, and I would name them Number One, and Number Two, and so on." What does that say about this man?

The gender bias toward women elected officials is becoming so obvious that people from outside attending the meetings are making remarks about it. It is even more obvious when it prevents one from doing their work to the best, and affects ones' wages. The irony is that the Commissioners signed a resolution in support of "National Crime Victims" month today.

What is crime? Is it minor crime when 4 women leave the meeting crying? And what happens if we are tough enough not to cry, but to attempt to defend ourselves: A well known fact, we then move over into the "B......" category in many men's minds.

Age discrimination also took place today. A 28-year old who came in with a mini (both top and bottom) skirt on and tight blouse, with the required thong obvious when she sat down pretty much skated through the meeting with grinning Commissioners being very kind and solicitous. Hmmmmm....interesting. Her boss followed her, ogling, instead of being embarrassed at being represented by an inappropriately dressed "secretary." You guessed it. She wasn't the one receiving the discrimination - or was she? Who wants favors because of sexuality and skimpy clothing? How about abilities and accomplishments? Guys, we like to be treated nice because we are women or even, try -- another human being, but not because we are sexual objects only. Is that a revelation? Or can you even hear it? Or maybe you don't care. I am hoping you are ruled by your heart rather than - - - - well you know.

Is the wage thing a hangover from the days where "women belonged in the home?" The man came home and gave the little lady barely enough to feed the family and ok's the purchase of a dress or household item. Complete control? Nearly. I thought this was the 21st Century. Those days are over - our economy just about dictates that women have to work, albiet for lower wages for the same job that men perform. Ironic, it seems, in a State that first "allowed" women to vote - hmmmm, what is wrong to begin with, that women have to be "allowed" to vote. Men, how would you like to be "allowed" to vote?

A State that witnessed the cruelest manner of murder of a gay man, because he was gay and liked nice clothes, yet still remains prejudiced, a State that a municipal representative can ignorantly say about the some residents of New Orleans, "they could have walked out." And, "They should all go back to where the came from." First if the "representative" (are you proud, Wyoming?) had ever been to New Orleans, and looked to see how the city and highways were laid out, and the distances involved, he would know how ignorant that remark was. But would he even care? Maybe he was/is proud of his ignorance. Secondly, we all came from somewhere, except the American Indian that we practiced genocide upon, so maybe we should go back to where we came from. Sorry Wyoming, I know that you don't have the monopoly on these "crimes" against humanity, I've seen it elsewhere, but today because I am smarting from the stings, I want to stand in your streets and cry, "Shame, shame, shame!".

What, I wonder, would a world be like without hate, without crimes, without prejudice against anyone over 40, people of color, races, ethnicities, sexual orientation, gender differences, beatings, intimidations, cruelty against women and children, just because they are physically weaker more often than men? Don't they realize if men conquered the demons within them, or channeled the urge to conquer those weaker or different than themselves to something productive, that they would become heros? Maybe then we could even put an end to poverty and war? (men, in general, you know your hearts, if this isn't you, then you ARE my hero.)

The two most wonderful things that can be taught to children are to be kind, but to be able to defend themselves against the hatred in the world. And when all else fails - foregiveness. Although forgiveness does not include a carte blanche for abusers to keep on abusing.

Here's for National Crime Victims Week/Month! As well as signing a proclamation, shall we start in our own backyards, our own homes, our own relationships, our own sphere of influence, our own hearts?

Monday, April 03, 2006

Ivan the Terrible

Ivan the Terrible. Fast as greased lightnin'. Impaler of kittens. Three eyed monstor. Found off of Gulf Beach highway in the guise of a small black kitten traumatized by Hurricane Ivan.

Nurtured and loved, but was it genetic, or trauma, why, oh why, did this animal go so wrong?

Picked up for crimes so horrible, they were "hushed up." Bailed out once by woman who was too trusting and will never trust again.

If you see Ivan the Terrible, the
three eyed monster, RUN, RUN, RUN!

Sunday, April 02, 2006


The striped kitty was a birthday present to my grandson. The cat's name evolved with the cat - PSYCHO. The kitty was adopted out of a garage. Fitting. This is a garage cat, i.e., no class. But a little boy's love know's no bounds, so Psycho stays, and stays, and stays. I do have to give him credit - he is a beauty. Shiny. Goldie eyes. Now big. But crazy. Neighbor called the cat police and Psycho disappeared from Neighbor's life and ours for a week. He was bailed out, with his friend, Ivan, sick, and cost a lot of mony to totally rehab back to healthy young (neutered) male cats.

When Psycho and Ivan returned, they killed a rat, probably from our garage as Neighbor keeps a VERY tidy garage. As a result, Neighbor decided maybe cats weren't as evil as they seem. My daughter who put up the bail money the first time has decided, no more bail. Oddly enough, it was Psycho who understood and reformed. Ivan disappeared again, never to return.

Now, if you are thinking, "how cruel to let the animals outside" - you do not understand these two. They would, in the most crafty manner, hide and wait for a door to open. They would slink out if it was dark and we would never know. Cats slink, you know. If it was daylight, both at the same time would shoot from out of nowhere into the backs of our knees. Once our balance was regained or we picked ourselves up from the floor, the cats were long gone and no amount of chasing could catch them; gone, only to return when they were hungry or needed to potty.

Now, the potty is what REALLY makes Chuck mad! He completely does not understand cats, (or, at first, particularly like them) although after living with four for several years, he is getting it. He, and rightfully so, does not understand why cats come inside to poop. Now, come to think of it, I don't either. But, neighbor is very glad that they do. End of Psycho story.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Freedom to Believe

The following is written by someone I've never seen nor met, but somehow my heart feels a-kin to this one: "The problem with the terrorist Islamic extremist whether they are Taliban in Afghanistan or a few in Iran and Lebanon . They just can’t be like the civilized people of the world and solve their issues rationally they have to get angry and violent and kill the innocent people.why? Because they have been brained washed that what ever happens in the world is the conspiracy by the west and want to point the problem and blame it all on the west so that they would have an excuse for their citizens for been incapable for doing the job and so that they could recruit terrorist !But what the Iran’s regime and Taliban in Afghanistan and other Islamic terrorist have done is that they showed us what happens when Islam is in power of the political authority another example is the middle ages in Europe and the problem with the Christianity in the political power so it is not just the problem with specific religion .The problem is when the religion involves in politics by people who abuse religion.They don’t understand that the religion is a sacred thing and it belongs to our churches or our Mosques or our Synagogue and the last but certainly not the least it belongs to our heart not the politics.Because the religion is not for imposing it on every in the political system. I think most people in the middle east are probably not for a secular democratic movements but most people of Iran are because they have seen the atrocities of the Islamic republic in 27 and once that happens that could be a model for the rest of the middle east counties because of the geopolitical location of Iran and the impact that it could have on the political process in the world ." Written By

Aren't we lucky in the U.S.? Wasn't that profound what the writer said about religion being the scared thing that belongs in our hearts? Jesus never "pounded" religion into anyone - but gave the truth and love out...........the unregenerated part of man's heart wants to force religion, I think.

What do you think?