Sunday, February 28, 2010

:Life Lessons from Painting

Still working on this darn thing, determined to make it work. I think because I am working with transparent colors, that when I get done they seem to disappear into the canvas. I'm not familiar with working with night scenes - and the light source is coming from the front....wrestled with the dang thing last night and parts of it got better, parts got worse.

Painting is a lot like life - you start something, excited about it, and all of a sudden realize its not working so well, and now its a big problem to solve. Now, I'm sure more experienced painters would know exactly what to do with really, I guess it comes down to education and problem solving skills. Then somewhat, finding what one is really good at and focusing energy into that area.

I paint from emotion - usually. I think what I need to do, since I relate to the flamingo and the flamingo's soul, is to just paint a flamingo, without landscape - a portrait of a flamingo - look in its eyes and let it speak to me, and paint. Sooo will that work -? I looked in the eyes of the parrot and all I have is a pretty picture. I want the magic!

Ok, getting ready to go to church - I am a bit huffy as "H" is getting all showered, perfumed and is running off to church without me. I have to go to second service, because that is the only time grandson's age group meets. I feel hurt - I tell him - he pays no attention - a source of contention from long ago - church as avoidance. Ha, ha, I tell myself, put that one in your hat, and paint it.

Never paint with negative feelings in your heart. I started an angel and got in a tiff with someone else who means a lot to me - it was a pencil drawing and I was touching it ever so lightly with washes, and my hand got heavier and heavier and I made it mediocre, the hotter I became in temper, the more I ruined it. Its ok, but its not "wow" so its going to garbage. I think that is another life lesson.

Will be glad when I have a more peaceful spirit and tolerance. Its Lent now. I miss the traditions that point to the importance of the coming of my Savior and the reasons, and the cost, and the emphasis on the whole importance of the Easter season. Mardi Gras and the partying are gone - I've never quite figured out how the craziness and extremities of Mardi Gras fit in with the concept of Christianity - not that I haven't gone to the tamer celebrations (I am not into having someone peeing on my shoes at the wild parades and parties!)

Ok, the old grouch is going in for her shower and perfume and the second church service. Perhaps God will meet me there and soothe the grouchiness, maybe even turn it to joy.


tshsmom said...

I'm no artist, but I love that painting! To me it represents light and beauty amidst the dark...something I'm always searching for.

I'd be hurt if hubs didn't want to go to church with me too. Isn't church supposed to be family time?

Four Dinners said...

Diana! That is bloody marvellous!!!

...and that's an understatement.

I'd go to church with Carol but I doubt they'd let me in...;-)

Milla said...

When we were children my parents used to take us 3 kids to church on Sundays for the 6pm service, the 5 of us sitting together in the cold, listening to the priest. I would inevitably fall asleep (like I do now when I watch films), and of course that was a source of shame for my parents. And for me, at the time.
Now I think they should have let me sleep and that's it!

I like this very much
I tell myself, put that one in your hat, and paint it.

Stagg said...

I used to listen to this group called UltraMagnetic-n' they emphasized that God is Love-it sounds simple,yet I struggle with it myself, n' that may help you..maybe keep it UNDER "yer hat? !!!


Wandering Coyote said...

Well, I am not an artist, either, but I do love the flamigos and this is going to be a stunner when it's done...Not that it isn't now, however!