Sunday, October 09, 2011

Sketchin' Around

Paradise Gardens - Come sit and enjoy the atmosphere.

Our tent - me on the left, and on the right - the most creative artist I know - - - hard to see her beautiful mirror....

Looking across the Gardens................

More artists - many were stationed in the courtyard -

Pumpkin time 2011

Kite Man.....West Indies

Fall again - and pumpkin time, and of course, my little friend Nevermore. Also had a desire to do the "Kite Man." Had a fun show at a place called "Paradise Gardens" (and it was! beautiful!). Thankfully some friends had the tent - and put it up and helped me with all my art, I could not have done it without them.

Planning another show at Jellyfish Bar Martini and Wine Festival. That too will be interesting - in a pretty small mall area on the beach . . . November 7. Again another friend will share space and help me with the setup - otherwise I couldn't do it.

Now, am going to rest from painting a while - a short while. My grandson went home to stay except for short visits and I miss him so so much. I am watching too many Netflex. He and I went to the movies and watched an IMAX about boxing robots. Was actually pretty good.

Need to clean house and do yardwork -but! Lazy? I dunno. Aches and pains - and maybe lazy too!

Gallery Night on October 21. Makes me tired to think of it - crowds and more crowds of people!!!! I hope I sell big time! I need to go buy ornaments, large ones and begin painting them for Christmas to sell. So much to do.

Hey, Stagg - Hey, Candy - if you were here, we'd go busk!


PJs Epistles said...

Wish I could join you at the Jellyfish Martini and Wine Festival! Have a glass of Zinfandel in honor of your old friend. Liked what I saw and read this morning. I'll be back later to take in more.

Gardenia said...

Ha, Pat, I didn't see any wine, and the "martini's" were what I imagine Jim Jones' koolaid tasted like. It was chilly, windy, and badly attended because the former owner called the newspaper and directed the traffic to HIS festival downtown.