Saturday, May 19, 2012

Moving to Higher Ground

Ah, early a.m. and much musings - art - where am I going?  I don't know.  My higher power I do believe just spoke to me and said, just do it, I will show you as you go.  The above are journal pages - -

Well, am going to do it!  May 30th - surgery date to fix back!  Actually it is in much better shape than in previous years - but areas where nerves are impinged are severe.  It is time.  Should be home by 31st....sister is coming to take me over - - and bring me back. Chuck and dogs will wait for me. Concerned over all my "kingdom" and all that needs me - guess it will manage for two-three weeks while I recuperate.  Looking back - to time of pulmonary embolism - I asked God for enough years to see last grandchild raised - and look what has happened:  A new grandchild.  A girl.  Fallyn Arianna.  I am madly in love with this new little person.  Will post a pic later, my camera has disappeared and I had photos in phone, which crashed, so the new phone is now barren and I hope i have somewhere saved the photos of the little darling.  She's about two weeks old.

Soooo - It's been a weird and tough in it own way year - not only challenges, but in that I wanted to keep doing things the same way as a marvelous previous few years - and no, nope, not allowed - so put on the new - but how?  Trial and error - listening to what is inside - - - ready, ready to embrace the new, and learn its mysterious paths until they are well worn and then time to come up another notch again.


Wandering Coyote said...

I am glad you are finally getting your back fixed, and congratulations on the new grand baby!

Good luck with the surgery! said...

Yes very much in the congratulations part. Hope you find the pix soon.. and also hope your back gets well soon.. talk soon miss you.