Sunday, March 05, 2006

Apartment Cat

This is an apartment cat. A cat who does not go outside except for an occasional boarding when I travel. This weekend I have been doing a friend a favor by feeding their apartment cat while the friend & husband are out of town. After seeing THEIR apartment and comparing it to MY apartment, I am wondering if I have a deviant apartment cat.

The friend's apartment is tidy and clean. No litter tracked from the box to the other rooms of the house, no poopoo stuck on the wall & floor by the box, no masses of hair clinging to carpets, furniture, curtains, no food scattered all over the kitchen (food was neatly in the bowl where it belonged).

This cat, Spot a/k/a Ms. Meowi is a smart cat. I have finally taught her that she is NOT allowed to reach up and dig big ruts in my thighs. She has learned that she cannot jump on me and take my food away, nor steal it from the table. Why can she not learn to be tidy? All she has to do is walk across a room and it will need two hours of cleaning.

In fact, in my friend's apartment there was no trace of a cat. It apparently hid when it heard the key in the lock. I stayed a little while in case the animal was lonely and wanted a petting. Still no trace. Spot a/k/a Ms. Meowi would have instantly greated a newcomer, sharpened her claws on their thighs (knowing they would be too polite to whop her) and jumped up (all 27 pounds of her) on their shoulders to smell their breath to see if perhaps food was a possibility.

Spot thinks she's a dog and will not leave my side. Did you ever hear of a cat shedding when its 5 below zero, and believe me, my apartment does not go much above 60 degrees. I can no longer allow her to sleep on my bed because inhaling the loose fur causes allergies. At regular intervals she wakes me up, wailing outside my bedroom door. I constantly trip over her as I clean up after her. Oh, Spot a/k/a Ms. Meowi, what am I going to do with you?

Right now, I am going to go to the store and buy a new pooper scooper, litter, floor cleaner, and scrubbing clothes.

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Hattigrace said...

When did you get your feline fiend, I mean, friend?! I love your blog and your heart! hey, Arbonne is going great. No matter who uses it, they want it ALL!! Wanna try it? Takes ten years off.

Lotsa love, hattigrace <><