Thursday, March 09, 2006

Michaelangelo of Medicine Bow

Just when I am at the most homesick, God just does really neat things by giving me a surprise that makes me smile and feel grateful.

We drove out about 40 miles from town to go to a Council of Governments meeting at the Dip Bar and Diner. Dip is short for Dip-lo-do-cus (the o's are long o's). That's the big ol' dinasaur that, among others, left his bones deposited not too far from town.

Entering the Dip Bar, row upon row of western carvings, down to the tiny duplication of rope harnesses greet the visitor. Beyond the display of the amazing wood carvings is a huge bar - made entirely of different kinds of Jade. It is entirely gorgeous.

Once past the bar paintings of rural scenes, mostly ranches, cowboy life and native wild animals cover walls and ceilings as stately as any paintings in the cathedrals in Europe. I asked the "Michaelangelo" if he lay on a scaffold to paint. No, he painted them with his arms raised over his head, his head crooked back. Considering that, the proportions are even more incredible.

Friends hanging out in front of the Jade Bar, after the meeting.

Hmmmm, now I think I might just drive on out there Saturday for a hamburger and a visit with "Michaelangelo."

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