Sunday, August 29, 2010


The indoor mountain restaurant and the outdoor mountain restaurant!

Grandson's first Chuckwagon lunch!

Hmmm - how much is the rent? I want to stay. In the summer, that is!

Finally - our cabin room!

Quaking Aspen - - beautiful white barked trees with tiny green leaves that turn brilliant yellow in the fall, and when the breezes blow they shimmer like a thousand sequins....

The sky in Wyoming is deep, so deep and so blue and so clear (usually).

"For purple mountain majesty............"

"Above the fruited plains............"


tshsmom said...

We had breakfast at the chuckwagon. The sourdough pancakes were amazing.

I'm used to winter weather, but I don't know if I could handle all the elk that winter in Jackson Hole.

punxxi said...


Milla said...

Fantastic place!!
The wooden cabin surrounded by the forest and the mountains reminds me so much of our summer house in my village. I want to go there right now!!

tweetey30 said...

Wow beautiful.. just beautiful.. thanks for sharing with us and that gorgeous grandson of yours..

Cherie said...

So glad I came for visit here at your blog, Gardenia! The Tetons and surrounding area are one of my very favorite and for all the reasons you highlighted. The Quaking Aspens (your description - perfect!), blue sky, log cabin amongst the trees, and of course the Tetons themselves. A gorgeous gem of God is that area.

Thanks for the photos - was great to revisit.

My World said...

beautiful pics..... I will be back real soon. I'm very happy to see your still blogging. Take care,