Tuesday, September 07, 2010

My Zoo

Never thought I would see them watch a dog eat THEIR food, though they surely feel that they are entitled to his food- they are alpha cats.

This is Manuel Guardo Montoya. He sings to you from his throat. Totally different than a growl, he does that too! He is too sweet.

Guido Romeo Basseto and Big Mama aka Big Meowie. Now, if Psycho darling will accept Guido we're in!

Sometimes we add my granddaughter's Weezy, a chihuahua and yorkie mix to our zoo mix.

Had a great Labor Day - oldest daughter came over (youngest just got off of night shift) and we went to a Tiki Bar and beautiful pool to hang out and renew our tans. Youngest grandson went with us, found people to play ball with and he had a ball - we people watched, the band came on motorcycles with their instruments - if he hadn't had to go home, we would have stayed till the sun went down.

Does Canada celebrate Labor Day?


Milla said...

The last picture is just FAB!!

Milla said...

Came back to look again at the last picture. The pets look at you as if you were from another planet :) I love the expression on their faces. Also, I think your stripy cushions and the combination of textiles are really stylish!

tweetey30 said...

I knew you had cats but didnt know you had dogs too??? But they are lovely animals..

punxxi said...

you just need a few raccoons in the mix ;o)