Friday, September 24, 2010

Soooo Busy or Not

Yep, that's how I feel. An old self portrait, but lying on the floor - that's me. Fighting a flu bug. Half in and half out of the art mode.

Used to disdain Facebook as a frou frou program, and truly I miss the richness, the more personable, more arty, more - - - blogspot! Blogspot is just deeper and you don't have to worry about Uncle Judge Your Stuff giving you a hard time. Most of the time anyway, a few have leaked through though, right?

I don't where my time has gone - I have practically quit farming (Farmtown) - and have been on a short painting hiatus (darn!) - my house is dirty, still cluttered -

Going to Orlando week after next to a week long seminar - which I hope will break me through to being able to bring in a fairly steady income from art - I have ideas - but fear often finds me not working them....the ideas, that water/health product business leaves much to be desired, haha, like sales! The products fabulous, the getting them out there makes me cringe - why have to push something that is marvelous, is good for health and in the case of water, saves the environment? Besides, now they are finding that some of the bottled waters are even worse than the tap water! Most of the stuff we buy is heralded by a bunch of bunk, and I have something tried and true and the money part isn't working, so my thoughts are, don't keep working on something that isn't working, right? My heart is to paint! I will keep the water and health business, but only as a side for our use, and if someone needs help along the way, then we can share. So a time of new discovery is underway.

On a sad note - my blog pal, Hattigrace, in fact she got me started on blogspot, lost her husband last Wednesday - it seems like weeks ago, yet not - he was over at noon getting water and ran some errands, went home and went to bed and she found him when she got home from work. A huge shock and he will be terribly missed. He was a kind, supportive kind of person. He had suffered poor health for 15 years since he had a stroke, but he was always "there" ya know? He'll be missed. Funeral is tomorrow - I am hoping I feel better, don't want to carry any germs!


punxxi said...

Please relay my condolenses to your friend, how sad!

tweetey30 said...

Oh my goodness what a way to find your loved one.. yes condelences for me too. I have seen her many times here but never visited her blog. Maybe I should start.

hattigrace if you read this I am terribly sorry for your loss and hugs to a friends, friend..

Gardennia you get well tonight where you can go to the Funeral..

Stagg said...

Sorry for you and your friends personal loss. Keep up the great work!!


Candy Minx said...

Oh no I am so sorry to hear about Hattigraces husband. I used to read her blog all the time. I shall try to send her a message...but will you pass on my condolences for me too when you see her? I am so sorry but she will be pleased to have you there with her Gardenia!

On another note...I have a small painting for you as we talked about and I will send it in a few days or so when i get to the courier...

big hus...