Sunday, November 07, 2010


This is a drawing I did about a man who lost four of his dogs in a house fire. This was the only dog he could save. I call it "Housefire." Well, I'm thankful that a couple of blogging friends have much happier looks on their faces and lost no lives to their house fire (apartment) - the incident set me to thinking............

I don't blog nearly as intense as I used to - I think that might be a winter project, to get back in touch, be more faithful with the blogging and checking in. After Candy and Stagg's close call I realized how dear my blogging pals are to me and I never want to lose touch! You all have seen me through a desolate time in Wyoming away from family, marriage problems, sickness, injuries, moving, erratic sometimes behavior and accepted me anyway. That means a lot, a whole lot in this life. Thank you.

Oh, fall hit suddenly here - it is cold, seems a bit nicer today. The Greater Gulf Coast Arts Festival is underway, and humbling as every booth we visited yesterday during our quick walk through had stunning art. Grandson helped me hang mine in the gallery and I signed up for gallery night duties, but it will be fun. Does this mean I do not get to isolate a lot now? Maybe.

Much to do this week - the plumbing flood seems to not want to go away - the insurance company sent us an inventory, less than the damages and replacements, so I have work to do there. The Event is not coming along - totally amazing how its NOT coming along. I will be so embarrassed to go ask the art bar if they have a problem with me keeping to a tiny event, which means tiny money for them for the day!

Daylight savings time change today - aaackkkk - love having some more light in the morning, but its downright depression to have to take my walks in the evening in the dark, and i worry about the school kids getting home ok.

My Wyoming friends ought to be arriving at their place for wintering - we call them "snow birds" down here.

Time to fix grandson some breakfast.....

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S.M. Elliott said...

I too want to up the blogtime this winter. I've learned and gained so much from wonderful, gifted, sharing blogfriends, and wouldn't want to lose touch with any of you!