Saturday, November 06, 2010

Getting There

The painting is called "Getting There." This photo was taken when it wasn't completely finished. Today it resides in Blue Morning Galley.

It is official! I am now in - Blue Morning Gallery.

The gallery is chock-full of some really great artists. I think this is going to really be fun. It is a coop, involved in the community, and everyone I've met seems really, really nice. I put the charcoals in to begin with. In fact, I'm sort of taken with the charcoals right now, so probably will do a few more pieces before moving back to paints.

Today grandson and I attended the Greater Gulf Coast Arts Festival - a November event that gets better year by year. I always feel humbled when I see all the fabulous art there.

Well, my huge jobs are getting done - I have 10 more pillows to make for grandson's school and the "Paint the World with Hope and Healing" workshops and I will be able to just relax, keep a clean house (I hope) and do art.

Still have myriads of paperwork to fill out from plumbing flood - at the rate they are moving it will take many more months to finish it up. Have to go back to hardware stores for more estimates.

Our cat has a torn ligament in her cat knee - so she has to have surgery to stablize her tibia. Its been one of those months! Can't wait for turkey for Thanksgiving. Don't know why, but I'm craving turkey! Yum. The animals said that sounded good to them too.

So sleepy - have to take a short nap to keep moving later on today.

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