Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Cello Player

Too cold to go out and play, so staying inside to play! I have to go out for a while and retrieve a package from Fed Ex that they sent to wrong address. I never found the package that the U.S. post office lost. They said they returned to to sender but won't tell me where it has been returned.

Grandson here sick. Whole family has been sick - I can't believe I have made it through so far with no sickness of my own. I guess someone has to stay on their feet!

The New Members Art Show went so well at the gallery - had so much fun! Will post photos tomorrow, hopefully or very soon. Grandson just gave me a list of "sick" supplies, Peppered Beef Jerky, Sunflower Seed, Cherries and Scratch off Lotto Tickets. Yeah, right, he wishes.

So, out in the cold I go - yesterday the cold being 44 degrees F - sorry folks, us southerners are "cold sissies."


punxxi said...

Bundle up! It was 34 when I got up this morning...it had warmed up from last night. I need to live in the desert, where joints don't creak and ache. Stay well. I am so happy for you that the art show went so well. I need to brave the weather and take more pictures. I really like to take b& w's.
Get well, Grandson.

tweetey30 said...

It was only 22 degrees when I came home this morning and its suppose to drop again for a week or so here.. Not sure when but that is what I heard anyway..So yes bundle up and stay warm.. I have an afghan coming up soon. I have two photo's of it but I want to lay it out across my bed first before putting it here or anywhere else for that matter.

Stagg said...

awhh you guys aren't cold...you just aren't use 2 it!!!