Thursday, December 30, 2010

2011 Coming Down

Reading list for 2011 - part of it anyway - I also have three Catholic books - one about the Theology of the Body

Also finished another painting - except for the glazing and taking care of the edges. It think this one needs prints made. It is much more beautiful than the lousy camera shot. I think I'll get prints made....

Preparing for New Years - a bottle of pink champagne a day -

Seriously, I will be slipping back into my roll of semi-normal housewife and grandma. Soon.

Next month I will be 66. Beware my friends. OR Celebrate! Midlife crisis can't even compare to the wonderful mid sixties!

Here's to the New year - Yay - come on! I'm ready with open arms!



Morrison, Toni Ships from Alibris

Item charge:$0.99
used book

The Last Oracle

Rollins, James Ships from Alibris

Item charge:$0.99
used book


Donoghue, Emma, Professor Ships from Alibris

Item charge:$0.99
Each item in this section ships direct from its seller. When you order multiple items, some may ship separately. They should arrive by Jan 17, 2011.
used book

The Wretched of the Earth

Frantz Fanon Ships from Motor City Books

Item charge:$0.99
used book

Alfred Stieglitz: a Biography

Richard Whelan, Jennifer Josephy Ships from Better World Books

Item charge:$0.99
used book

The Curse of Willie Lynch: How Social Engineering Iin the Year 1712 Continues to Affect African Americans Today

Rollins, James Ships from BargainBookStores

Item charge:$9.14
used book

O'Keeffe and Stieglitz: an American Romance

Benita Eisler Ships from


Gardenia said...

Ha, now that blank reading list is just plain HILLARIOUS. Seriously I have some good stuff lined up -
Books about Alfred Steiglitz
a couple by James Rollins
and - more!

Gardenia said...
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Gardenia said...
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tweetey30 said...

Actually if you click on it it brings you to your page where you bought them but it also brings you to how much each item was.. lol..

punxxi said...

Love the hat! Love the peacock!
Happy New Year

S.M. Elliott said...

Happiest new year to you! May the gorgeous paintings multiply.
A peacock is quite appropriate for you - colourful and impossible to ignore! ;)