Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

Some don't believe in Easter's foundations, but thinking of celebrations for this season, I believe one must respect other's beliefs. This is the one I celebrate, kind of mixed with a bit of passover as well. It's been an odd one in a way, no Easter outfits, or bunnies, nor baskets, none of the American traditions, no ham, no mashed potatoes, no after church brunch, no church. I did make a pink box cake today, we ate left overs from last night, and I missed the rest of my family. Yet I am glad they felt the freedom to celebrate (or not) on their own.

The above picture is an apt depiction of a wound of crucifixion.

I did go Friday to a most extraordinary service at the Metropolitan Community Church - it was called a Taise service and was quite moving. I never spoke to anyone, nor anyone to me - Christ was preeminent and the message of Christ. I wept through the whole thing and felt incredible when it was over.

So that notwithstanding, I am fighting a major painter's block. Ugh - have to break through now that I'm committed!!!! There is so much going on, I'm thinking if I do not develop a workable routine I will have to resign from the Gallery's Board as Publicity Director in order to have time to paint.

Summer! Full bloom here - in the 80's - that's F. Humid. Green, so green. Hibiscus blooming - I am so behind in planting, yard work, its crazy, but my sister is coming and we will dig and plant and continue the garage cleaning that Stagg and Candy so aptly began for us. One of the palms has split which is rare and I'm watching it with interest. Earth Mother I am.

Youngest grandson is going to Orlando with a select choir to sing at Disneyworld. His mom is going with him, they are so excited!! Oldest grandson graduated from IT Tech last month. Granddaughter is finding her way - deep thinking and definitely a free spirit, will be fun to watch her enter adulthood. She will be 17 next week - scary - I got married when I was 17. She has better sense.

My car has taken to falling apart the last two months, expensive falling a parts! Hope this recent transmission trouble is the last of it. It only has 66,000 and Buicks are supposed to be workhorses. Dunno.

My mother has been sick, probably is on the decline towards death, she thinks any moment, but it could possibly be another year as well. She had a reaction to a flu shot which uncovered some clots in her lungs. They are gone, but she has been fighting some fluid in her lung. She wants me to come out and take care of her. Moving in or getting an apartment for a few years or 20 plus years is not an option for me. I keep in touch with her doctors and if she really needs me, then I will go - but not until then, other than a standard visit. I don't know anyone else my age that visits there mother 2000 miles away every year. I think I can count the actual vacations, holidays I've taken in my life on one hand. So I don't feel selfish.

I am so thankful for such a fabulous year last year - it helps bear this one!

Well, that's it for now - nice to be blogging again - Facebook is really irritating me. Long story.

I think I've lost all my Bspot readers - but life changes, ebbs, swirls, and its ok, really - I trust we are all where we are supposed to be when we are there. If nothing else Bspot is a great journal!


punxxi said...

I like your Easter better than my Easter!

Gardenia said...

Oh, Punxxi, I'm afraid to ask. But I will! Message me on FB if you want.

Gardenia said...

Oh, Punxxi, I'm afraid to ask. But I will! Message me on FB if you want.