Saturday, April 09, 2011

The Mockingbird That Would Not Be Killed

For a few weeks, a mockingbird had been visiting me - she (perhaps) would sit on the top of the umbrella on my patio table and often stand on the patio and look into the house. I rather got a kick out watching her. Then a pair of birds would be chasing Psycho, the cat, across the top of the backyard fence. "Ah," I thought, "they have babies somewhere."

Offers of food and seed were ignored.

Several days ago, big Mama cat came in with a good sized bird in her mouth (I thought it was a mouse) and when we were able to take the bird, we noticed it was a baby Mockingbird. In the attempted capture, the cat caught the bird - twice. When baby was finally secured, he was placed in a shoe box. The next morning, my grandson opened the box to see if baby was still alive, and the bird took off and hid behind a China closet. We couldn't get it out as the furniture was too heavy.

Then, suddenly, the desperate screams of a bird, and I ran to the kitchen, and there it was, in the mouth of the cat AGAIN. I rescued the bird, and drove him to the Wildlife Sanctuary which was well-tucked away in an industrial section of town. The workers said a bird so attacked (three times) would rarely live. Sad, and on the way out of the sanctuary I was able to see a Great Horned Owl, which was an awe inspiring sight!

The following day I called the Sanctuary - the baby bird not only lived, but had already transited to a foster home that would nurture it until it could return to the wild. What a bird! What beautiful innocence and strength!

Then I turned inward and asked, what was the lesson of the Mockingbirds - ahhh, a humbling one: I turned to research and some Indian Lore - - - and found it, "Take note of what you are attracting and mimicking." Yes, I got it. It took me a long time. The Indians believe when one gets the "house visitors" it is often a message. I agree.

2 comments: said...

So cool.. I have to admit I dont think I have ever seen a real mockingbird but have read about them..

Bad kitty for trying to eat the bird though. LOL. Hope you keep us posted on baby birdie if you can. glad to hear it lived and has a foster home..

My World said...

Hello Lady, I'm happy to see your still blogging. The mockingbird story is amazing. I have missed visiting your blog... something is always going on thats interesting for all who visit.......

Happy Easter....... Maybe a giant bunny will show up lol