Saturday, August 20, 2011

Count Down

Summer drawin' to an end. School starts day after tomorrow. I feel bad, didn't get to do half what I wanted with grandson this summer. It went way too fast. Trying to get him on decent hours scheduling is extremely difficult.

Took down older art at Gallery and hung new art. It looks sort of "oddball" down there as I am painting from some place within - - rather than from photographs as in the past. Plan to enter an Exhibit called "Pretenders" this coming weekend - what a fun theme!

Hot, hot hot hot hot is the only way I can describe the summer. But there is no global warming, uh uh. Yeah, right. Humid too.

Wyoming friend coming Tuesday to say hi - that will be nice. Having trouble finding time to exercise - perhaps now that school is starting I can do better.

Dogs are inexcusable delinquents = trying to run away, pooping occasionally in odd placed, trying to sleep with me all the time, vet visits for weird funguses, (welcome to Florida) and odd kinds of worms.....I have decided to take clipping matters into my own hands to save money. Cats have warmed up to a truce with them.

ok - good night everyone -

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Candy Minx said...

I guess school is back in full swing by now...I hope things are going well for grandson and he meets some nice kids there and really has a good teacher and lots of fun. We think about him all the time!!!!

Oh I want a small doggie but I get worried when I think about the work, the vets etc and walks and worms oh my!

So glad to be back online on sweet beloved computer at HOME! I gave you a phone call this morning...thats our new land line...if it registered, I will try again. Off to run errands this afternoon. Much love! xxooo