Saturday, August 27, 2011

Thoughts on Hurricanes

Lion painting finished and hanging in gallery with the lily and another painting. Taking two to the "Edgy" Gallery in town this afternoon to be juried in hopefully to their show - I like their shows!

I've been on line with a friend in North Carolina. Hurricane Irene is bearing down on them - rather is on them. So far prayers to keep their electricity are working! NCY is evacuating - after being in a few evacuations here, I can't imagine the chaos - and fear. This is a mega storm - it is HUGE! Seems the movies are more prophetic than the prophets sometimes. Well, I hope they will be protected. Seems like the thing moved over the Bahamas without killing more than one or two I believe.

The heat here is awful - 104 degrees F - that is NOT the head index which can be ten degrees higher. I was out most of day yesterday and it took everything out of me. I slept until 11 a.m today which is unusual, and my lungs hurt like crazy.

Must move on - haven't even dressed yet and its one o'clock.

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Stagg said...

The painting is other worldly-keep the faith-my thoughts go out to all the storm areas!!