Friday, September 16, 2011


Doodling - want to start a new one of these tonight - but sooo tired. I am stumbling tired. Set up some doc appointments next week. Ha, husband took over 1/20th of what I do in a day because he's on vacation - he came home moaning after taking us to a cafe for dinner - and fell in bed, haven't seen him since. Anyway, I have had an afternoon with an overly long nap (but it felt soooo good) and a long night's sleep last night with wonderful dreams. Actually had time to workout twice.

I dreamed of a medalion with three horses - I will sketch it tonight. It is a long story - a friend bought the pin for me, put it in an envelope and mailed it to me. The envelope arrived, with a small hole in it - smaller than the pin, and the pin was missing. My mail has been tampered with - yesterday an envelope from the School District arrived that was three fourths torn open. Now, who could be spying on me? This is scary. I fear espionage - maybe from outer space. (Sorry, I really am tired.) I think the County would be bored of me by now.

The little girl in the top charcoal is the granddaughter of my friend that sent the pen. Isn't she adorable?

Success - this animal hoarder has trained a rather - er, to be kind, slow dog to roll over. She is quite proud of herself. But Guido is jealous. The cats are acting as guardians - they lay in the doorways and won't let the dogs pass. Guido is getting fed up and asserting his tiny self against the unjustice.

Good night all - I am falling over - - - oh, oh - watched Dr. Zhivago for the second time after many many many years - and fell in love with it all over again! Grandson and I sat in matching recliners crying over the ending, much to his chagrin.

and again, Good night


Stagg said...

Those animal explanations are really funny !!

STAGG said...

Never seen the movie but glad you are painting and drawing again.. Havent been around much anywhere.. Miss you all.