Saturday, April 01, 2006

Freedom to Believe

The following is written by someone I've never seen nor met, but somehow my heart feels a-kin to this one: "The problem with the terrorist Islamic extremist whether they are Taliban in Afghanistan or a few in Iran and Lebanon . They just can’t be like the civilized people of the world and solve their issues rationally they have to get angry and violent and kill the innocent people.why? Because they have been brained washed that what ever happens in the world is the conspiracy by the west and want to point the problem and blame it all on the west so that they would have an excuse for their citizens for been incapable for doing the job and so that they could recruit terrorist !But what the Iran’s regime and Taliban in Afghanistan and other Islamic terrorist have done is that they showed us what happens when Islam is in power of the political authority another example is the middle ages in Europe and the problem with the Christianity in the political power so it is not just the problem with specific religion .The problem is when the religion involves in politics by people who abuse religion.They don’t understand that the religion is a sacred thing and it belongs to our churches or our Mosques or our Synagogue and the last but certainly not the least it belongs to our heart not the politics.Because the religion is not for imposing it on every in the political system. I think most people in the middle east are probably not for a secular democratic movements but most people of Iran are because they have seen the atrocities of the Islamic republic in 27 and once that happens that could be a model for the rest of the middle east counties because of the geopolitical location of Iran and the impact that it could have on the political process in the world ." Written By

Aren't we lucky in the U.S.? Wasn't that profound what the writer said about religion being the scared thing that belongs in our hearts? Jesus never "pounded" religion into anyone - but gave the truth and love out...........the unregenerated part of man's heart wants to force religion, I think.

What do you think?

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