Monday, August 14, 2006

First Ah Is, Then Ah Isn't, Then Ah Is..........

Thank you dear friends for all the encouragement. The realtor called the banker, who didn't know anything about the letter loaning me not enough money and raising the interest, even though she signed it.

Met the inspector at Casa de whose's it, and the plumbing is leaking under the mobile home, the sump pump is plugged via a long cord going under the door into the studio, (which is in really good shape - at least one of the buildings is!). The plumber is coming tomorrow and the inspector will go back.

The water heater has leaked so long that the minerals have leached out and stopped the leak, but not before the floor underneath has rotted out.

The faucets in the kitchen and bathroom are not connected to the walls. The toilet is for extremely short people. The piping for the dishwasher to the garbage disposal is too low and the disposal spits ground food into the dishwasher if you turn on the disposal. The vent fan is in the shower, with a plug into the light fixture, which the inspector said NEVER plug in or you will not have to worry about paying for the mobile home because you won't be living here on earth anymore. Several of the windows are cracked, screens with holes, the swamp cooler has electrical wiring hanging out of it with a Christmas light on it. The cats have made one of the bedrooms into a bathroom.

The side door to the outside is barely hanging there, the back gate that was standing is now laying flat, weeds up to my mid calf over 1/2 yard, the garage door opener won't work, ................need I say more.

I guess if this goes through I can fix the water heater mess first, have the pipes underneath heat wrapped, put plastic over the windows, cut the weeds, water the grass whats left of it, remember not to turn on the disposal when the dishwasher is running, DO NOT plug in electrical vent fan while showering, clean, clean, clean and worry about the rest when spring comes and I have a little more money.

Myself, I'm an electrical powered person and this place is all gas except the lights. Gas going through 35 year old pipes - eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek! Well, this guy better be doing his job.

I think - what if I stay here - I've made it quite cozy - well, "they" COULD haul landlord off as he is about completely daft, then sell the apartments and then the rent would be raised to $1,000 a month, and I would have to go back to Florida and figure out how to find a job for an old lady. Pushing carts at Walmart sounds rather depressing.

Enough - this must be really boring all this mishmashing. Didn't get pictures of the Casa - maybe tomorrow - Commissioners Meeting - and rumors are: all hell will break loose - perhaps I should wear high, really high heels.


Vicki said...

perhaps encourage the realtor to push the seller to fix major repairs, safety issues first. Get the electric shower (sounds kinda like the automatic disposal) and the water heater /floor fixed.
Start winter proofing, windas etc. Leave weeds, pretend they small tree and afford some shade. Can use for Christmas tree later. Use back gate as art on side of house hold uppa the wall hold downa the siding.
Oh, my soon to be ex, installed new kitchen sink and disposal. When I use the disposal it blows chunks of food in the other sink. Same deal with the dishwasher. Said needs baffle. I baffled.

I went to go view a "condo" this p.m. The sign welcoming you to the complex indicates however, that this is a Townhouse. Now I am not sure exactly what the difference is between the two but it must have something to with the appraisal value.
Lifetime single senior lady live there for 22 years. Ah yes, every solitary inch of wall space is hidden by things of one sort or another nailed, glued, stapled or taped to the dingy white,cream or beige walls.
A twin bed in the dining area. A new approach to breakfast in bed.
The corner brick fireplace is covered with cardboard held in place by cool shiney duct tape. The upstairs bedroom was somewhat better, and I swear her big walk in closet had almost as much toilet tissue stockpiled therein as Mum's. The door to the upstairs "lanai" won't open. No escape from the upper level. The screen fell off the back porch slider as we viewed the inviting concrete slab that might someday hold a small flower pot and a compact folding camp chair.
I am drinking Red Bicyclette Shards Anay. No Marlow. Maybe tomorrow.

d34dpuppy said...

uh my da says that u should deffo make tha owners make the major repairs r cut tha price down that much so u can get it done. its dif in every state but mabe by law thay cant sell u dangerous stuff? gl wi alla it

Wandering Coyote said...

God, that sounds like the hugest mess ever. I'll try not to complain about all the broken things around here; they're small bones comparatively.

That's a very cool picture, BTW.

Vicki said...

What was I thinking?? Pup is right, what about building codes, fire code compliance?? Maybe some CITY code violation fines might get their attention, eh? Sellin dangerous abode to unsuspectin senior victim make good headline inna newspap.
Grandma always told me that the more you stir in a turd the worse it stinks.
And we can take that both ways.

tshsmom said...

You're right; MOST of this stuff can wait to be fixed, as you can afford it. The water heater/floor needs to be fixed YESTERDAY!
Check with plumbers in your area to make sure they will work on a mobile home. There isn't a plumber in our entire county that will work on one here. We've had a lot of crash courses in plumbing at our house.
We're not "gas people" either. We had to special order our house to have it equipped with electric appliances.


I've missed somethin' here. You're buyin a place that needs to be condemned? You're paying for it? You are one adventurous lady! Good luck babe - n don't switch on the gas!!!