Saturday, March 14, 2009

Purple Haze

Bored with hair, daughter set up time for me to go in and also get boy's hair cut at the same time - back to black, purple, white - - - I'd been horribly neglectful of hair and the little boy looked a bit like a smurf - remember the Smurf's?

Wish I could get better photos - would never know I went to school and took several photography courses - there has to be a way to set my camera to take a pic... oh well, decided it was time for a not too important about anything post.

Today made homemade Ruebens sandwiches, buffalo burgers, and sauteed a huge cabbage head. Have really been pushing vegetables, fruits, and alkaline water down. Lots of rain - wish we had the lawn fertilizer/weedkiller on the grass - took the boy to his opening ceremony for baseball and photos. Thus, the circles under the eyes. At one point exiting the bedroom to find three neighbor children running amok in living room staging a cross between Cowboys and Indians and an Iraq type of Shock and Awe. My mother is on the phone insisting I get rid of the background noise - hello? This is my house - I have to clear the house of noise before we speak on the phone?

I think that sharpened her resolve never to move to Florida.

Need to get back to elliptical.

I found a great new singer and I want to download albums - Duffy - she's Welsh. Everyone's probably heard of her except me - - -

Isn't she the cutest thing? Such an unique voice.


Wandering Coyote said...

Your hair looks great! It's fun experimenting with colour isn't it?

Gardenia said...

Yes, but this a.m. I woke up in shock. "H" just keeping silent about it - it is rather dramatic - more than the photo shows - yoiks -

tshsmom said...

L and I LOVE fried cabbage!

I hate having people messing with my hair, so I just get 4 cuts/year and that's the end of it. My hair is very thick and naturally wavy, so it doesn't really require that much attention. ;)

**Ya Think** said...

You go girl!! Bet 'H' had a coronary. :-)

punxxi said...

heheheh kinda like the time before last when i had my hair done, the complaint? there's too much red and not enough blonde..well it's blonder than heck now! I like your hair colorguys are so punxxi tho has black hair with kind of orangy streaks in it so he can't say much about my hair, as long as i don't mohawk it. tell mr gardenia to go do something wild to his hair !

tweetey30 said...

I like your hair but I wont be doing the same with mine for somtime to come.. LOL.. Anuyway glad to hear you took care of your mohter with that. I know what you mean when it comes to talking to mom's on the phone.. LOL. People.. Anyway i am off to bed shortly.

Milla said...

You hair looks great!
Now you make me want to experiment with mine! But I am a chicken and lazy, so i bet I won't go ahead with it :(