Thursday, January 07, 2010

One eyed, one horned flying Purple People Eaters....

We had more oranges than I thought - we were out picking after dark - not smart - resulting in blooding hands, that is sort of somewhere between bleeding and bloody - but lots of delicious sweet oranges. They are amazing this year!!!
The purples fuzzies? Cold feet this year. I wanted the ridculously expensive Ugg boots - but someone said they were very remniscent of Pamela Anderson, which totally frightened me away from Uggs. However, while touring Sears today and returning some Land's End shoes, the cashier offered me free Dearfoam slippers if I applied for a Sears credit card.
Ok, I applied. I got these insane purple people eater feet warmer slippers - sooo yummy comfortable but so completely silly looking! I was approved for credit, but the annual fee was $76 - silly people, I said "No thanks." But still got the free feet slippers/warmers!
There once was a song while I was growing up - "The Flying Purple People Eater" song - by Sheb Wooley. Lord, does that date me! My slippers remind me of that song.
The downtown lights for Christmas are still up - but that's ok, they are beautiful.
Saw the movie BLIND SIDED - was really good but then I love soppy sentimental movies. I do. For a feel good movie, GO!
Enough! :)


punxxi said...
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punxxi said...

I love yer fuzzy purple feet...Uggs are way too much money for what they are, basically tall slippers. We just got our outside lights down yesterday and then it stared raining like heck!Same today, same tomorrow and the next and next ad infinium

punxxi said...

ps thanks for your lovely comment

tweetey30 said...

I like your slippers and i remember that song too.. My dad used to sing it all the time... he still does for that matter... It drives me insane..

Milla said...

The sleepers look like something my niece would love! Veeeery pink.

I love your tattoo instead! What is it with you and birds?