Monday, January 11, 2010


Perhaps I'm prejudiced but I think this is the cutest dog in the whole world. He's tiny -
I love him - his personality is HUGE and I would steal him if I didn't have a conscience - he's my granddaughter's dog, but all of our darling! Even "H" who does not really care for animals adores him. You should see him in his padded green winter coat. She almost bought him a cowboy hat - but he was too indignant about that, but has agreed to the sweater and the coat because its so cold down here.

I just saw on the news the sea turtles off the Carolina coast were being fished out of the water and thawed out - poor things are freezing! Our temperatures this time of year are usually in the 60's - this is just too weird - of course we are in the conservative Christian demographic and this is absolute proof they think that Global Warming is a farce. I keep stubbornly pointing out that it doesn't hurt to do as God says in the first part of the Bible to be good stewards of the earth at any rate - but the whole concept is political and very polarizing. Oh well - the sun shines, and its pretty - as I drove grandson to school the shore was breathtakingly beautiful! Still as a mirror, and the sun was shining on it.

They say the citrus industry is done for - but "H" found many more oranges on the tree that I missed - we probably have forty - sweet juicy beautiful unfrozen oranges for the winter. At least I grew SOMETHING!

Hope to visit everyone soon - my time is being eaten by an invisible dragon.


tweetey30 said...

I want some oranges...I am craving fruit right now... But no car and no money right this minute... Yikes... Maybe on Friday..Or next friday when I get my next check..Small as it will be I believe..

tshsmom said...

I have that argument with people ALL the time! I don't care if carbon emissions cause global warming or not, we still don't need to be polluting our planet.

Wandering Coyote said...

Poor turtles!

I have another blog pal in FL too and she said her birdbaths are frozen, everything is frozen! Unbelievable!

This doesn't bode well for my grapefruit addiction...

Biddie said...

OMG! That dog is soo cute! What is his name? We dress up our wee pups all of the time. They are getting used to it :)
I hope that the citrus industry can bounce back..We LOVE our citrus fruits here.
By the way
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, my friend. I hope that it is beyond wonderful!

punxxi said...

Dognap it!!!!! Tell her you need temporary custody, for about say, 10 years
Happy Birthday!!!

Four Dinners said...

I'm not allowed to fall in love..I'm married!!!

I think Caz will forgive me though.

Hope it ain't my Dragon!...;-)

Milla said...

In my house we love oranges. And yours always sound like a legend!

Four Dinners said...

I would love a dog to compliment our cat fraternity.

Personally I'd have a West Highland White Terrier...but that's a long story.

Any dog would do....has to be a 'rescue' dog no other bugger wants.

That's just me.

Love the hound babe

Candy Minx said...

Oh what a cute cute puppy. I can't believe how adorable he is...and photogenic! I love him! He looks like a bit wiry terrier and's hard to tell from the picture.

And the crazy thing is...some scientists believe that unusual cold weather is part of the global warming crisis. We confuse weather with climate. They are different phenomenon.

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