Sunday, January 03, 2010

January 3, 2010

Still playing with my new camera. I love pine trees. One of these days I will paint them in a dark night sky from a view of looking up into the sky. These fellows are BIG - when we bought the house - "H" told me to pick out a lot without pine trees. Well, the pine trees looked to not be in the lot - but somehow ended up with three of these big boys. One of which broke during a hurricane and landed on the front part of the house.

Grandson went home from a 4 day visit during which we devoured lots of rice krispy treats - now, I wouldn't think they would be fattening - but those dudes are high in calories, plus grandson likes to put candy sprinkles in them, and then decorate them with canned frosting.

Tomorrow I have to go to the dealership and see if I can get them to fix the lousy steering that my model of car is known for. It started out with a recall not taken care of by dealer before I even bought it, and I wasn't told about it.

I have had two or three "fixes" since then that don't really fix it. I am hoping for the best- like, "sure we'll replace your steering column and assembly and there will be no charge since the car came with that problem." I NEED to hear those words and see that action! They need to quit tightening a screw and sending me home and FIX it! And I've been pricing out tires - they are shot, AND it needs its 50,000 mile transmission servicing. After Christmas wake up call!

Then I'll go visit my friends from Wyoming who are cozy-ing into their own winter place down here.

If you are a Face Booker and find I'm not posting much, I have an odd situation there. Not quite stalking but maybe over interest - or, not sure, but someone may be getting a bit controlling. Or even more than someones. Staying anonymous has its perks, haha.

Still have massive pain problems (especially after trimming bushes in the yard) when I don't take NSAIDS but I'm not supposed to take them.

I looked for jobs for about 2-3 months before Christmas. I've quit looking again. I dunno. Once in a while it hits me - I want to be working. I feel like working. Feel good enough to work. Then sometimes I just physically crash - need a job that wouldn't mind me bringing the work home during the crash times. I can get on a program to re-enter the work force with assistance - but - but - I can't even get into my doctor for a discussion of how I am doing now. Doc Lovely doesn't treat anymore except for his Pygmalion endeavors and I couldn't now afford the treatments even if he was practicing in that area. Now, if I could get 120 pounds overweight and develop diabetes complications, I could probably see a doctor - but not now. Our health care bill as it was last approved does not seem to offer much, but details are very nebulous. I need to find a new primary care doctor, I know. But its a needle in a haystack search. I do know one thing, I need to start getting up in the morning and taking care of business - setting a regular time to paint, and quit drifting, which I've been doing since that flu bug hit. Even if I'm drifting along, at least keep a journal about the drifting!

Gad. G'night everyone. New Year's Resolution - to find things I've lost - like the silver ring I made oldest grandson - the pages for my son's book - and lots of other things! Small house, big black hole somewhere.


mister anchovy said...

Happy New Year...I hope 2010 is a great year for you. Cheers.

tweetey30 said...

I have no NYE resolutions... I dont make them.. Because I dont keep them usually..

punxxi said...

general malaise of the after Christmas time has set in, sounds like you may have a touch of it also. I really think that human beings hibornated at some time in the far distant past, the dregs of which now are the root cause of SAD.We got the entire inside of the house undecorated yesterday, now I feel like I have room to breathe. Sorry about the problem on FB, it's supposed to be fun, not a place to have to hide out.

Wandering Coyote said...

Oh, I love pine trees, too!

That sucks re. FB! Man, you have crappy luck when it comes to this stuff, don't you? Just be careful!

Four Dinners said...

2010 will be a good year.

I know.

Trust me I'm from Oldham...;-)

Happy New Year babe xx

Milla said...

You ought to avoid work if you can do so. I mean, I work and I can't wait to retire even though I love my job.

Oh internet stalkers!!! Booohoooo!!! Thank the gods mine seems to be dead, but for two years she was hell. I hope your stalker/too interested person goes away soon.