Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Nights of Two Many Brandys

All of a sudden, I realize I am really going on a trip. I also realized that I haven't done any web stuff for quite some time and the business side of me has become too sloppy. I ordered business cards this morning and am working on getting a decent personal/business website up. It's up, just wimpy right now. So that's what I'm doing. Oh, yes, and painting nudes.

Cleaned house like a crazy woman yesterday, and then had a go to with "H" as he walked in house in oily meat shoes, strung sandwich makings out all over clean kitchen, over the carpet, around the house, sort of like a Hansel and Gretel type, perhaps he was afraid he would lose his way back to the kitchen, blew up something red in the clean microwave, threw food crusted dishes in the clean sink for me to clean - I said, "Wait, can you pick up after yourself? I already did all the cleaning." Fireworks. Whooooo. Thas' ok. Life goes on, just because I don't work outside the home, I am not a second class citizen nor a personal servant. Yep.

Neighbor notices I am leaving the house more often and is back to request babysitting. Why do I have trouble with boundaries? I am far too good natured most of the time I guess. I will have to put my guard up - sometimes there is just a season of boundary pressing!

Forgot, one doesn't inhale clorox when cleaning small ventless places, however, the neti pot is a great soother for rapidly swelling sinuses, no coughing today and all is well.

Had a super gathering with friends, Hattigrace's little dog, Isabella decided she would grace me with her presence for a little while, and for a moment, I almost wanted to get a dog, but oh, my, I have too much on my plate now anyway, THAT would be silly. Big Mamma and poor hallucinating, Psycho cat are quite enough, and my messy "H". I am reminded every time I clean their potty area.

Ah, every creature poops. Even the caterpillars that come to my garden. Yep.

I have spent, since Friday night, drinking "two many brandies." Thank goodness the bottle is now empty and I will once again become healthy and drink water before bed instead of getting looped and worrying about what I may have posted on the internet.

With that, I must make my bed, get dressed and start the day. I will be back to visit all.


Milla said...

I saw my Nevermore on your new website!

I think pretty much ALL men are like H, the whole lot of 'em.

tshsmom said...

Dogs are really good at cleaning up those messy man trails.

You've been quite lucid on FB, even in the middle of the night, so no worries. ;)

tweetey30 said...

Love dogs but love my kitty tat also.. Well I have some house cleaing myself.. Take care..