Saturday, March 20, 2010

Training and Recovery from Too Many Brandys

Well, a few pounds off gained from the nights of Two Many Brandys, I don't feel so sluggish and depressed, today Grandson took me on an hour and one half walk through the swamp. I swear off brandy except for very special occasions. Oh, I'm in bad shape, barely made it home. I can now put the bottom of my feet on the floor without pain. Actually held up pretty well!
It is not the lush summer swamp, we too are in throes of spring - someone reminded me this is the first day of spring - we saw hawks soaring and huge ravens - we laughed so hard at the ravens. They are really beautiful!
B.S. - that is before swamp, we went to a gathering of artists, creative people at some people's house who are from Sweden. The house was wonderfully minimalist, industrial, light, arty - and the grounds covered in controlled natural habitat - she is a natural healer - had a marvelous time, and grandson ate, I think, almost a loaf of fresh garlic bread. Such cool people, we had such a good time.
Yesterday I went to the beach for three hours and I'm July tan! Ready to travel - count down - three weeks, now! Hopefully I can keep up walking for about an hour a day (the other night, I wandered the subdivision for an hour and got lost at 10:00 p.m., but finally found my way home, duh!) and will be fit to go monkey hunting with my camera.

Still painting like crazy, I love this! I haven't watched TV for days and days - and weeks, which makes me happy as TV makes me lazy - I don't know why, because I do not know what balance is probably - just swing from one end to the other - too much or too little. Current events? You mean there are some? I wouldn't know.
Mysteriously, I have been able to get up in the morning, and straighten up in 1/2 hour - hmmmm, miracles!
And no one grumping! Sooo pleasant.
Turkey in the oven - starting to smell REALLY good. Guess I'll go peel some potatoes and make mashed potatoes with garlic after a few visits.


tweetey30 said...

That is great Gardenia.. Just great... Hope you have fun on your trip..Jeff and I want to go to another country some day...

tshsmom said...

Our county is 80% swamp, so I'm an expert swamp schlumper. Our swamps are still frozen, so walking them would be easier right now. I like frozen swamps; they keep the gator population down. ;)

Gardenia said...

Wow - tshsmom - I picture you living in Louisiana now - LOL - lately I've felt life a bit of a swamp - the old saying - "knee deep in alligators."

tweetey30 said...

Tshsmom I grew up there and I had no idea we had Gators...LOL... Yikes where did I live again and why????LOL..

tshsmom said...

That's a joke Tweets. We don't have gators because it's too cold for them here.

Milla said...

Beautiful photographs!

It it great that you have so much inspiration for painting and such a big artistic energy.