Thursday, March 25, 2010


Getting people sick indirectly (or directly) is big business in the U.S. Maybe other countries too, I don't know. Drug companies and the medical industry and food industry have a huge interest in keeping us sick and addicted to chemically altered and produced foods.

The door opened to nationalized health care last week. Politicos move at the state level to block it. But the door is open a crack. There is a long battle ahead. What can we do to protect our health before we need health care we can't afford? Be very alert and very careful and very studious.

Recent statistics have the occurrence of cancer as high as one in three persons during their lifetime. Diabetes and heart disease is raging. Going to the hospital risky because of super bacterias. Our environment is poisoned and our food and water is poisoned by corporate giants who want more money in their pockets.

I took a nice long walk yesterday while the Blue Angels performed over our heads and wondered what the risks of inhaling loads of jet fuel residue were. And I would be unpatriotic to even ask, let alone think it.

Beware of what you eat and drink - it might make the difference between dying happy or miserable after years of suffering. Yes, organic is expensive. Gardens hard to grow in some areas. Buy locally grown produce when possible - even if you ingest some pesticide, at least you are not eating chemicals engineered by scientists in some freak lab that are proven to cause gene mutations that cause cancer and other disease, just hit the antioxidants a bit harder! I think of planting a garden and wonder about the effects of the jet fuel that layers into our soil and plants twice a week, year after year?

I looked up the word, Treason, and wonder why the companies that sell poisoned food are not arrested and halted for the good of the people. I guess its the same process that make people think that the earth is self renewing and we do not have to take care of it and that to do so is some kind of political insanity. Money for corporations. We are poisoning the earth and ourselves and most of the population is in denial because the corporations are smart, they turn our questioning into political wars - Republican against Democrat, and it all come down to money.

I do not want to die of cancer, diabetes, obesity, or any other disease that is rampant in our society today. I want to just keel over at 99 after having had a reasonably healthy life, not after making drug companies and the medical profession and the corporate giants richer while my money dwindles away on their products that kill me.

We have to swim upstream. Sometimes in small groups or even alone to stay well. And sometimes ostracized as a nut. Who cares! I want to be known as a healthy nut! At least the part where I have some control is where I will start. And I don't care if I'm called names.


punxxi said...

swim on fishy, i hope you make it to a healthy(physical and mental)100!!!!

Gardenia said...

I don't mean to sound like I am anti-health care. I think if Canada, England and other countries can do it, we can too!!!!

punxxi said...

The problem, if you talk to people from Canada and U.K. is that we are not much in the healt care demographics afer a certain age. I had so many patients from counries that have socialized medicine, which is why they had to come to the USA to be treated, they couldn't be treated or treated in a timely manner in their own countries.I am pretty anti government so I want them to do thier job and not try to run my life. I know what to eat, how to exercise and when to go to the doctor...imma big girl now =0

punxxi said...

I just can't spell worth a $#!%

Gardenia said...

Oh dear, that does not sound good. At least with Medicare (which we've paid into all our lives as with social security) most doctors will still treat us when we need treatment - to a point. My doc won't see me hardly ever, just refers me on to Instacare. I was supposed to have heart test six weeks ago, still waiting for approvals, appts., etc., wouldn't want it to be even worse - in the mean time, feels like I'm play a concertina in my chest.

Candy Minx said...

The idea that an older population in Canada does not get good or fair health care is a massive urban legend.

Canada has human rights laws that first and foremost protect a ny attempt at labeling people asgender, skin colour, race, age or religion.

It would simply be against the law to treat someone differently in medicine because of their age in Canada.

Some peope who a re right wingers in Canada have gone to the U.S. for health care. BUT they are fugding their stories. Often overweight people are requestd by their doctors to lose wight before certain procedures. Say a sore knee. Usually knee surgery isn't the first options...a doctor in Canada will try to encourage the person to lose weight and exercise first.

There are some people who feel entitled by the way they were raised and resent a doctor asking them to lose weight. So they will try to get surgery without changing their eating habits.

These rumours about "agism" in Canadian health care are begun by those in Canada and the U.S. who do not want a health care insurance for people who are lower income.

So Punxxi, you may have some anecdotal stories about waiting for some procedures...from Canadian patients going to U.S. but those people do NOT represent the majority of people in Canada at all.

We pay for our health care in Canada on a percentage of our incomes...out of of our yearly tax forms. Say if you make 50,000 a year, you would pay a small percentage of your wages to insurance. And I mean small.

I am so proud of the U.S. for putting this new option available to those peope who did not have health care this week.


tweetey30 said...

You know Jeff and i were just talking about healty eating today. We were talking about adding more fruit to our diets. Esp the girls since they are so little and they love snacks half way through the day..

Gardenia said...

Candy, this is what I've heard so far. I was told by a doctor 10 years ago to lose weight so he could do surgery and a stomach condition - when I finally lost the weight, the condition did not need surgery. Somewhere along the line, doctors here have quit telling us to lose weight - even though it is a slow killer! I would love an insurance plan that encourged preventative care - there are so many ways we can ruin our own health - notwithstanding the food "system" which encourages us to do so in order to make more money.
Even our doctors despair as they are not able to treat patients as they see best for them.
Hospitals run nurses so many hours that they can't possibly be alert during the last part of the shift. Doctors have traditionally been trained along these modalities too.