Thursday, July 22, 2010

Road Trip

What a weird convoluted situation I find myself in. I had not planned to go to Wyoming this year. However, my mother suggested I come and she would help youngest grandson and I with a trip to Yellowstone and also get us all tickets for the Bob Dylan concert.

Well, to make a long story short, she decided that concert tickets were too expensive when the town was so full of poor people, and that instead of Yellowstone, the Municipal Swimming Pool would be fine for grandson. (She must have forgotten that we live in the land of water, albiet polluted water.) I've decided the whole disappointing fiasco shakes out to she had broken up with her boyfriend and was lonesome, but now that boyfriend is back, she is not going to loan her pickup to anyone as she chaeuffers him everywhere, and everything is off but poisoning her weeds and transplanting some flowers and walking to the municpal pool so grandson can swim.

I should have known. But, determined to make the best of a situation where tickets were already purchased for the plane, I've thought about driving the 4,000 miles round trip. BUT, at last found an affordable rent-a-car for the last week of the trip. So I can take him to Yellowstone! We may have to sleep in the car, and wash up in restrooms and eat bologna sandwiches but that would be the fun telling in the trip. So, Old Faithful, here we come.

At the same time at the end of the trip, I am supposed to be in Denver for an intensive seminar to make a years' old dream come true, of which I will write later, and no one to watch Sage and no money for seminar and no transportation - and airline tickets would have to be moved! However I have free lodging in Denver, so miracles might yet happen!

My oldest daughter will babysit the dog....and "H" will be here for the cats, the boy across the street will water the flowers some of which are rotting - the hazards of growing in 90% humidity conditions.

The next installment will probably come about after August 13th! Unless I can find WiFi connections in the wilderness!


tshsmom said...

I'll bet that lodge in the Tetons has WiFi! Wishing you 2 beautiful weather on your trip!

Candy Minx said...

Do the best you can to escape the tyranny!

I hope you get your road trip....and we're thinking of you!