Saturday, July 17, 2010


Have been going through a bit of an emotional time again. Struggling to get equilibrium back - the melancholies are hard to unwrap from one's head sometimes.

They tell us the oil deluge has been stopped. They now wait, test, and wait to see if it will hold. One report states that the well is 14,000 feet into the bottom of the sea which is also a mile down. Even man can push the limits of even the earth. Why should I be surprised that man can also push the limits of another man? Speaking in broad terms - the word "men."

My painting is stalled in the midst of the melancholies and I not feeling up to par in the body as well as emotions.

Grandson and I are scheduled to go on a two week vacation out of state and I shiver a little thinking of the long travel times and convoluted connections with this particular trip. Perhaps a change of scenery will help. I hope I am not fooling myself about my stamina. He is supposed to be on the internet looking for places to see and things to do, but is preferring to watch TV.

I have been able to continue with Curves (cardio strength training for women). Though I love feeling stronger in the muscles, I am reminded three times a week just how much I hate exercise! Have aggravated a knee - but the whole program is so flexible, I can work around aches and pains and bad days. If this is what I must do to slow aging and stay reasonably healthy, I must.

Another art show is coming up in September and I am getting prints made of a few paintings and some cards. That is exciting because it brings up possibilities for other materials; cards, smaller prints, etc. I MUST paint as doors are opening! Now, the continual artist's bane- will it sell?

With the prints, my "babies" - the ones that are emotionally meaningful can stay with me.

So, I have nothing more exciting to say.


Biddie said...

I hope that you and your grandson have a wonderful vacation. Maybe it is just what you need. Maybe this is just what you need :)

tweetey30 said...

I hope you and grandson have a wonderful time. I have a box of scrunchies waiting for a fellow blogger to purchase she asked me to make for her to sell at a Farmers Market in Sept. She is going to hand out my business cards with them.. I can only send her 10 cards or I wont have any left to hand out

Candy Minx said...

Ah, I hope you are feeling okay. I'm thinking of you.

If you can have a big steak dinner with brocoli...go for an hour walk...and I promise you will feel like having a good nights sleep.

Sorry i know I am not original...i am sending you big hug.